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Trouvissimo, la nouvelle plateforme sociale pour gérer vos achats. 30 Brilliant iOS Applications for Freelance Designers and Developers. Mobile applications have become a staple in the bedrock of our futuristic society.

30 Brilliant iOS Applications for Freelance Designers and Developers

There are many catalogs full of both useful and goofy apps for the world to share. These have connected us in ways never before seen and allowed software developers to really push the limits on programming techniques. Here I’ve collected 30 amazing iOS apps for freelancers. These are useful applications for those working on their own in any field. Tasks can help with time management, processing workload, tasks lists, and so much more! Please note that all of the app prices were correct at the time of publishing. Tinkerbin. Les m-services, quesako ? , M-services : les services nouvelle génération. Sur quoi repose selon vous ce nouveau marché des services mobiles ?

Les m-services, quesako ? , M-services : les services nouvelle génération

Quels sont les facteurs de développement des m-services ? Benoit Granger : Les services mobiles qui émergent actuellement sont basés sur trois composantes, trois tendances. La première de ces composantes est l'e-confiance : depuis 2008, les consommateurs sont de plus en plus habitués à avoir accès à des services via internet. C'est entré dans les mœurs d'une part croissante de la population. Autre facteur de développement, plus récent : l'hypergéolocalisation. Avez-vous quelques exemples en tête ? Responsive Design Testing. How to Make a Mind Map® The 'Laws of Mind Mapping' were originally devised by Tony Buzan when he codified the use of imagery, colour and association and coined the phrase 'Mind Mapping'.

How to Make a Mind Map®

In the intervening 30 plus years, there have been many variations on the original 'Mind Map ' and the widespread usage of mapping software of various sorts, has dramatically changed what is possible. Mind Maps for Marketing Professionals. This page includes a number Mind Map examples that are suitable for marketers.

Mind Maps for Marketing Professionals

We published this in conjunction with our Mind Mapping for Marketers article (this article will open in a new site on our main corporate site). The Mind Maps in this section include: If you have a Mind Map that you would be happy to share, you can send it to us and get it published on our website. Please find out more about Adding your Mind Maps to this library of examples here. Click on the image of your choice below to view a larger version. Pétillant® BUSINESS Mind Map® Examples. Fructivity. HTML-Ipsum.

30 Useful and Hilarious Lorem Ipsum Generators. Lorem ipsum represents a long-held tradition for designers, typographers and the like.

30 Useful and Hilarious Lorem Ipsum Generators

Some people hate it and argue for its demise, but others ignore the hate as they create awesome tools to help create filler text for everyone from bacon lovers to Charlie Sheen fans. Today we’re going to briefly discuss why lorem ipsum and its brethren still have legitimate uses and then we’ll have some fun as we check out thirty great dummy content generators that you’ll definitely want to bookmark. Is Lorem Ipsum Useful? The obvious idea is to start this article off with a description of lorem ipsum and where it came from, but as designers we pretty much all get the idea: it’s filler text.

Perhaps a more relevant topic of discussion is whether or not you should ever really use lorem ipsum in your work. The question is an important one and something I’ve given a lot of thought to lately. Modernizr. 5O Bons Conseils Pour Concevoir un Site Internet User Friendly. JamJar. 50 User Interface Design Tools A Web Designer Must Have. The success of web applications and websites depends in how well designed the User Interface is.

50 User Interface Design Tools A Web Designer Must Have

Designing a good user interface however is a very challenging process. A designer’s concepts and design decisions always affect the end users of the web site, application or generally any user interface or service he has designed. That is why, the dream of every designer is to deliver high quality, enjoyable and valuable experiences for the users. Screenfly by QuirkTools — Test Your Website at Different Screen Resolutions.

Télécharger Sendoid - Gratuit, Sendoid Windows : Partager des fichiers par P2P, de façon sécurisée, rapide. How to Create a Captivating Presentation. “Creativity” isn’t the first word you’d associate with the average business presentation.

How to Create a Captivating Presentation

The phrase “Death by PowerPoint” has been a cliché for years, but sadly the same clichés are being perpetuated day in day out – slides “designed” using hideous templates, crawling with bullet points and paragraphs in tiny fonts, which presenters then read out in a monotone (turning their backs to the audience), using interchangeable meaningless corporate jargon. But there is an alternative – and you hold the keys to it.Now, you may not consider yourself a natural presenter. Maybe, like many creatives, you are slightly shy by nature, at your most comfortable when seated at your desk or alone in the studio with your work.

As an introverted poet, I can relate. But I managed to transform myself from someone who was terrified of standing up in front of an audience to an in-demand public speaker and workshop leader. Treat the presentation as a creative project in its own right. 1. 2. Following A Web Design Process - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Almost every Web designer can attest that much of their work is repetitive.

Following A Web Design Process - Smashing Magazine

We find ourselves completing the same tasks, even if slightly modified, over and over for every Web project.