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How to Automatically Linkify Text with PHP Regular Expressions | Build Internet! Good software enables us to take a lot of niceties for granted. Intelligent interfaces handle all the simple tasks so that we don’t need to worry about them. For example, when I type “” into an email or an instant message, I expect that it will be clickable on the other end without having to manually add in HTML tags. Another example is parsing text from a twitter feed. For example, “@desktopped is a blog about the #computers“, we expect both @desktopped and #computers to be links. How to Automatically Linkify Text with PHP Regular Expressions | Build Internet!
Fonts available for @font-face embedding - This page was originally published in May 2008 as a rather short list of fonts that permitted embedding using the @font-face method, or that had an open font license. We've moved on since then, and a list of fonts that allow @font-face embedding is entirely impractical, so we thought we would share an overview of the web font licensing industry, including other services from the Monotype family and, for the sake of completeness, as many of our competitors as we could bring ourselves to mention. We hope this provides a useful picture of how quickly things have moved on. Fonts available for @font-face embedding -
Top 10: Top 10 Useful Bookmarklets Top 10: Top 10 Useful Bookmarklets These are great! Oh man view passwords worked in firefox for sites that it had remembered passwords for but it added a couple /ns for some reason (as a programmer, I'd understand \ns, but don't get why it added /ns). But then I realized in firefox you can see saved passwords anyway by going to Tools > Options > Security > Passwords > Saved Passwords > Show Passwords. This is kind of ridiculous, a lot of my friends used my computer and clicked remember password.
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