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Forbes Welcome. 4 Slick Ways to Expand Your Digital Branding Strategy. Every company leader seeking legitimacy knows that dispersing mentions of his or her brand across multiple digital platforms is vital.

4 Slick Ways to Expand Your Digital Branding Strategy

Each digital platform has a dedicated audience of users who prefer that particular method of interaction over others. When your company's brand establishes a presence across multiple platforms, you are essentially meeting potential customers in their neighborhood. And when you care enough to visit their neighborhood, they may care enough to support you. Connecting with customers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus is standard for social-media marketing but other engaging digital platforms are free to use and can help catapult your prominence on search-engine listings.

I've experimented with posting on the following four channels and offer my insights below: Related: 3 Keys to Developing a Video Strategy 1. Entrepreneurs who do not take advantage of YouTube's platform are doing themselves a disservice. 2. 3. 4. You Don't Need Much Cash to Implement These 5 Essential Marketing Strategies. When your business first launches, it’s important to build a good foundation for growth.

You Don't Need Much Cash to Implement These 5 Essential Marketing Strategies

You need to make your business visible, start attracting a first round of customers, and start creating a reputation that will carry your brand forward -- hopefully for many years. Unfortunately, new business owners face a number of unique marketing challenges that their more-established counterparts have long forgotten about. Related: 6 Ways to Market Your Small Business for Less Than $100 Limited resources: Most new businesses have little working capital and few team members. Spending that money on marketing or hiring a marketing expert is demanding for most early-stage businesses.Limited knowledge: Even if you have an expert on your team, you have no brand history, which means you have limited information on how certain messages might play with your demographics.Greater risk: You aren’t as established, so one bad message can completely blow your reputation. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Anna Johansson. 5 Big Company Branding Strategies Any Business Can Utilize. Highly Effective Strategies to Build Your Business Brand. Reader Resource Join us Dec 20. for our free webinar on attracting top talent, fueling productivity and building a brag-worthy culture.

Highly Effective Strategies to Build Your Business Brand

Register Now » The name of your game is “traffic.” The more people that come through your doors means more dollars in your cash register at the end of the day. 5 Must-Read Tips For Building A Brand. With products in 28,000 stories across 25 countries, a company which began with “Yes To Carrots” products has become the second biggest natural beauty brand in the U.S., just five years after a fortuitous meeting landed them in Walgreens.

5 Must-Read Tips For Building A Brand

Its jovial Australian cofounder Ido Leffler, co-author of Get Big Fast And Do More Good,” explains how they built a brand consumers believe in: Build a brand you’re passionate about Leffler describes himself and cofounder Lance Kalish as “Mini-driving, Virgin-flying, Apple AAPL +0.42%-using people,” who wanted a reasonably-priced natural product for a mainstream consumer. They set about building beauty lines that fitted their lifestyles: fast-paced, reasonably healthy, but occasionally hedonistic. How to Build a Brand That Attracts Die-Hard Followers. Free Webinar | August 16th.

How to Build a Brand That Attracts Die-Hard Followers

Ten ways to build a brand for your small business. 25 Video Marketing Statistics for 2015 [Infographic] It's no secret video is becoming a bigger and bigger part of companies' inbound marketing strategies.

25 Video Marketing Statistics for 2015 [Infographic]

This year alone, we've seen Twitter launch video autoplay in our feeds, Facebook give advertisers the option to buy video ads, and the rise of live streaming video via Periscope and Meerkat. Nowadays, the play button is becoming "the most compelling call-to-action on the web," to borrow the words from business leader Andrew Angus. In fact, research has found that using the word "video" in an email subject line boosts open rates by a whopping 19%. For more fascinating statistics on the state of video marketing and how it affects brand awareness, lead generation, and online engagement, take a look at the infographic below from HighQ.

(And if you're looking for video marketing ideas for any level of video expertise, check out this blog post.) Introduction to Brand Strategy: 7 Essentials for a Strong Company Brand. Let's say you've come to the difficult realization that quite frankly your brand -- if you can even call it that -- is all over the place.

Introduction to Brand Strategy: 7 Essentials for a Strong Company Brand

Or perhaps worse, you have a defined brand, but you're noticing that it just doesn't seem to mesh with who you really are and what you really do. Don't panic. Craft a Great Email Sales Pitch by Following This 5-Step Process. In a world where technology becomes faster every day and people, teams and companies grow more geographically dispersed, trying to nail down somebody in person to throw a sales pitch almost seems impossible.

Craft a Great Email Sales Pitch by Following This 5-Step Process

Fortunately, 91 percent of working professionals check their email daily, according to data by Hubspot. What this means is, if you’re a numbers guy or girl and you believe in the power of odds (after all, 91 percent is pretty hard to argue with), email is the best way to build a network of prospects. However, emails are also easy to ignore. While there isn't much of the human element in sending emails, there is just as little in receiving them, which means it's easier for people to hit their favorite button: delete.

Related: 3 More Examples of Bad Email Manners To increase the likelihood of your targeted email recipient saying "Yes! " 1. First, it allows you to personalize the email so the other person feels special. 2. Does he tweet about football? 3. 4. 5. 3 Tips for Co-Branding Happily Ever After. One of the key ingredients in a strong marriage is teamwork.

3 Tips for Co-Branding Happily Ever After

As I saw with my parents, who were happily married for 39 years, couples who tackle life’s inevitable ups and downs with a true team mentality have a much better chance of going the distance. The same is true in business. Across virtually every industry, from cars to fashion and food to technology, companies are turning to strategic co-brand partnerships to add excitement; align an existing brand with a new, yet complementary ethos, and target like minded audiences. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz recently announced a strategic co-branding partnership with Spotify, whereby the music streaming service pays Starbucks in exchange for issuing “stars” to new subscribers. Apart from reward points, which can be redeemed for food and beverages, customers can link to their Spotify and Starbucks accounts, and suggest songs to play in stores.

5 Online Marketing Basics Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know. Entrepreneurs spend a considerable amount of time learning how to boost their businesses.

5 Online Marketing Basics Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Marketing is key to the success of a business and online marketing is ever so important. According to Constant Contact, 84 percent of people say that the biggest difference in small businesses between now and five years ago is the use of more online marketing tools. Every entrepreneur needs to be familiar with this five concepts to maximize online marketing results. 1. Upselling and customer loyalty are profitable. Effective Marketing Appeals to Emotions Instead of Reason. On average, consumers are exposed to more than 5000 advertisements per day.

Among those 5000-plus advertisements, only about 12 will make an impression on the average consumer. 8 Reasons Why Your Blog Posts Are Hard to Read (And How to Fix 'Em) We’ve all been there. You click on a blog post about marketing tips ... or the latest attempts to colonize Mars (whatever strikes your interest). You skim the article for a few seconds, and then you click that back arrow so fast, it’s like you were never there. “Not slogging through that one,” you think to yourself. What is it about some blog posts that makes us not want to read them? Sometimes, the post just isn’t giving us the information we’re looking for. Call us shallow -- that blog post might have a great personality underneath -- but we just can’t get past its looks. The Entrepreneur's Ultimate Tip List for Communicating With Investors. Entrepreneurs have a lot to worry about -- marketing, hiring, productivity, funding, development, R&D and communication, among a thousand other things.

Communication with investors is one of the areas in which many entrepreneurs lack a solid understanding. Your investors are the ones who are making it financially possible for you to work your passion and build your legacy. But there are a host of legal considerations to keep in mind, especially if your company goes public. The following tips will help you to dominate investor communication. Schedule meetings. Marketing Stunts: The Risks and Rewards You Need to Consider. Risk is crucial to the success of any startup. If you’re not disrupting the marketplace in some way, you'll find your likelihood of long-term survival pretty darn slim. Related: What the Color of Your Logo Says About Your Company (Infographic) The same logic holds true for marketing stunts: Some of the best have also been some of the riskiest. My own company, ASTRSK, for example, created a campaign for the meal delivery service, HelloFresh, which urged people to submit photos of fast-food receipts in exchange for the equivalent value in free, ready-to-prepare, healthy food.

The move was, no doubt, financially risky for HelloFresh, but news outlets picked up the story, and the company received a great deal of positive publicity. Instagram Is Too Large for Your Business to Ignore.