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iPad As.... iPads have exploded throughout schools and classrooms.

iPad As....

Their flexibility, versatility, and mobility make them a phenomenal learning tool. As teachers seek ways to integrate these devices, we recommend focusing on specific learning goals that promote critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, and the creation of student-centric learning environments. In other words, begin with..... Let me google that for you. 20+ Fun Free Apps that Promote Student Centered Learning & Literacy. Collect, curate and share your ideas, inspirations, and projects! Edmodo In Action. Text 2 Mind Map – The text-to-mind-map converter.


Slideshows. About. So what is the purpose of this site?


It’s simple. We want to share how technology with people quickly. Each video on the site will be under ten minutes. This is about the same length as my attention span and perfect for showing at the end of a staff meeting. Of course there are some sites like this out there already and we will link to similar sites on the homepage.We may end up having a few different videos on a topic e.g. Anyone can upload a video, and you can do this in two ways. To make a video you will need either some screen capture software such as Camtasia or Jing or just use a webcam or video camera. The videos can be for ‘free’ software or for paid-for content, however…they can not be a sales pitch.

You may use these videos wherever you like, in a staff meeting or when working with teachers etc but please just leave us a comment to let us know that they were useful. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email Thanks Ian Addison. Your Free Online School: Courses, Video Lectures, Documentaries, Images, Books and more.


Vimeo Music Store is a Great Resource for Your Educational Videos. You’ve asked your class to make a video to chronicle the school year or some other project and now the question of background music rears its ugly head.

Vimeo Music Store is a Great Resource for Your Educational Videos

Students will want to use their favorite song and then you have to explain the issue of copyright. After they understand that they can’t use certain music without permission or a license they ask: “Where do I find music I can legally use?” A couple of days ago, Vimeo opened their Vimeo Music Store that gives a lot of music background options. Introducing Vimeo Music Store from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo. The Vimeo Music Store has several different licensing options and you can find out all about them on their Frequently Asked Questions page.


StupeFlix: Better than Animoto? (RT @davestacey) ICT MAGIC. j2e webby. Edublogs. Digital Learning. I was asked yesterday what I considered to be the four components of effective digital learning.

Digital Learning

(Why four? The person who asked me wanted four, there may be more but this is the parameters I was given.) The question intrigued me. The focus was a little bit to do with tools to use for learning, but also pedagogy was an underlying core. So I have pared down my four core elements, but I have embedded these in a number of underlying assumptions. The underlying assumptions are core values and processes that enable Digital learning to flourish. A relevant and contextual curriculumAssessment that is both challenging and transparent (since this lies in a relevant and contextual curriculum, it is also by definition relevant and contextual)An emphasis of higher order thinking skills (analysis and evaluation – creativity is a core aspect of Digital learning)Valuing student voice and providing the students with ownership of their learning and assessment.


'How to' videos for web 2.0 tools. « theresourcehound. Glogster training videos on by Russell Stannard. 03-10_1023 - Russell1955. 10 Tips to Help You Get Started » The Rapid eLearning Blog. Top 10+ Educational Podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to get news and information while you’re multitasking.

Top 10+ Educational Podcasts

Oftentimes, I listen to podcasts in the car, at the gym, while house cleaning, etc. Here are a few of my favorite news sources in the educational space: The Education Gladfly ShowThe Education Gladfly Show by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute brings an entertaining review of recent politics, news and research in education and learning.NPR Topics: Education PodcastThis NPR podcast looks at opinions from educational experts, teachers and more to cover topics around the science of learning, classroom dynamics, and more.APM: American RadioWorksAmerican RadioWorks delivers some interesting podcasts that are educational about perspectives around the U.S. Some of its most recent documentaries, Workplace U and Who Needs an English Major? On iTunes, you’ll also find iTunes U, which provides a wealth of podcasts, apps and more that have educational value. What are you listening to? The Learning Spy - Controlled assessment and why I hate it.