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You Tube. Preparing Lesson Plans. Lesson Plans. Grammar Lessons. Uttal. Road to Grammar - Your Road to Better Grammar. Teaching English. English Learning. Action Plan- for teachers. ESL Reading Exercises, Printable worksheets & Text Mazes. Movie worksheets- Teach English using English movies, Printable worksheets for movies-Have fun!!

ESL Reading Exercises, Printable worksheets & Text Mazes

Music activities- Teach English using English songs- Worksheets to teach with English songs- It really works!! Word Formation Worksheets- Teaching prefixes & Suffixes (affixes) to high level students can greatly help to speed up vocabulary building-Try these worksheets in your lessons. Quizzes & Cloze Exercise: Printable quizzes, cloze & gap fill exercises. Adult Communicative Lesson plans: Help adults practice grammar & vocabulary using communicative exercises Holiday/Festivals Worksheets: Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's day, St.

Games and Ideas for Teaching English to all levels- Running out of ideas? Task-based Lesson planning. Worksheet Makers: you can use these online tools to create yours and save time. TEFL. English exercises - grammar exercises - learn English online. BBC Learning English.

ESL Discussions: English Conversation Questions / Debates: Speaking Lesson Activities. ESL - English as a Second Language. Teach English. BusyTeacher: Free Printable Worksheets. English Lesson Plans - Language Learning Experts' Favourite Strategies in 2016. Language experts reveal their top language learning strategies in 2016 I can’t believe there are only a couple of days left of 2016!

Language Learning Experts' Favourite Strategies in 2016

It’s been an interesting year in many different ways and I’m sure you guys have made a lot of progress in at least one area of your language learning. What’s a better way to celebrate the transition to 2017 than to gather advice from some of the most interesting language learners and bloggers out there. I’ve asked 17 people what their number one language learning strategy was in 2016 and here are their answers!

Agnieszka Murdoch, 5-Minute Language “That’s me! Mnemonics is a technique that involves comparing written signs to objects or even scenes. You can use this method to memorise meaning as well as pronunciation. Through using mnemonics, you create logical connections in your brain and the words you learn are less likely to disappear from your memory.” Teaching Grammar through listening (English-as-a-foreign-language version) 1.

Teaching Grammar through listening (English-as-a-foreign-language version)

Introduction In all of my posts on grammar instruction I have made the very important point that for grammar to be fully acquired it must be practised extensively through all four skills. However, this is not what usually happens, grammar practice occurring in most language classrooms predominantly through the written medium. Hence grammar is mostly read and written, but rarely processed aurally and orally. Of the four language skills, the one that is always neglected in grammar instruction is definitely Listening. The parsing phase is the stage in the comprehension of aural input in which the listener recognizes a grammar pattern in a string of words and fits it to the surrounding linguistic context.

In this post I intend to show how grammar can be modelled and practised aurally through highly impactful L.A.M. 2.L.A.M. grammar activities 2.1 Sentence puzzles. The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies. Listen to this article as a podcast episode: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 38:22 — 53.1MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | When I worked with student teachers on developing effective lesson plans, one thing I always asked them to revise was the phrase “We will discuss.”

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

Key Strategies For Developing Oral Language In Students. Advanced grammar. How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay. By Grace Fleming Updated October 27, 2015.

How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay

As you've probably noticed, essay writing assignments can pop up in any class. An essay is a literary composition that expresses a certain idea, claim, or concept and backs it up with supporting statements. It will follow a logical pattern, to include an introductory paragraph (make the claim), a body (support), and a conclusion (summary of statements and support). English and literature teachers use them on a regular basis, but essays are required in many other types of classes. Essay exams are also a test tool used commonly in the social sciences, and even in math and science class. Of course, essays play a big role in the college application process, as well.

Luckily, you can learn to craft a great essay if you can follow the standard pattern and write in a clear and organized manner. Introduction The introduction is the first paragraph in your essay, and it should accomplish a few specific goals. 1. Continue reading below our video Loaded: 0% 2. 3. Writing - How to write English texts. Exercises at Grammar Bytes! Terms of Use You may not alter, sell, or post these materials on a different server.

Exercises at Grammar Bytes!

Photocopying for students or linking to materials here does not require my permission. Comma Splices & Fused Sentences Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 4 Exercise 5 Even More Practice! Descriptive Writing. Writing for a Purpose. How to teach writing: writing lesson ideas. Does any of this sound familiar?

How to teach writing: writing lesson ideas

Yes, but writing is boring. Is it? Sure, but writing could be time spent in class doing fun speaking tasks. Who said you can’t do both? But my students get more out of class from interactive activities. Exactly – writing lessons don’t have to conform to any of these assumptions. Firstly, written language is permanent. Secondly, well-delivered writing lessons will include multiple stages that focus on interaction and collaboration.

Likewise, asking students to peer correct provides another stage in which students can interact in a meaningful and reflective way. Another common query I hear teachers make is in relation to who should do the writing in a writing lesson. So with this in mind, hopefully you are starting to appreciate that writing lessons need not be isolated, dull experiences, and that when the time is used well, there is plenty of benefit to using class time for written work. BusyTeacher: Free Printable Worksheets For Busy Teachers Like YOU! 50 000+ Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers. Sentence structure. Simple sentences: A simple sentence has only one clause: The children were laughing.

sentence structure

John wanted a new bicycle. All the girls are learning English. English language teaching. The 9 Best Mobile Apps for Your ESL Students. Teaching English resources.