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Educators - Publications. Free 3D Games Online. Zoo Map. Free 3D Games Online. Maker Faire. Games – Free, Fun Online Games for Kids. Highlights Kids. Free 3D Games Online. Children's Creativity Museum. Color the Summer Shades – Free Coloring Worksheet for Kids. April Fools' Day 2018: This Easter is the ultimate day for pranks. Easter Activities - Free, Printable Easter Activities for Kids. Mashable. April Fool's Day is nearly upon us.


Yes that means the season of (extra) fake news headlines, elaborate Google pranks, and #brandfails is upon us. Now's a time of year that you need to keep your head on a swivel, making sure you do not fall victim to all-too-common April Fool's Day prank. And look, we all love a good prank, but none of us wants to take the time to plan one out. That's probably how you found yourself here. If you're looking for a good last-minute prank that doesn't take all too much time to plan out, here are a few good ones to try out. The phone name switch This is an extremely easy one. Image: Brian De Los Santos/Mashable Fill a hollow chocolate bunny up with mustard, because Easter This is a good one borrowed from my colleague Peter Allen Clark, who politely compiled a list of festive-themed pranks, since April Fool's Day falls on Easter.

Autocorrect madness This is a classic, but a great one. The scare prank Hijack their mouse Image: Getty Images/Blend Images. National Museum of Mathematics. Free Easter Crafts. In play, kids and scientists take big mental leaps. Rocks Around the Home – Learn more about Rocks. Kids can be citizen scientists, too—here's how. Jennifer Fee remembers well the day the 100 millionth observation rolled in on eBird.

Kids can be citizen scientists, too—here's how

It was the summer of 2012, and the birding app had been in use for a decade. In that time, citizen scientists from around the world had submitted 99,999,999 photos, sound clips, and geographic tags for the birds they saw in real life. Those observations had been used by the app’s creators, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (ornithology means “study of birds”) and the Audubon Society, to guide conservation and inform new research. When the 100 millionth observation finally arrived, Fee says, everyone thought it would be a big-time birder or well-known scientist making the numerically-noteworthy contribution. “It ended up [being] a 12-year-old boy,” she says. Liron Gertsman of Vancouver, Canada had identified 24 species on a hike that day. Tech lessons help kids gain foothold in science - Porterville Recorder: News. Best Buy grant provides lessons in coding at the Boys & Girls Club FARMERSVILLE — Drop by the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sequoias Farmersville unit on any weekday afternoon and you might find kids shooting hoops in the full-size gymnasium, doing homework in one of two learning centers, or learning to write code during a computer science lesson.

Tech lessons help kids gain foothold in science - Porterville Recorder: News

Virtual Pet Games. Virtual Neopets Games has tons of pet games, whether you're looking to dive into a world of adventure or just relax with some quick entertainment.

Virtual Pet Games

You'll meet new Neopets in our games, along with their companions, Petpets, and of course the faeries of Neopia also make an appearance. There are plenty of action games for when you want to run around and test your arcade skills. Leap for doughnutfruits with adorable Petpets in Hasee Bounce or travel to outer space in Freaky Factory and control vats of goo to make plastic toys... but watch out for the thief, because he'll run off with your products! In Meerca Chase II, you win by gathering tasty Negg fruits that make your tail grow, but in Ice Cream Machine, it's best to dodge the ice cream flying toward you.

On the other hand, try one of our puzzle games if you want more thinking and less crazy clicking. When it’s playtime, many kids prefer reality over fantasy. Young children travel to fantasy worlds every day, packing just imaginations and a toy or two.

When it’s playtime, many kids prefer reality over fantasy

Some preschoolers scurry across ocean floors carrying toy versions of cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants. Other kids trek to distant universes with miniature replicas of Star Wars robots R2-D2 and C-3PO. Throngs of youngsters fly on broomsticks and cast magic spells with Harry Potter and his Hogwarts buddies. The list of improbable adventures goes on and on. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Games – Free, Fun Online Games for Kids. Animals: Facts, Pictures, and Videos. Free 3D Games Online. The science behind kids’ belief in Santa. Over the past week, my little girls have seen Santa in real life at least three times (though only one encounter was close enough to whisper “yo-yo” in his ear).

The science behind kids’ belief in Santa

You’d think that this Santa saturation might make them doubt that each one was the real deal. For one thing, they looked quite different. Brewery Santa’s beard was a joke, while Christmas-tree-lighting Santa’s beard was legit. Add to that variations in outfits and jolliness levels. Squirrel Science \ 1st Grade Life Science Worksheet \ School of Dragons. News: At This Camp, Kids Learn Computer Science (Without Computers) Artificial intelligence is now quite adept at crunching vast amounts of data and using it to draw conclusions.

News: At This Camp, Kids Learn Computer Science (Without Computers)

As a result, humans who rely solely on procedural thinking aren't as valuable as they once were. What we need now are abstract thinkers who are deeply immersed in the Big Ideas made possible through computation. But traditionally, that's not how universities have sought out, categorized, or educated computer science students. Halloween 2017 costume ideas for kids and babies - from Asda's Frankenstein to Tesco's mad scientist. HALLOWEEN is just round the corner.

Halloween 2017 costume ideas for kids and babies - from Asda's Frankenstein to Tesco's mad scientist

These are the must-have costume ideas for your babies and kids in 2017 - and how to recreate the look from as little as £3.99. What are the most popular Halloween outfits for 2017? The Ghostly Maze – Free Maze Worksheet for Kids. Best Halloween food ideas - Easy recipes for kids and adults including spooky cookies, cupcakes and pizza. It’s nearly Halloween – and time to up the spooktacular factor in the kitchen.

Best Halloween food ideas - Easy recipes for kids and adults including spooky cookies, cupcakes and pizza

But instead of doing boring green jelly “slime” and witches’ fingers, why not throw a Mexican Day of the Dead party and impress all your friends with your individuality and creativity? Of course it also gives you a great excuse to serve lots of tequila. The Day of the Dead, which falls on November 1, is a huge deal in Mexico. In the Classroom · SFMOMA. English Activities – Free, Fun English Activities for Kids. Teach kids all that they need to know about the English language with JumpStart’s fun English activities!

English Activities – Free, Fun English Activities for Kids

From alphabet letters and spellings to synonyms and parts of speech, these activities cover it all. Free, printable and easy to use, our interactive English activities are a great way for parents and teachers to keep kids engaged and teach them valuable lessons. Fun, Free and Printable English Activities for Kids Kids learn best when lessons are a combination of fun and learning. The free English activities available here are fun and exciting to do, teaching kids important rules and concepts in the process. Most of these activities can be used in the classroom, adding value to teachers’ English lesson plans. Easy Halloween Costumes You Can Make with Your Kids (No Matter Their Age) Ghost Bubbles for Halloween – Sixth Grade Science Activity.

Reality or Fiction: Learning science via Star Wars. A short, bite-sized episode on the science of lightsabers. What more could your inner child ask for? Well if you’re here for mind-blowing science at a university thinking level, you might definitely be left wishing for more from Science and Star Wars. However, for the younger audience this Facebook based show is a fantastic introduction to modern technological developments.

Over the last few years the internet has seen a boom in educational material. Anyone can teach anyone, anyone can learn anything. There are many more resources available designed to get people involved in science, so what is so special about this particular show? Well, with so many videos or articles to choose from and so little time, getting people to watch, let alone stay tuned, requires a hook. And what better advertiser than Star Wars, the kingpin of sci-fi? When George Lucas’s film series began in 1977 it immediately became a classic. Welcome to Neopets! How learning chess is helping SA kids with maths. Pretoria - We bewail Trends in International Maths and Science results which show South African children are lagging far behind their counterparts from other countries when it comes to performance in maths and science.

We know the causes; the long-lived implications of apartheid’s unequal education system. Also, classes are too big, teachers feel overwhelmed coupled with the fear many children have that these subjects are just too hard for them to comprehend. It is these challenges that the innovative Tsogo Sun Moves for Life MasterMoves programme addresses. After realising its impact on around 35 000 children a week, its management team is determined to extend the benefits of the programme to more and more schoolchildren across the country. To add to practical examples they have witnessed how chess enhances the process of maths understanding.

Moves for Life is also the subject of an academic design research study led by Dr Retha van Niekerk, of North West University. Pretoria News. NASA Kids' Club. Games – Free, Fun Online Games for Kids. How to Explain the Total Solar Eclipse to Your Kids. With less than a week to go before the "Great American Solar Eclipse" on Aug. 21, interest in the celestial event is reaching a fever pitch. And if you're a parent who cares about science, but you won't be able to view the eclipse along the path of totality with your kids, you may be starting to feel some "eclipse guilt. " But don't fret. There's a simple way to explain the phenomenon to your kids, and you can enjoy even simpler ways to experience the partial eclipse, said Amy Mainzer, an astrophysicist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and a consultant for the space-themed PBS series "Ready Jet Go!

" "Act out the eclipse," Mainzertold Live Science. Solar eclipse 2017 gets Arizona kids excited about science. Smithsonian American Art Museum. The Smithsonian American Art Museum has fun activities for kids and their grown-ups! Check out our upcoming kid-friendly programs on our events calendar. A father and daughter crafting at one of our monthly Family Festivals Find the tin-foil treasure, “The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations” Millennium General Assembly” A message from the past: Civil War-era initials in the Lincoln Gallery First Floor Try to read the text of Preamble and find a license place from your state. Second Floor Visit the Hiram Powers exhibition to feel a sculptor’s tools and the marks they make in marble. Third Floor. Wallet from Duct Tape.

Friendship Activities: 10 Top Games for Kids. Friendship, like sharing and learning how to use a fork, is a skill that kids need to learn. In preschool, they’re discovering what a friend is. In middle school, friendships both deepen and become more challenging. Learning how to get along with others is an essential part of a child’s day-to-day life. As with most things, the best way to teach kids is to make the lesson fun. A vast number of friendship games and activities for preschoolers and middle schoolers can be found online. Friendship Day Activities for Kids. Friendship Day takes place each year on the first Sunday in August. Although it might not be as well known as other holidays, this special day is celebrated in many countries. Now, with these Friendship Day activities for kids, you can gather up your best friends and have a celebration of your own.

In the U.S., Congress declared Friendship Day back in 1935, and we've been celebrating it each year ever since. Children's Folk Games Project* American Games. Telephone The game " Telephone " is a simple game. You start off by getting lots of friends and parents, a total of about 15 people. Tree Rings Printable – Nature Worksheet for 4th Grade. Free 3D Games Online. Ten ideas to get your kids active in the summer holidays - Somerset Live. Count the Mangoes – Free Counting Math Worksheet for Kids. What to Do With the Kids This Summer? Put ’Em to Work - The New York Times. Summer projects that make learning fun - Lake Zurich Courier.

Make the Mothballs Dance – Science Experiment– School of Dragons. 10 Totally Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids' Summer Reading in Swing. Gaze Upon Jupiter’s Enormity in This Amazing Fly-By Video. Juno Perijove 06 from Sean Doran on Vimeo. Jupiter is immense. Free 3D Games Online. What to Bring on a Road Trip to Keep Kids Happy. Fourth of July 2017: How to keep your kids (and yourself) safe around grills, fireworks and the blazing sun.

Have a good time without getting hurt For many, the Fourth of July brings images of fireworks and firing up the grill. But anytime you're dealing with fire or explosives, there are risks. Here are some tips on staying safe and enjoying your holiday. Keep children and pets away from the grill. 21 Red, White & Blue Desserts To Eat With Pride. Summer Cool – Free Sentence Writing Worksheet. DIY Father's Day gifts: How to give your dad something special on a budget. Father’s Day is approaching, and it’s always an occasion that I find it difficult to buy for. So instead, of hitting the shops, I have taken to hitting Pinterest instead for ideas for quick and easy (usually last minute!) 10 Father's Day Craft Ideas For Kids - Across America, US Patch.

» The best: 72+ African wise proverbs and inspiring quotes. ‘Children of Saba’ is the first in an exciting 3-part series of novels – an epic tale of power, honour, glory, majesty, adventure, filled with the proverbs and wisdom of our African forefathers. ‘Children of Saba’ is now available on AMAZON.COM. Preschool Worksheets Online – Free Printable Worksheets for Kids. JumpStart has a large collection of preschool worksheets, covering topics like alphabets, colors, numbers, shapes and fine motor skills. Preschool worksheets focus more on specific skills instead of specific subjects.

For example, an English preschool worksheet will focus on sounding out words instead of writing them or a math preschool worksheet will have exercises on counting objects rather than solving counting problems. On the Importance of Doing Science With Your Kids. I first met Kimberlee Leroux on a rare, rainy day on the beautiful Central Coast of California. We had both enrolled in a weeklong intensive course known as the California Naturalist Program. 2nd Grade Science Activity for Kids. 19 Of The Cutest and Funniest Kids From The March For Science.

The Brilliant Simplicity of New York's New Times Square. Games – Free, Fun Online Games for Kids. Should We Teach Kids to Negotiate? Grow It Yourself a fantastic way to get kids eating and learning about food. How to survive the Easter holidays - with kids of all ages. Fun Easter Activities. Keep kids active this Easter with the following activities. Gambling warning for children's online gaming. PAX East Panel 2017: Gaming with Your Kids - GeekMom. Solar System 101. Online Games – Play Free, Fun Games for Kids. Astronomy For Kids. Where is Hopsalot – Free Reading and Coloring Activities for Kids. TV teaches kids about science — with one glaring exception. Finding the Sugar – Science Experiments for Elementary. Valentine’s Day science experiments for kids. Mum homeschools her children by letting them play computer games for SEVEN HOURS a day. Free Valentine’s Day Activities. Can a virtual reality game teach you to eat better?

Science Museum classes help kids learn to love science - The Buffalo News. Make your own Noisemaker – 1st Grade Science Activity. When and how do I begin teaching my child science? Don’t Throw Out Your Kids’ Old Toys—Just Upgrade ’Em. Games – Free, Fun Online Games for Kids. Cool Instagram dad doing science experiments with his kids. Growing Bacteria – 1st Grade Life Science Activity.

This Albert Einstein robot is here to help kids learn science. Every Kid in a Park. Games – Free, Fun Online Games for Kids. Learn how to make a DIY Marble Run from items in your recycling bin! Great engineering challenge for kids. Hiccup's Science Workshop – Fun Activities for Kids - SoD. Three essential things parents should share with their kids about Christmas.