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Apuntes sobre “curación de contenidos” Aggregate, Curate and Create Your Own Textbook. One of the latest buzz words in social media is curation.

Aggregate, Curate and Create Your Own Textbook

Some media analysts ponder whether the content curator might be the next big social media job of the future. The job of curator has spread across the digital media world and may already have replaced “editor” and “publisher” in the minds of marketers and social media mavens. What are the implications of curation in education? How will content curation impact the textbook market? Will it make textbooks irrelevant? Social Media Curation. I, curator? DOLORS REIG - CONTENT CURATORS, nueva profesión para el individuo conectado. Content Curation: Classroom Applications. I’ve been trying out some visual content curation tools with social features which has got me thinking about classroom applications.

Content Curation: Classroom Applications

“Content curation is the act of continually identifying, selecting and sharing the best and most relevant online content and other online resources (and by that I mean articles, blog posts, videos, photos, tools, tweets, or whatever) on a specific subject to match the needs of a specific audience.” – Ann Handley on TopRank blog There are available a variety of free tools in various formats that let you easily tag/save sites, articles, images, videos, presentations, etc. into a collection that you can share and have conversations about with other users.

I’ve been spending some time at Pinterest, which is filled with inspiring images of recipes, crafts, clothes, housewares, quotes, etc. Curating social learning. El curador de contenidos educativos.