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Intellectual Understanding

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Mind Map Inspiration | Sharing Mind Maps for Inspiration and Motivation. Knocked out in bar fight, man wakes up as a genius. TACOMA, Wash. -- Fate has no place in mathematics, yet fate played a role for Jason Padgett and his new fame for being a mathematical genius. Growing up in school, math played no role for Padgett. "I was one of those kids that said, 'When are you going to use math and how can that apply in the real world?

'" Padgett said. "Now, I can't believe I ever said that. " "They got in a full run behind me and hit me in the back of the head," Padgett said. Doctors told him he had suffered a severe concussion and had some kidney damage from getting beat up. "I see things differently, I started seeing things as pixels, small squares, like the kind that would make up a TV screen," said Padgett, who spent years of therapy adjusting to what was happening to him.

He began suffering from PTSD and became OCD as result of the injuries and this new mental state he was felling. He would see life as if it was being presented to him in a grid -- lines and all. Relaxation Downloads. We hope you find these audio files helpful in your relaxation efforts.Take some time to explore the different approaches to relaxation and discover what works for you. Guided Imagery Exercises: Anchoring Left-click to listen or right-click to download this mp3 file to your computer (8:34, 8.0 MB)Anchoring is a hypnotic technique that helps you connect to times in your past when you felt truly calm and confident.

You can use it right now to give yourself a feeling of strength when facing sad days and difficult challenges. This script is from an unknown sourceBackground music is from "digifishmusic" on The FreeSound Project Editing by Martin Grant back to top The Forest Left-click to listen or right-click to download this mp3 file to your computer (8:29, 8.0 MB)Let yourself be guided on a peaceful walk through a beautiful, lush forest near a trickling stream. Nourishment from the Past Special Place Grounding This piece was written and read by Sharon Morisi, LICSW, CEAP. Guided Relaxation Outside-In. Moral Psychology: The Cognitive Science of Morality: Intuition and Diversity (Bradford Books) (Volume 2) (9780262693578): Walter Sinnott-Armstrong: Books. Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds. TED Radio Hour.

NPR: TED Radio Hour Podcast The TED Radio Hour is a journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create. Based on Talks given by riveting speakers on the world-renowned TED stage, each show is centered on a common theme - such as the source of happiness, crowd-sourcing innovation, power shifts, or inexplicable connections.

The TED Radio Hour is hosted by Guy Raz, and is a co-production of NPR & TED. Follow the show @TEDRadioHour. Overcoming (R) June 13, 2014 We all have our struggles, whether they be mental, physical, or social. Download MP3 Getting There June 6, 2014 Our daily lives depend on travel: walking, biking, driving, flying. Haves and Have-Nots (R) May 30, 2014 Income inequality is at an all-time high between the haves and the have-nots.

What We Fear May 23, 2014 Human beings have a fine-tuned sense of fear. Why We Collaborate (R) Make It Stick — Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, Mark A. McDaniel. To most of us, learning something “the hard way” implies wasted time and effort. Good teaching, we believe, should be creatively tailored to the different learning styles of students and should use strategies that make learning easier. Make It Stick turns fashionable ideas like these on their head. Drawing on recent discoveries in cognitive psychology and other disciplines, the authors offer concrete techniques for becoming more productive learners. Memory plays a central role in our ability to carry out complex cognitive tasks, such as applying knowledge to problems never before encountered and drawing inferences from facts already known.

New insights into how memory is encoded, consolidated, and later retrieved have led to a better understanding of how we learn. Many common study habits and practice routines turn out to be counterproductive. Kindle Cloud Reader. Maxwell's Equations. From Einstein Light. Maxwell's equations: symmetric form Although the equations are simple, they are notated in a few different ways, for use in different circumstances. The variable quantities are the electric field E (written in bold here to indicate that it is a vector), the magnetic field B, the electric charge density ρ (the amount of charge per unit volume) and the electric current density J (the amount of electric current flowing through unit area). There are also properties of the medium, even if it is vacuum. ε is the dielectric permittivity. It is a property of a medium that determines the strength of the electric field produced by a given electric charge and geometry.

Greater values of ε mean that more charge is required to produce the same electric field (for all materials in the liquid or solid phase, ε is greater than the vacuum value). μ is the magnetic permeability of a medium. Isn't that lovely? In time (which has only one dimension), there is only a simple derivative. God Said Maxwell's Equations Framed Tile by pnkdesigns. The Wrong Way to Teach Grammar - Michelle Navarre Cleary. A century of research shows that traditional grammar lessons—those hours spent diagramming sentences and memorizing parts of speech—don’t help and may even hinder students’ efforts to become better writers. Yes, they need to learn grammar, but the old-fashioned way does not work. There is a real cost to ignoring such findings. In my work with adults who dropped out of school before earning a college degree, I have found over and over again that they over-edit themselves from the moment they sit down to write.

They report thoughts like “Is this right? Is that right?” And “Oh my god, if I write a contraction, I’m going to flunk.” These students are victims of the mistaken belief that grammar lessons must come before writing, rather than grammar being something that is best learned through writing. Happily, there are solutions. There are also less immediately apparent costs to having generations of learners who associate writing only with correctness. 8 Reasons The IQ Is Meaningless. Humans The average person has an intelligence quotient of 100. An unsourced claim gives O. J. Simpson’s IQ as 89. Marilyn vos Savant has been cited in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest measured IQ of 228, a number that can be sourced back to…Marilyn vos Savant. The first standardized attempt to measure the human’s mental capacity was courtesy of Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon, who formulated a test to measure verbal ability. Once an average person reaches the age of 15 or so, the IQ test is no longer important, since the mental age has reached maturity.

Extremely high scores are routinely inaccurate. 180 on the Standford-Binet is typically the top of the scale, and anything measured over it has few precedents for comparison and should be taken with a grain of salt. All the various tests can do is discover the very low scorers among children, and these scores are quite accurate. Quite a few IQ tests measure “general knowledge.” Children are mean. Close. The Remarkable Ways We Gain Insights. THE INTELLIGENCE REVOLUTION - Visions Of The Future - BBC.


Study: You Really Can 'Work Smarter, Not Harder' - Nanette Fondas. Research shows that reflecting after learning something new makes it stick in your brain. This Year's Love/Flickr Two weeks ago, my oldest son taught my youngest son how to perform a corner kick during half time of my middle son’s soccer game. He demonstrated the correct way to swing the leg, angle the foot, and launch the ball toward the goal.

When the referee blew his whistle, resuming the game, we moved to a spot of grass nearby. Learning is more effective if a lesson or experience is deliberately coupled with time spent thinking about what was just presented, a new study shows. In the lab portion of the study, participants completed a math brain teaser under time pressure and wrote about what strategy they used or might use in the future to solve the problem. The study also tested the adage that the best way to learn something is to teach it. For younger students, teaching someone else is a good way to practice synthesizing content after a lesson.