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The CPS Process - Creative Education Foundation. If you search the Internet for “Creative Problem Solving,” you’ll find evidence of many variations, all of which may be traced back to the work that was started by Alex Osborn in the 1940s, developed with Sid Parnes in the 1950s, and nurtured at SUNY Buffalo State and the Creative Education Foundation.

The CPS Process - Creative Education Foundation

The diversity of approaches to the creative problem solving process that have developed since is a testimony to the power of the idea. While many models exist, the Creative Education Foundation focuses on an evolution of the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving process called the CPS Learner’s Model. Based on the Osborn-Parnes process, the CPS Model uses plain language and recent research. Barriers to Innovation. Agility Innovation Specialists. InnovationLabs — Innovation Consulting, Innovation Labs, Collaborative Facilitation, Strategic Solutions, Where Innovation Happens. Innovation Leader - Corporate Innovation Strategies for Competitive Advantage. HBR%20Leading%20Innovation.pdf. A CIO's 5-step guide to sustainable innovation. What's the most important and overlooked cycle in the CIO toolkit?

A CIO's 5-step guide to sustainable innovation

No, it's not mastering the business planning cycle. It's not the budgeting cycle, or iterative software development cycle, or even the strategic planning cycle, as these are all simply the price of entry for any successful CIO. They're necessary but not sufficient.