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Bristlebot: A tiny directional vibrobot. The BristleBot is a simple and tiny robot with an agenda.

Bristlebot: A tiny directional vibrobot

The ingredients? One toothbrush, a battery, and a pager motor. The result? Serious fun. (YouTube video here.) The BristleBot is our take on the popular vibrobot, a simple category of robot that is controlled by a single vibrating (eccentric) motor. The starting point is of course the toothbrush. Cut off the handle of the toothbrush, leaving only a neat little robotics platform. Next, we need a vibrating pager motor or other tiny motor with an unbalanced output shaft. The kind that I got are happy to run on almost any common voltage– probably a range of 1-9 V.

The last substantial ingredient is some foam tape. Attach the motor to the foam tape. A better method is to bend one of the leads down flush with the foam tape, so that you can *stick* the battery to the foam tape as well and still make an electrical connection. The completed BristleBot, running and ready for action. Bristlebot - All.

You can easily make your own Bristlebot from parts you find in a junk drawer, or for a few dollars worth of parts.

Bristlebot - All

One easy source of vibrating motors are old cell phones or pages, though they may require small amounts of soldering in order to get wires on them. Try experimenting with different motors for different effects. The same goes for toothbrushes. Your local $1 Store had a wide variety of brushes. The key to making a bot is to get a tooth brush with angled bristles. This Bristlebot Kit is available for purchase on in single packs, 4 packs, and 25 packs. An easy way to make a brushbot. There are plenty of fantastic tutorials on the internet showing how to make tiny robots called “brushbots” out of toothbrushes (this one is quite good).

An easy way to make a brushbot

But we’ve noticed that a lot of the tutorials require soldering – something that not everyone feels comfortable with since it involves molten lead. This tutorial will show how you can make a quick and easy solder-less brushbot. You’ll need: 1 electric toothbrush (look for the cheapest toothbrush possible)1 brush (kitchen scrub brushes often work well)some electrical tapehot glue (optional) Step 1: Take apart electric toothbrush Every electric toothbrush is going to be slightly different, so inspect your electric toothbrush and see if you can figure out how to take it apart. You’re going to want to remove all the parts from the inside of the toothbrush. To build your brushbot you’ll need the motor and the battery casing.

If most electric toothbrushes come with batteries, if so keep these because they will power your brushbot. -MakerBus. LycomingRobotics - BrushBots. Skip to main content Get your Wikispaces Classroom now: the easiest way to manage your class. guest Join | Help | Sign In LycomingRobotics Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Turn off "Getting Started" Loading...

LycomingRobotics - BrushBots

How to Make a Better Bristlebot! Brushbot. BugzBot (Lego improved BrushBot) - All. BugzBots are very easy to make, the hardest part is waiting for the parts to be delivered from Lego.

BugzBot (Lego improved BrushBot) - All

The whole project can be built for less than $10USD. Here are the parts you need from Lego. You will need to order them from the “Pick a Brick” page on their shopping website. Here’s the link for your convenience. Choose your bricks by the ElementID listed below and you will exactly the right brick in the colors designated. Element ID, Description, Color, Quantity 4160857, 2x4 Right Wing, White, 14161326, 2x4 Left Wing, White, 14221775, Legs and Proboscis, Grey & Black, 7473326, Body, Black, 5473326, Eyes, Purple, 2 Electronic PartsCR2032 3v Coin Battery (Can be purchased anywhere watch batteries are sold)3v 10mm vibrator motor (Cheapest on eBay, it may be cheaper for you to buy more than one) You will also need a small (24mm, 7/8” ) piece of single sided tape, not shown.