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Daily Practice

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The New Idea We Ought To Have. Today, I would like to introduce a "new" Buddhist idea to you all.

The New Idea We Ought To Have

What I would like to talk about is actually an old faith that has been a vital tradition amongst Buddhist circles for thousands of years. Yet it is always new and fresh whenever it is mentioned, especially in a desolate and miserable period such as this. Bodhisattva Sadaparibhuta used to say, "I would never slight you, you shall all be Buddhas. " His saying indicates the ingrained truth of life. It denotes the attitude we ought to have towards all human beings. We know that everyone in this world is different. Those who are unable to strive upwards towards the light will eventually degenerate. "Human beings are equal, and all of us are able to achieve Buddhahood. " Implicit disdain for others may not be very serious, but sometimes it develops into proud conceit and self-aggrandisement. If we can accept the idea that all humans are equal, and that we can all attain Buddhahood, our pride will gradually dissolve. Buddhism in Everyday Life. Lama Tubten Shenpen Rinpoche - 25.9.2001 / Teaching at Shenphen Rime Tschö ling, Vienna, Austria.

Buddhism in Everyday Life

Establishing a Steady Foundation for Practice. A Transcript of the second day of teaching during a Meditation Retreat led by Lama Zangmo at Purelands Retreat Centre in October 2013 shortly after Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche's sudden and tragic death.

Establishing a Steady Foundation for Practice

From what you have said, it seems that many of you find it difficult to maintain a steady and continuous practice. What you lack is a foundation. If we want our practice to remain after leaving the retreat or a supportive environment then we need to have a strong foundation. I have already mentioned the Four Thoughts or Four Contemplations. They are part of every teaching that you receive, but they are also part of Sumpa Lotsawa’s The Ear Whispered Mind Training. The Ear Whispered Mind Training is summarised in a short story about one of the times that Sumpa Lotsawa went to India to study at one of the great monasteries there. One day, when he was circumnambulating the stupa he saw two women who were also cirumnambulating. Keep on Trucking. [ Uposatha ] Keep on Trucking Observing Uposatha So far this little venture into the practice of Observing Uposatha has been one of the most interesting actual "puttings into practice" of the Dhamma that I have experienced in a long time.

Keep on Trucking

The last time I seriously "went at it", was in the early 80s when I first started to put together the materials that you see on these pages. It was my thinking at that time that the thing America needed most was a book. The benefits to me of observing Uposatha at that time were in the area of understanding the hold food has on us. It was harrowing, and humiliating; but what I learned could not be put down in words in a million books. Daily Life. Perfection is the wedding of Wisdom and Compassion.

Daily Life

Skill, the result of training and practice, is the way we apply those qualities through our behaviour in the world. Daily Spiritual Routine for Householders. Sri Swami Chidnandaji Each householder should have an ideal daily routine.

Daily Spiritual Routine for Householders

The home life should not be left to itself, but taken care of. In addition to those unexpected things that come up every day-a visit of someone, a telephone call, an invitation to go out with someone-every one of you should have an accepted basic programme, a basic schedule for your daily life, which should include an hour of prayer in the morning and an hour of prayer in the evening. The prayer hour might include the reading of scriptural texts, the reading of sacred and inspiring spiritual books, a few minutes of quiet indrawn meditation, a few minutes of actually articulated prayer, inspiring prayer. The Art of War. [ Sitting Practice ] A Small Arsenal of Techniques for the Lay Seeker Don't kid yourself.

The Art of War

Daily Life. Dharma Drum Mountain. Presented by Zarko Andreicevic on Nov. 21, 2015 A summary of the talk “Chan” and “daily life” are seemingly two different concepts to most people.

Dharma Drum Mountain

How to Establish a Daily Practice Of Almost Anything, in Six Steps. Illustrations by Tomi Um.

How to Establish a Daily Practice Of Almost Anything, in Six Steps

Whether it’s meditation, yoga, or your favorite creative activity, you’ll get so much more from doing it every day. Follow these six steps, says Anne Cushman, to enjoy all the benefits of daily practice. Establishing an Evening and Morning Routine. 122 8Share Synopsis Creating and keeping morning and evening routines will not only make you feel better but also work better.

Establishing an Evening and Morning Routine

Evening and morning routines help you feel your best and in control of your days. When you’ve been burning the midnight oil trying to finish a big work project or household chores, it’s only natural to want to catch up on your lost sleep. The problem is, your new day is off to a slower, later start, and your body-clock is out of whack. Fortunately, small steps can help you gain control of your waking and resting life. Daily Spiritual Routine for Householders. My Simple Daily Spiritual Practices - Inspired Everyday Living. Ideally, we do not need spiritual practices because our life becomes the practice. From my perspective, we already are spiritual. As the University of Santa Monica teaches, “we are divine beings having a human experience,” not the other way around!

How to Create a Spiritual Routine. To fill each day with wellbeing, I recommend starting a spiritual or calming routine. photo by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton on flickr This is a routine where you can take the time to breathe and be with your own thoughts, passively. It’s unlike meditation, yoga, or prayer, because there is no impetus to focus on controlling your own mind. How to Develop a Strong Morning Practice. “Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh Your mornings set the tone for the rest of the day.