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Distortions. Our minds are wired to select and interpret evidence supporting the hypothesis “I'm OK”.


A variety of mechanisms: conscious, unconscious, and social direct our attention to ignore the bad and highlight the good to increase our hope and reduce our anxiety. We work hard to retain the belief that “I'm OK” even when faced with significant losses. Self-justification is deeply ingrained in each of us. Mental schema make it easier for us to perceive information that supports what we already know or believe.

Reclusland. (pulling this out of the comments in my last post , because it deserves better than that) Being in-the-moment can open up a dimension of timelessness that gives us a sense of the Infinitely-Full.


And within/alongside that seems to be the partially full, into which we will likely drop back, again and again. To be partially full is to be caught in the attempt to “know” things and the striving-for-wholeness this engenders. Seeing this, I have to wonder: what if what I’m really looking for is a way to hold these both together in one loving embrace, to combine them more and more as my life goes on, and then to release it all and slip back into the Infinitely Full when the times comes to do so?

Flame Fractals. Art and mathematics have a long but somewhat strained history.

Flame Fractals

Well, that’s not quite true. It isn’t the intersection of art and mathematics that’s problematic, but our limited ability to understand and appreciate that relationship. So images that are the result of mathematical calculations are immediately suspect as “not art”, and I’ll be the first to admit that Photoshop filters and Painter brushes that promise to make “paintings” out of photographs make this a very grey area (colorful, but grey). But the proof, as they say, is in the putting, and the deciding factor is your response to the images.

Fractals are part of a branch of mathematics that embraces infinity, dealing with infinite recursions, infinite depth and capable of generating images represent edges of infinite length, wrapped within themselves in exquisite crinolations. The polymath blog. 7 Deadly Sins of Creativity. Email Creativity is not just for artists and poets.

7 Deadly Sins of Creativity

Everybody has the potential to exercise their creative mind – to innovate new ways of accomplishing things that will ultimately make life easier and more gratifying. Creativity magnifies the effectiveness of our natural talents, generating elevated levels of success and happiness by helping us discover more efficient ways to do what we love to do. Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. - Franklin D. Alt. Build Blog. Tempus Edax Rerum. 10 Blogs By Entrepreneurs You Should Be Reading. The 99 Greatest blogs you aren't reading. What’s the best way to keep track of journalism and technology?

The 99 Greatest blogs you aren't reading

Read non-journalism blogs. When I am asked how do I find all the cool and innovative sites and tools featured at 10,000 Words, I quickly reply that I subscribe to more than 150 blogs, using Google Reader to keep track of them all. For the first time, here is a list of many of those blogs and sites, edited for relevance. Most of these blogs have little relation to journalism and cover everything from technology to design to photography and everything in between. 4chan. Doubt Will Set Ye Free. Mysterious Universe. Mosquito Cloud. Front Porch Republic. The Mirror of the Cosmos. Skeptical, Critical and Optimistic Thinking about Science from Sweden. Oftwominds. Robotic Nation Evidence. Afraid To Trade - By Corey Rosenbloom. Project Syndicate - A World of Ideas - the highest quality commentaries and analysis from distinguished voices. ScienceBlogs. Naked capitalism.

Exchanges vs. Clearinghouses (This is Important) (I wrote this post a while ago, but for some reason I never got around to publishing it.

Exchanges vs. Clearinghouses (This is Important)

I was reminded of it when I read Felix Salmon's post on derivatives reform from this morning, in which Felix gives a quick-and-dirty explanation of clearing vs. exchange-trading. I was going to write a take-down of Bob Litan's recent Brookings paper on derivatives reform, but it's honestly not even worth my time. Litan makes a compelling case for derivatives reform in a derivatives market that simply does not exist. The number of basic factual errors is overwhelming, and if Litan advocates for a reform you also endorse, it's likely by coincidence. Suffice to say, you rely on it at your own risk.) White Collar Fraud.

Mark's Daily Apple. An Online Community of Investors & Financial Experts. The Big Picture. The Accidental Hunt Brothers. BlogPulse. BlogCatalog. Palscience - State Of The Art Science. Helium - Where Knowledge Rules. The Absolute - truth, thinking, philosophy, genius. The Massive List of Genius – People With the Highest IQ. 33.8K Flares Google+ 27 Twitter 109 Facebook 1.6K Reddit 11 StumbleUpon 32.1K Pin It Share 4 4 LinkedIn 9 inShare9 33.8K Flares × The other day I sat down to watch The Princess Bride for about the 10,000th time.

The Massive List of Genius – People With the Highest IQ

Smartest Man in the World Espouses Virtues of Eugenics. 50.7K Flares Google+ 19 Twitter 23 Facebook 830 Reddit 3 StumbleUpon 49.8K Pin It Share 1 1 LinkedIn 1 inShare1 50.7K Flares × Chris Langan is the World’s Smartest Man.

Smartest Man in the World Espouses Virtues of Eugenics

That’s not an opinion, it’s a statement of fact. Mr. Langan’s IQ is nearly 200. Accelerating Future. The Rational Ape. Rain City Story. Connecting Bloggers. It Figures - Figures of Speech. No One Knows What the F*** They're Doing (or "The 3 Types of Knowledge") Be sure to check out my follow-up to this post, clarifying and addressing a few misinterpretations that have been making their way around the internet.

No One Knows What the F*** They're Doing (or "The 3 Types of Knowledge")

Feeling Like a Fraud Have you ever received praise, or even an award, for being great at something despite having no clue what you’re doing? Do you feel like a fraud, wondering what sort of voodoo you’ve unwittingly conjured up to make people think you know what you’re doing, when the reality is quite the contrary? Stuff Asian People Like — This blog is devoted to stuff that asian ...

Featured Post #127 Spitting Here is another contribution from Eurasian Sensation, who wrote Cheesy Ballads a few weeks ago.

Stuff Asian People Like — This blog is devoted to stuff that asian ...

We hope you enjoy it, as it reveals one of Asia’s dirtiest habits, spitting. There are many sights and sounds that evoke memories of one’s travels through Asia. Some are pleasant, such as the noisy hustle and bustle of the [...] The Mark of a Great Leader - Marshall Goldsmith. By Marshall Goldsmith | 3:31 PM February 19, 2010 Years ago, when most organizations were based on the hierarchical business model of the Industrial Age, great leaders were those who were unemotional, rational, even mechanistic. Those days are gone. Today’s leader, especially one who is in charge of a dynamic, global organization, finds himself or herself in desperate need of one key trait — self-awareness. Zelij – a Morrocan artform. The new media voice for students. The Baseline Scenario. Learn online, French, English, German, Math, Spanish courses at Optimnem. Unqualified Offerings. - The Contrary Market View - For Independent Financial Advisor, Currency Online Trading, Commodity Online Trading, FOREX.

Worldwide Success. The Bird That Gave Birth to the Moon. Click for Sterlingware Parameter File There is a new legend that tells how a bird gave birth to the moon. For thousands of years the bird had laid eggs and all of them had been eaten by animals in the forest. The bird started by laying eggs on the ground, which were of course quickly found and eaten. Next the bird laid her eggs under the ground. Unconventional Ideas.