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Yurt Lodging

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Modern Yurt Cabin You Can Rent in Malibu, California. On September 25, 2013 If you’re anything like me you also happen to like yurts.

Modern Yurt Cabin You Can Rent in Malibu, California

Or pretty much any “alternative living” type of structure. So I wanted to show you this private yurt cabin in Malibu, California today. It’s surrounded by a fully functioning organic citrus farm and vegetable garden which I think makes it even better. I’ve always wanted to stay in a yurt so I’ve got something like this on my mind for my next vacation, how about you?

Photo Credit: Airbnb I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour inside the yurt below: Inside the yurt you will find there is plenty of space to accommodate up to four people comfortably. When you walk inside the yurt you will find the space to be very open, bright and airy. There is a fully equipped kitchen and en-suite bathroom. Up the loft you will find a queen size bed and a full size bed in the living room. Seeing how this yurt is located in Malibu you still have plenty of room for entertaining a small dinner party if you wanted. Related 432 Sq. Yurt Holidays Wales, Yurt Camping Wales, Glamping Yurt Holidays Wales - Strawberry Skys Yurts. Yurt camping Yurt camping Algarve, France, UK. Try a Tipi or Yurt camping holiday in the Algarve this summer Yurt camping - for luxury camping holidays A couple of years ago one could say with certainty that apart from history buffs (precious few these days) that nobody had heard about Yurts or Yurt camping, what they were, how they originated or their re-emergence into the holiday leisure market, or at least the camping holidays part of it anyway.

Yurt camping Yurt camping Algarve, France, UK

Yes indeed, Yurts are not only making a marked comeback in the UK but this has also spread to some Mediterranean countries like France and Spain where quite a few of the smaller companies offering the Eco Yurt camping experience. Pause for though here: Are any of the larger camping holiday companies going to involve themselves and offer Yurt camping holidays? The ears are to the ground but I haven't heard of any yet.....Please let us know if you hear of anything. The Yurt frame is covered by a thick layer of felt which keeps in the warmth. Camping and Glamping in Suffolk - with yurts and tipis.url.

View Tipis and Yurts - go glamping UK with Woodland Tipis and Yurts. Glamping UK We have 6 traditional Mongolian yurts.

View Tipis and Yurts - go glamping UK with Woodland Tipis and Yurts

Many people comment on how much they look like idillic Hobbit Houses! A perfect magical space for the whole family to experience some luxury camping in serious style. Being circular by design its makes for an incredibly peaceful atmosphere. Particularly when all the lanterns are lit. There are 3 traditional Sioux Native American tipis. New York Tree House Yurts. Tree House Lodging A Unique Lodging Experience Tree House Rates Things to Bring "I loved walking down the path and coming upon our little tree house in the woods.

New York Tree House Yurts

It was very romantic and was a perfect departure from city life. Yurts Available May 1 through October 31 2014 Tree House Rates - check in 3pm / check out 11am Please make arrangements for arrival after 9pm! Need Transportation Assistance? 10 reasons our yurt holiday on a farm in Wales was the best ever -Low impact living info, training, products & services.

We got back from a holiday in a yurt at Old Chapel Farm in Powys last night.

10 reasons our yurt holiday on a farm in Wales was the best ever -Low impact living info, training, products & services

We were bowled over, and this article is a little advert for yurt holidays on farms and smallholdings in the UK, although several of the points below are specific to Old Chapel. The whole experience was completely authentic, with none of the sanitisation and commercialisation of corporate package holidays or resorts – an antidote to Center Parcs and the like. 1. the yurt A yurt is a tradiional, circular Mongolian tent – more here. It has a collapsible wooden frame with a canvas cover and felt insulation. 2. the view and the walks From the yurt we had views of the surrounding hills and valleys, and we could walk for miles in all directions through forests, fields and along streams. 3. not flying This is a big one. Why fly to a tourist destination where you will be treated as a source of money only, and the friendliness will be inauthentic? 4. the stars 5. the people.

Book your next Vacation: Rent a Yurt in Andalucía Spain. From the winners of the ZOOVER AWARD 2014 and 2015 Best bungalow in Spain for Casita Balcón de Andaluz (537349) .

Book your next Vacation: Rent a Yurt in Andalucía Spain

We do hope to achieve this goal as well for our new Yurt. A visit to Balcón de Andaluz in La Axarquía in Andalucía guarantees a fantastic holiday. Our Yurt Balcón de Andaluz Torrox is located on the Torrox - Frigiliana Road on an idyllic green estate of 2500 m2 with beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. Depending on the season, you can gather avocados, oranges, lemons, figs and kumquats, sometimes even bananas. The fenced estate is located at 5 minutes by car and a short 15-minute walk from Torrox Pueblo, which is a very nice cosy white village. The boulevard of Torrox Costa and so the beach is 10 minutes by car.