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Crafting MacGyver: Circular Logic - StumbleUpon. Happy Hippity Hop! We're taking a long weekend off here for the Easter break (we're working on a new website with hopes of getting a bit more done with the extra day tucked in there).

Happy Hippity Hop!

So we're bidding you farewell early with a few links and this cute little picture tutorial (see more below) sent to our e-mail from the folks at Present&Correct. Happy wishes for your Easter and Passover break. We're heading over here later to learn how to make some marshmallow peeps! Care to join us? High/low Easter party. West coast applications close Friday at Renegade. Loving this free (April calendar) desktop wallpaper from the Free People blog. And I saw lots of rabbits hopping around here.

Inspired Entertaining: DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses - StumbleUpon. Last month I got an email from one of those "deal of the day" websites featuring a very cute set of wine glasses with chalkboard stems from a company called Chalkboard China.

Inspired Entertaining: DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses - StumbleUpon

I've seen chalkboard glasses before, and always thought them to be a fun and chic way for guests to keep track of their glass throughout the night so you don't end up with mixed-up glasses or dozens of half-full glasses left around the house. But all the ones I've seen in stores feature a strip of chalkboard paint across the bowl of the glass, which I've always felt looks awkward and takes away from the beauty of the wine or beverage in the glass.

What I like about this version is that the writing part is at the bottom on the stem and foot of the glass, so it doesn't compete with the beverage. I also like that the simple black foot on the glass is in itself an elegant design element, and would work just as well with no writing on it. So I figured, "I can totally make that myself! " Materials 1. 2. 3. Method Step 1. Push Pin Tree Tutorial. I am loving the challenge of coming up with new, creative, simple and redefined tutorials for my blog and today's project is simple but a great alternative to spending lots of money on decorative trees.

Push Pin Tree Tutorial

It seems like sparkly, beaded and decorative trees are in all the store (and they are not cheap!!!) So while browsing the mall over the holiday I suddenly thought of a great way to create my own- but using simple materials- push pins and tacks! Button Xmas Ornaments. Christmas Buttons.

Button Xmas Ornaments

So sweet and colorful, they're just aching to be turned into Christmas ornaments. The one pictured above is from Leslie Ashe. There isn't a tutorial, but it looks like the maker used a styrofoam ball and white ball head stick pins. I particularly like the layering of the buttons. These next ones are perfect for a table top tree. Milk jog Lunch Box. DIY dress. Yarn Vase. This is a simple project that combines two of our favorite elements about crafting: using leftover supplies from a previous project (in this case, the yarn) and reusing something that was on its way to our recycle bin (the glass vase). yesterday morning as derek and i were brainstorming ideas for this week’s diy wednesday project, he came up with the idea of wrapping a glass vase with various colors of yarn. fortunately we had a few leftover skeins from last weekend’s weaving workshop at the store, and i was able to fashion this yarn-wrapped vase out of some brown and green in a matter of minutes. since the flowers i picked up lent themselves to the ’70s rec room vibe that was going on with the brown and green, i thought this would be a good bouquet for a boy and plan on giving it to derek to keep on his desk at work this week!

Yarn Vase

Click here for the full project instructions or just click “read more” below. have fun! Lauren (& derek too!) Bottle Cap Ponytail Holder. I have had all these bottle caps laying around and yesterday day it dawned on me to try them out as ponytail holders.

Bottle Cap Ponytail Holder

I had been looking at the cute vintage button bobby pins that have been covered with fabric and I looked at the bottle caps and wondered if I could do the same thing and well the answer is YES! And I hope you try this one, they would be great for stocking stuffers. I know its a bit early but with school starting today, it always gets me thinking about Christmas gifts. Materials Needed: ButtonBottle CapScrap FabricPonytail HolderHot Glue Gun & Glue 1. 2.Stick the bottle cap inside. 3.Hot glue the gathered section down into the bottle cap. 4.You have the option here to cover your button with fabric or not.

You can use any fabric, but if you use see-thru material, make sure you use plain(no logos) bottle caps, or else the logos will show through. Eco Travel Lid: Post Halloween Decor. I'm in denial that Christmas is coming.

Post Halloween Decor

I can't even go there. So, when the Halloween/birthday decorations have to come down, I've put up more fall/Thanksgiving items to replace them. For now anyway. I have in the past tried to make wreaths, and they just never have turned out so good. It's probably because I am a "use what you have" kind of gal.