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Multi touch. Toys. M.I.T. Scholar’s 1949 Essay on Machine Age Is Found. Photo It was a vision that never saw the light of day.

M.I.T. Scholar’s 1949 Essay on Machine Age Is Found

The year was 1949, and computers and robots were still largely the stuff of science fiction. Only a few farsighted thinkers imagined that they would one day become central to civilization, with consequences both liberating and potentially dire. One of those visionaries was Norbert Wiener (1894-1964), an American mathematician at the . In 1948 he had published “Cybernetics,” a landmark theoretical work that both foreshadowed and influenced the arrival of computing, robotics and automation.

In 1949, The New York Times invited Wiener to summarize his views about “what the ultimate machine age is likely to be,” in the words of its longtime Sunday editor, Lester Markel. Wiener accepted the invitation and wrote a draft of the article; the legendarily autocratic Markel was dissatisfied and asked him to rewrite it. In August, according to Wiener’s papers, which are on file at the M.I.T.

“I therefore do not consider it a practical thing to do. Turn Your Human Face Into A Video Game Character. But for indie studios who can't afford that kind of thing, this is a godsend.

Turn Your Human Face Into A Video Game Character

Having a moving, voice-synced portrait while NPCs give you quest details, or even just dump exposition, all at a dirt-cheap price is pretty great. it sure is affordable, I am just saying, can't replace refined animation. I am not saying is bad, it delivers quality results equal to the investment. There's a few things that you don't realize. This technology is already used in movies and games, the setups for this though are thousands of dollars and often require the use of many markers. This is a version meant for mainstream use, and thus until enough tweaking is done to the programming and algorithms, it's not going to 'look that good'. Third, If people are actually experimenting with it now, that only means that it will get better over time.

Fourth, For a webcam capture. Fifth, No one said this technology wont be able to be used for Actors, if it advances enough. Digital Identity – Theories Suport. Five main theories are related as the background research theories: Embodied InteractionEmbodied CognitionThe Phenomenology of PerceptionSynesthesiaColour Psychology Varela et al. (1991) raised the concept of Embodied Cognition in two aspects and explained the idea that the human body influences the original human cognition.

Digital Identity – Theories Suport

“First, the cognition depends upon the kind of experience that comes from having a body with various sensorimotor capacities, and second, that these individual sensorimotor capacities are themselves embedded in a more encompassing biological, psychological, and cultural context.” - Varela et al. (1991), The Embodied Mind. Embodied Interaction exhibition is the property of the Digital Identity exhibition. Dourish emphasized that the most important feature of Embodied Interaction is it reflects on the relationship between people and systems, in another word, it’s a human-machine relationship. “Embodied interaction is not a technology or a set of rules. Movin' Ahead. Here is a collection of Amalfi coast “being there” YouTube video clips and photos in slideshow from Flickr.

Movin' Ahead

For our 10th wedding anniversary, my wife and kids revisited familiar sacred and new places from Rome down to Calabria, Italy. I created a PearlTree collection of sites that we explored while planning our trip — this mostly looks at Umbria and Amalfi Coat. We arrived by rented car at the seaside, cliff nestled city of Amalfi. We stayed at the Amalfi Hotel (here is my Trip Advisor review on Digg), where the we had a killer room with a balcony view out to the Duomo. Here’s an excerpt on the Duomo from Wikipedia At the top of a staircase, Saint Andrew’s Cathedral (Duomo) overlooks the Piazza Duomo, the heart of Amalfi. The gold caisson ceiling has four large paintings by Andrea d’Aste.

The bronze statue of Saint Andrew in the cathedral was sculpted by Michelangelo Naccherino, a pupil of Michelangelo; also present are Pietro Bernini marble sculptures of St. Adventures in Interfacing Part I: Should the Interface be the Adventure? » A Hardy Developer's Journal – as written by indie adventure game developers. Interfaces are important.

Adventures in Interfacing Part I: Should the Interface be the Adventure? » A Hardy Developer's Journal – as written by indie adventure game developers

I love interfaces. Forming an intuitive and fluid language that is used by the player to communicate with the game, and a way for the game to communicate back is fun. But adventure games, even the commercial titles, rarely get much interface love. Games in the genre tend to stick to one of the commonly used control schemes. In the indie and amateur space, you see a lot of classic Sierra or Lucas Arts verb interfaces. HCI Bibliography : Human-Computer Interaction Resources. Creativity for innovation. Trends in interactive design 2013. Designing Interactions. Interaction-Venice. Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Interaction Design projects on Behance. Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction.

Interaction Design Foundation. IxDA.