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iPad As.... Let me google that for you. 20+ Fun Free Apps that Promote Student Centered Learning & Literacy. Posted by Shelly Terrell on Wednesday, March 7th 2012 This post is part of the mobile learning category.

20+ Fun Free Apps that Promote Student Centered Learning & Literacy

Click to check out other posts! Lately, I have discovered many cool free apps that are incredible for creating digital stories, reading stories, and interacting with stories. These apps are incredibly engaging and meet the needs of our diverse learners. They allow learners to interact with the plot, characters, and even design of the story. Below are a list of the apps and a few activities. Sock Puppets- great for collaborative stories in pairs.Puppet PalsAnimoto Video Creation AppShmuppet – students create a podcast or tell a short story with a puppet and send them to their friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter.Bunsella Bedtimes Story- students narrate a children’s story and send to a children’s class in the local elementary or a younger brother or sister or for children in another country.

Collect, curate and share your ideas, inspirations, and projects! Edmodo In Action. Text 2 Mind Map – The text-to-mind-map converter.


Slideshows. About. So what is the purpose of this site?


It’s simple. Your Free Online School: Courses, Video Lectures, Documentaries, Images, Books and more. Toptools. Vimeo Music Store is a Great Resource for Your Educational Videos. You’ve asked your class to make a video to chronicle the school year or some other project and now the question of background music rears its ugly head.

Vimeo Music Store is a Great Resource for Your Educational Videos

Students will want to use their favorite song and then you have to explain the issue of copyright. After they understand that they can’t use certain music without permission or a license they ask: “Where do I find music I can legally use?” A couple of days ago, Vimeo opened their Vimeo Music Store that gives a lot of music background options. Introducing Vimeo Music Store from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo. The Vimeo Music Store has several different licensing options and you can find out all about them on their Frequently Asked Questions page. Vimeo has also served up a nice tutorial on how to use their new store: Music Store Tutorial from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo. In addition to the Vimeo Music Store, Creative Commons has some advice and resources for finding music for your videos.

Have fun making great classroom videos!


StupeFlix: Better than Animoto? (RT @davestacey) ICT MAGIC. j2e webby. Edublogs. Digital Learning. I was asked yesterday what I considered to be the four components of effective digital learning.

Digital Learning

(Why four? The person who asked me wanted four, there may be more but this is the parameters I was given.) The question intrigued me. INTERNET VERACITY. 'How to' videos for web 2.0 tools. « theresourcehound. A block to display dataform content on the course page.

'How to' videos for web 2.0 tools. « theresourcehound

As its name suggests, the dataform_view block allows the instructor to display in a block a selected dataform view. The flexibility of the dataform views allows for a variety of applications. For instance, with the dataform's Interval view type, the content of the dataform block can be made to change periodically, sequentially or randomly, for purposes such as 'Quote of the Day', 'Weekly news', 'Random pic' etc.

With the dataform's Fancybox view, the dataform block may be used to populate to the course page complete photo galleries. Since the content of a view is constrained by user permissions, the dataform block may be used to display on the course page restricted information to user's eyes only. Via Miloš Bajčetić. Glogster training videos on by Russell Stannard. 03-10_1023 - Russell1955. 10 Tips to Help You Get Started » The Rapid eLearning Blog.

For decades, education reform has been focused on curriculum, assessment, instruction, and more recently standards, and data, with these efforts only bleeding over into how students think briefly, and by chance.

10 Tips to Help You Get Started » The Rapid eLearning Blog

This means that the focus of finite teacher and school resources are not on promoting thinking and understanding, but rather what kinds of things students are going to be thinking about and how they’ll prove they understand them. Via Nik Peachey. Top 10+ Educational Podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to get news and information while you’re multitasking.

Top 10+ Educational Podcasts

Oftentimes, I listen to podcasts in the car, at the gym, while house cleaning, etc. Here are a few of my favorite news sources in the educational space: The Education Gladfly ShowThe Education Gladfly Show by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute brings an entertaining review of recent politics, news and research in education and learning.NPR Topics: Education PodcastThis NPR podcast looks at opinions from educational experts, teachers and more to cover topics around the science of learning, classroom dynamics, and more.APM: American RadioWorksAmerican RadioWorks delivers some interesting podcasts that are educational about perspectives around the U.S.

Some of its most recent documentaries, Workplace U and Who Needs an English Major? On iTunes, you’ll also find iTunes U, which provides a wealth of podcasts, apps and more that have educational value. The Learning Spy - Controlled assessment and why I hate it.