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Crochet. Help Yourself. Help Yourself. - Life On Your Terms. The Way of Wisdom: The Five Spiritual Faculties. Spiritual progress depends on the emergence of five cardinal virtues — faith, vigor, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom.

The Way of Wisdom: The Five Spiritual Faculties

The conduct of the ordinary worldling is governed by his sense-based instincts and impulses. As we progress, new spiritual forces gradually take over, until in the end the five cardinal virtues dominate and shape everything we do feel and think. These virtues are called, in Sanskrit and Pali, indriya, variously translated by faculties, controlling faculties, or spiritual faculties.[1] The same five virtues are called powers (bala) if emphasis is on the fact that they are "unshakable by their opposites. " 1. Faith Faith is called "the seed," and without it the plant of spiritual life cannot start at all. Dharma Seed - Dharma Talks. Audio. Welcome to Bodhi Monastery. S Online Buddhist Study Guide.

Working with thoughts. O Positive Blood Type Diet. Human blood comprises red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), platelets, and plasma.

O Positive Blood Type Diet

The surface of an RBC has a variety of antigens, that play several roles in cellular communication. The ABO blood group system is based on a specific set of such antigens. It determines blood type on the basis of presence or absence of the A and/or B antigens. The link between blood group and health has long been an area of interest for several researchers. Blood type diet was propounded by Dr. Given below are the traits and characteristics of individuals with O positive blood type, as well as the food items that may prove beneficial or harmful for them, as per the observations and conclusions drawn by Dr. O Positive Blood Type RBCs in O positive blood type do not have the carbohydrate antigens present in A, B and AB types, but do have the Rhesus antigen.

Diet for O Positive Blood Type Sample Meal Plans Plan 1 Plan 2 Foods List Fruits IncludeCherry (juice)Figs (dried, fresh)Plums (dark, green)Prunes. Weight Loss, Diet Plan, Tips, Nutrition, Fitness, Running, Cycling, India, Healthy Lifestyle. Yoga benefits including flexibility and stress relief at MedicineNet. How To Organize Your Life - Organizing Your Life. Do you often forget birthdays and anniversaries of people close to you?

How To Organize Your Life - Organizing Your Life

Do you forget scheduled meetings and conferences only to remember it the next day? If your answers to all the above questions were in positive, know that there is some serious problem that you need to sort out before your life becomes a mess. Thankfully, it isn’t as grave as being struck with amnesia but it isn’t as negligible as simple forgetfulness.

Passion vs. Self-Discipline. How important is passion as a success factor?

Passion vs. Self-Discipline

Some people believe it’s the single most important factor, painting passion as the fuel that drives success. I disagree. Passion is simply an emotional state, and a temporary and unstable one at that. The reason passion gets so much credit is that it helps motivate action. And action is what generates results. Look at it this way: P = Passion A = Action R = Results Given: P causes A A causes R Conclusions: P causes R No problem there. Achieving Goals by Improving Your Character. Often a change in character is a crucial part of shifting your identity to become more congruent with your goals and intentions.

Achieving Goals by Improving Your Character

For example, suppose you want to become more successful in your career, and you set a goal to reach a certain position. Maybe the main reason you haven’t yet reached that position is that your character attributes are out of sync with it. Perhaps you aren’t disciplined enough, confident enough, or resourceful enough to get there. Once you can identify the character qualities you’re missing, you can consciously develop them. But as long as you remain in the dark about these deficiencies, it will be tough to reach your goal because you won’t yet be the kind of person who can achieve it.

Select one of your goals or intentions, especially one where your progress has been disappointing. Ask yourself the following questions: What would a person with more self-esteem do in my situation? Feel free to scan this list of values for more ideas. Life Coaching and Personal Coaching Solutions. Self-Discipline. This week I’ll be blogging a series on self-discipline.


New posts on this topic will appear every day Mon-Fri. I’ve also added a new self-discipline category. In this series I’ll be focusing on what I call the five pillars of self-discipline. The Five Pillars of Self-Discipline. Self-Discipline: Acceptance. The first of the five pillars of self-discipline is acceptance.

Self-Discipline: Acceptance

Acceptance means that you perceive reality accurately and consciously acknowledge what you perceive. This may sound simple and obvious, but in practice it’s extremely difficult. If you experience chronic difficulties in a particular area of your life, there’s a strong chance that the root of the problem is a failure to accept reality as it is.