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Tahoe-lafs. P2P-like Tahoe filesystem offers secure storage in the cloud. Tahoe is a secure distributed filesystem that is designed to conform with the principle of least authority.

P2P-like Tahoe filesystem offers secure storage in the cloud

The developers behind the project announced this month the release of version 1.5, which includes bugfixes and improvements to portability and performance, including a 10 percent boost to file upload speed over high-latency connections. Tahoe's underlying architecture is similar to that of a peer-to-peer network. Files are distributed across multiple nodes in a manner that allows data integrity to be maintained in the event that individual nodes are compromised or fail.

It uses AES encryption to protect file contents from tampering and scrutiny. Tahoe can be used to establish a relatively fault-tolerant storage pool that spans a number of conventional computers over a local network or the Internet. Tahoe was originally developed with funding from Allmydata, a company that provides Web backup services. Although Tahoe is a distributed filesystem, it is not entirely decentralized. Tahoe Least-Authority Filesystem. Tahoe-LAFS (Tahoe Least-Authority Filesystem) is a free and open, secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant, peer-to-peer distributed data store and distributed file system.[4][5] It can be used as an online backup system, or to serve as a file or web host similar to Freenet,[6] depending on the front-end used to insert and access files in the Tahoe system.

Tahoe Least-Authority Filesystem

Tahoe can also be used in a RAID-like manner to use multiple disks to make a single large RAIN[7] pool of reliable data storage. Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn is one of the developers.[8][9] Fork[edit] A patched Tahoe-LAFS exist (since 2011) made to run on the anonymous network I2P, with support for multiple introducers. There is also a build for Windows.[10] It must be downloaded from inside of the I2P network.[11] See also[edit] Notes[edit] References[edit] Haver, Eirik; Melvold, Eivind and Ruud, Pål (23 September 2011). External links[edit]

TestGrid – tahoe-lafs. This page is about the "Public Test Grid", which is also called the "pubgrid".

TestGrid – tahoe-lafs

The pubgrid has several purposes: to make it easier for people new to tahoe to begin to experiment to enable small-scale trial use of tahoe to help the tahoe community gain experience with grids of heterogenous servers without a pre-existing social organization The pubgrid also has two critical non-goals The pubgrid is not intended to provide large-scale storage, and it is not intended to be reliable. Don't store any data in the pubgrid if losing it would cause trouble.

How To Connect To The Public Test Grid ¶ The test grid is subject to being updated at random times, so compatibility is likely to break without notice. The test grid is currently running an 1.0.0-compatible release (allmydata-tahoe: 1.9.2) (see "My versions" on the welcome page for the current version of the web gateway server). Set up the code according to docs/quickstart.rst and docs/running.rst​.

Then run bin/tahoe start. Social Norms ¶ Status ¶ Tutorials - using ZAR data recovery.