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Links centered on the intersection of ICT (information & communication technologies) and society (culture, public policy, law, etc...).

Mandatos de nosotros. The Citizen Lab. Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) - Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC) Knowledge economy. Knowledge for Development Program The Knowledge for Development (K4D) Program helps build the capacity of client countries to access and use knowledge to strengthen their competitiveness in the global economy and increase their social well-being.

knowledge economy

It works with client countries to design and develop realistic and achievable strategies to further their transition to the knowledge economy. Excellent and very rich site. Do not miss the knowledge economy assessments by country and the section on publications. MIT Center for Collective Intelligence.

Forget IQ, Collective Intelligence is the New Measure of Smart (video. We may focus on the stories of individual genius, but it will be harnessing the intelligence of the collective that enables humanity to solve its future problems.

Forget IQ, Collective Intelligence is the New Measure of Smart (video

Do you know your IQ, that little number that’s supposed to measure how smart you are? Forget it. The Collective Intelligence Genome - The Magazine - MIT Sloan Management Review. Lewis Mumford. Lewis Mumford, KBE (October 19, 1895 – January 26, 1990) was an American historian, sociologist, philosopher of technology, and literary critic.

Lewis Mumford

Particularly noted for his study of cities and urban architecture, he had a broad career as a writer. Mumford was influenced by the work of Scottish theorist Sir Patrick Geddes and worked closely with his associate the British sociologist Victor Branford. Technics and Civilization. Technics and Civilization is a 1934 book by American philosopher and historian of technology Lewis Mumford.

Technics and Civilization

The book presents the history of technology and its role in shaping and being shaped by civilizations. According to Mumford, modern technology has its roots in the Middle Ages rather than in the Industrial Revolution. Berkman Center. Civil liberties. Online Freedom. Economy: The New Paradigm.

IP Law

Innovating civic media tools and practices and testing them in communities. Wikinews and Multiperspectival Reporting. Wikinews is a wiki in which users write news articles collaboratively.

Wikinews and Multiperspectival Reporting

The project, established in 2004, is run by the Wikimedia Foundation, the organization that also supports Wikipedia. Wikinews has produced over 37,000 articles in 22 languages, with roughly one quarter of those in the English language version of the site.