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Something electric. Tell Obama to Cease FDA Ties to Monsanto. President Obama, I oppose your appointment of Michael Taylor, a former VP and lobbyist for Monsanto, the widely criticized genetically modified (GM) food multinational, as senior advisor to the commissioner at the FDA.

Tell Obama to Cease FDA Ties to Monsanto

Taylor is the same person who as a high-ranking official at the FDA in the 1990s promoted allowing genetically modified organisms into the U.S. food supply without undergoing a single test to determine their safety or risks. This is a travesty. Taylor was in charge of policy for Monsanto's now-discredited GM bovine growth hormone (rBGH), which is opposed by many medical and hospital organizations. Secret-Internet. S O L I L O Q U Y. Projects by Boris Müller. Bitsbits bits____________________ ///////////////ЯOSΛ MEИKMΛN~~~@~~~DIRDIRDIR A:??blogspot?____________________________________ Jacques Derrida - I'll have to wander all alone.


The Lost Drone Army. Full text of “Drone Army descends on New Orleans” Published in NEWStream and syndicated to all ReutAssoc membersites (retrieved December 21 2012 @ 13:34).

The Lost Drone Army

Contact with drones lost during drug wars, swarm slowly migrating north. photo credit: l@mie MERAUX, La. — A swarm of drones, known as the “Lost Army,” appear to have established themselves in the New Orleans area, the defence commissioner said. The autonomous force has been operating without human control for nearly a decade.

Economic Manuscripts: Preface to A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. Karl Marx 1859 A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy Preface Source: K.

Economic Manuscripts: Preface to A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy

Marx, A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1977, with some notes by R. Rojas. I examine the system of bourgeois economy in the following order: capital, landed property, wage-labour; the State, foreign trade, world market. The economic conditions of existence of the three great classes into which modern bourgeois society is divided are analysed under the first three headings; the interconnection of the other three headings is self-evident. Geek Theologian. Postmodern literature.


First Listen: BOBBY, 'BOBBY' Hide captionBOBBY's self-titled debut is out June 21.

First Listen: BOBBY, 'BOBBY'

Courtesy of the artist BOBBY's self-titled debut is out June 21. Audio for this feature is no longer available. Quiet but not ambient, the music of BOBBY provides relief from rock and dance records built around insistent, thumping beats. The band's songs often feel like many songs in one, with multiple rhythms playing out simultaneously, and I like the result more and more. Why Do Humans Reason? Arguments for an Argumentative Theory by Hugo Mercier, Dan Sperber. Hugo Mercier University of Neuchatel Dan Sperber affiliation not provided to SSRNJune 26, 2010 Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Vol. 34, No. 2, pp. 57-74, 2011 Abstract: Reasoning is generally seen as a means to improve knowledge and make better decisions.

Why Do Humans Reason? Arguments for an Argumentative Theory by Hugo Mercier, Dan Sperber

The explicit. While i was in Berlin i spoke at Deutsche Telekom's Innovation Day. in the exhibitions hall there was a display for an initiative called Palomar5. Palomar5 is group of young people (and it gives me the shivers that I am no longer included in this category) that are interested in innovation and large-scale problem solving using social technology. With the help of DT, Palomar5 put together a "Technology Innovation Camp. " The camp brought 30 young-ens under 30 from around the world and placed them into a former beer factory in the heart of industrial Berlin for six weeks. Periodic Table of Storytelling by *ComputerSherpa on deviantART. Possum Living.


Wired 8.04: Why the future doesn't need us. Why the future doesn't need us.

Wired 8.04: Why the future doesn't need us.

Our most powerful 21st-century technologies - robotics, genetic engineering, and nanotech - are threatening to make humans an endangered species. By Bill Joy. School. Free Ebooks. Search Results. Randomly Awesome Words. The Postmodernism Generator » Communications From Elsewhere. The Elegant Universe: Pt 1. The Elegant Universe: Part 3 PBS Airdate: November 4, 2003 NARRATOR: Now, on NOVA, take a thrill ride into a world stranger than science fiction, where you play the game by breaking some rules, where a new view of the universe pushes you beyond the limits of your wildest imagination.

This is the world of "string theory," a way of describing every force and all matter from an atom to earth, to the end of the galaxies—from the birth of time to its final tick, in a single theory, a "Theory of Everything. " Our guide to this brave new world is Brian Greene, the bestselling author and physicist.

BRIAN GREENE (Columbia University): And no matter how many times I come here, I never seem to get used to it. Jack Smith - Flaming Creatures. Christian Bök. Anthology of Conceptual Writing. Poetry expresses the emotional truth of the self.

Anthology of Conceptual Writing

A craft honed by especially sensitive individuals, it puts metaphor and image in the service of song. Or at least that's the story we've inherited from Romanticism, handed down for over 200 years in a caricatured and mummified ethos - and as if it still made sense after two centuries of radical social change. It's a story we all know so well that the terms of its once avant-garde formulation by William Wordsworth are still familiar, even if its original manifesto tone has been lost: "I have said," he famously reiterated, "that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings; it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.

" But what would a non-expressive poetry look like? A poetry of intellect rather than emotion? The works presented here provide one set of answers to those questions.