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How to Integrate Payment Gateway in your Android or iOS Application? Mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives.

How to Integrate Payment Gateway in your Android or iOS Application?

With the number of mobile phone users across the globe growing at a constant pace, the number of app downloads is also expected to increase. As of the first quarter of 2021, there are nearly 3.5 million apps available on the Google Play Store. On the other hand, there are around 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store. Today, we use mobile applications for different tasks. The use of mobile phones has transcended beyond just making calls or sending text messages. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on app usage has brought about an unprecedented surge in use of mobile applications.

People across the globe are now buying products and services while on the go. What is a Payment Gateway? Payment gateway technology helps merchants accept payments made with debit or credit cards from customers. Apple vs Android App Development: Which One Works for Your Business? When it comes to developing platform-specific native apps, two main platforms/services typically used are: Apple vs Android app development services.

Apple vs Android App Development: Which One Works for Your Business?

Both of these are popular platforms, and it is necessary to consider the differences between them before making a decision thoroughly. Here is a comparison between iOS and Android App Development Pros of Android Mobile App Development Open Source: Android development is empowered by open source, giving developers the accessibility to create and apply features that might be restricted by iOS.Flexibility. With the power of open-source software, Android developers can utilize various frameworks and plugins to enhance the features and functionality, making the platform more flexible than iOS.Design.

Impact of Android 11 on your mobile application. Innumerable forecasts have been presented about what 2020 will bring.

Impact of Android 11 on your mobile application

But are manufacturers' looking a decade down the road? These trends need to be on leaders' list not just over the next 12 months but also in the coming years. Apple launches its new development tools and technologies for next-generation applications. Apple introduced its latest tools and technologies upgrades that help developers to boost as well as also simplify the development process.

Apple launches its new development tools and technologies for next-generation applications

In order to enhance productivity and deliver the next-generation solutions, iOS regularly updates its operating system on a constant basis and allows developers to meet the latest technological modern market trends. In the Worldwide Development Conference 2021, experts have introduced technological advancements to deliver high-quality based robust as well as functional solutions in the market. There are several transformations that have been witnessed in the different tools and technologies that include Xcode, Swift, API integration, and even on the App store. In order to leverage all the benefits of the updated iOS functionalities, partner with the iOS app development company. In this blog, let’s discuss the new development and tools that iOS app experts have introduced in the market the latest WWDC 2021. Top Reasons Why Microsoft Technology Stack is a Good Choice. Microsoft Technology Stack is a good choice to works on different apps.

Top Reasons Why Microsoft Technology Stack is a Good Choice

It is right for platform cloud apps, Microsoft (Office) 365, and business applications. There are lots of choices available when it comes to writing quality software. It is simple to overlook some tools that are a good choice in developing advanced software. Such advanced software development tools can fluctuate in fame and developer choices.

The outstanding tools are just the right choice for the assured project. About Microsoft Stack. Hire Developers for Your Startup: Things to Consider. Got a mobile application development idea for your startup?

Hire Developers for Your Startup: Things to Consider

Startups are very often a powerhouse of transformation and value generation. Very often startups fail to hit the mark or get the ground running due to a lack of development support. When a founder with a non-technology background wants to transform an idea into a high-performance app, it is important to hire developers for your startup. However, it is not easy to hire an expert developer. Hiring developers for your startup requires deciphering specialization in programming languages, domain knowledge, work cultures, and more.

The stage of your startup’s lifecycle, your projects, available funding, and even location influence the optimal choices on how to hire programmers. Step by Step Mobile App Development Process. Do you want to hire expert mobile developers for Android or iOS?

Step by Step Mobile App Development Process

The mobile app development process is a daunting task. If you thought building mobile apps is quick and easy like coming up with a few lines of code, quick testing, and submitting to an App Store, well you are sadly mistaken. Mobile apps development is an arduous process involving the entire lifecycle right from inception, idea validation, research, usability analysis, QA testing on devices of different dimensions & operating system versions, a full beta lifecycle, and deployment in the app store. In this blog, we will try to gain insights into the basics of mobile application development that will answer fundamental questions about the entire lifecycle. Android App Bundle: Official Format to Publish New Apps on PlayStore.

Launched in May 2018, Android App Bundle has become the new standard in Android app development.

Android App Bundle: Official Format to Publish New Apps on PlayStore

The developer community continues to embrace this new standard for streamlined releases and advanced distribution features. According to Google, there are nearly 1 million apps using app bundles in production. More importantly, there are almost the top 1,000 apps and games on Google Play, such as Adobe, Duolingo, Gameloft, Netflix, and Twitter that use Android app bundles. Importance of Prototyping in Application Development. Want to prototype your app concept?

Importance of Prototyping in Application Development

Design and development is an iterative process. The quicker you test new ideas and make their improvements, the better, making it easier to achieve your finished product. Product prototyping companies serve as a powerful solution to test new ideas until you get the desired outcome. You can use prototyping in application development to simulate the feel of an app, test assumptions, and combine visual layers to understand what works and what needs to be changed. Prototyping is the first step towards transforming ideas into reality. 5 Reasons You Need Prototyping Services in Application Development Get insights into the user experience: With an application prototype, it becomes relatively simpler to gauge different ways users might interact with your website or mobile application. React js Development Company. Types of Telemedicine App & Development Cost.

Are you looking for telemedicine app development solutions?

Types of Telemedicine App & Development Cost

Healthcare is witnessing a transformational change, from patient care delivered in clinics towards on-demand healthcare accessible, anytime, anywhere using different channels and platforms. Telemedicine app solutions are helping make a paradigm shift—with actionable insights, automation, innovative products and services, and modern infrastructure driving better outcomes. Online Grocery Delivery App Development Process. Are you looking to build a grocery app for your business? If you are looking to launch a grocery delivery service app, it is about the right time. Coronavirus has impacted each and every aspect of life. People have adapted to new norms and the principles of social distancing. Grocery app development has witnessed a rapid increase.

The pandemic altered the shopping patterns of people who were looking for safer ways to buy essentials food products and grocery items. What Features Should an On-demand Delivery App Development Have? The on-demand delivery application development is growing at a rapid pace with their expansion across different industries. There is Uber for everything, meaning on-demand applications to give consumers what they want when they need and wherever they need it. With coronavirus pandemic, there is growth at an astronomical pace of on-demand applications in almost every industry.

iOS App Development Process: Step-by-Step Guidelines - Hidden Brains. Are you looking to build a secure and robust iOS app? Youtube. Restaurant Application Development Feature List. Are you looking to build restaurant app to reach out to a wider audience? The online food delivery space is gaining momentum these days. Several online food-delivery and restaurant platforms allow customers to order from a wide array of restaurants from mobile apps.

Across different continents such as America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, the business of delivering restaurant meals is undergoing rapid transformation. Considering the humongous sales projection, restaurant application development is becoming a key element for restaurant owners as it can result in improved sales and a high level of customer engagement. There are many aggregators which take orders from customers and direct the leads to restaurants. Restaurant owners have adopted restaurant application development advancements to attract more customers on the go with features such as comparing menus, reservations in restaurants, POS for restaurants, scan and post reviews, and discounts available with a single click. The Growth of React Native Application Development. Built by Facebook, React Native is an open-source mobile application development framework to develop applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP by enabling developers to use React’s framework along with native platform capabilities.

It builds mobile apps using only JavaScript, letting you compose a mobile UI from declarative components. Quick Facts on React Native App Development Number of apps: Over 30 Thousand Total number of downloads: Over 32 Billion. Top Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks 2020. React Native vs Kotlin Performance Comparison. How Much Money Can You Make From An App. Got an idea for mobile application development for Android or iOS? In simple words, users experience the same amount of brain activity when interacting with a human or an app. That said, if utilizing or interacting with apps sounds so exciting, how about the thought of developing an app?

How to Create a Your Own Podcast and Hosting Them. Films, soccer, music, video games, or politics: everyone has something they are passionate about. The List of Best Tools For iPhone App Development. As an Apple developer for iOS or Mac OS X, you don’t need many tools, just Apple’s Xcode development environment. Over time, however, you notice that other tools are better or that you need not available individual functions in Xcode. Important Factors to Focus on During Instant Messaging Application Development. Instant Messaging Application have been at the cornerstone of communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. Messaging apps have fast become a unilateral way of communication, not just with relatives, but also with colleagues. Flutter vs Kotlin Performance. It is a thing of the past when cross-platform applications could only be developed using React Native. This happened because the developers and the ones involved in business have started examining more routes through mobile app development for reaching a broader audience across the entire globe.

Fintech Software Development Company. Amazing Multi Vendor Marketplace Platforms for your eCommerce Store. Having multi vendor marketplace platforms on the eCommerce website that you own is a wonderful approach to administer a diversity of products to your users. All the individual vendors have different qualities, and many will be able to present the same products at competitive prices. Housing competition between vendors helps them to offer the best prices for their products, which will ultimately benefit your users. With a multi-vendor marketplace, you can earn a good commission on every sale. Marketplaces embody a massive opportunity for enterprises across a variety of sectors. Currently, half of online retail sales come through marketplace channels worldwide. A rising number of companies are adopting marketplaces to increase product range, expedite cross border expansion, and improve logistics, costs, and operations.

Apple WWDC 2020 Event: Major Announcements. Apple kickstarted its virtual Worldwide Developers conference connecting developers and mobile enthusiasts and across the world. One of the most-watched and highly-awaited events, Apple WWDC 2020 event was held virtually due to COVID-19 pandemic. Tech giant announced a host of new features and upgrades for some of its iconic products and operating systems such as Mac, iPhone, iPad, iOS and Apple Watch.

How eLearning Solutions are helping Education Industry During COVID-19. Last few challenging weeks of lockdowns, quarantine and isolation have brought about a complete change in the education industry during Covid-19. As college campuses, schools and classrooms lie empty and students sent home, it is time for change. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Video Conferencing App Like Zoom Meeting.

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Understanding of Mobile Microsessions in UI and UX Design. Tips: How to Hire a Mobile App Developer for Your Project? Android App Development. Mobile Apps Trends 2020. Ecommerce. Unique Mobile App Ideas for Business. Apple-rumors-to-watch-in-2020-and-beyond. Flutter vs React Native vs PWA. Everything you Want to Know about Apple’s Mega September Event.

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