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Animation/ CG research

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Resource for Computer Graphics - Ke-Sen Huang's Home Page. More than animation: Software supports animated storytelling. Disney Research has developed new tools to help people use animation to tell stories by eliminating distracting details that hamper creativity, suggesting ways to fill holes in plots and assisting in the creation of virtual worlds where stories can play out.

More than animation: Software supports animated storytelling

"We are empowering anyone to create their own animated stories," said Mubbasir Kapadia, a former Associate Research Scientist at Disney Research and now Assistant Professor at Rutgers University. This could include anyone from a professional screenwriter who is creating pre-production storyboards to casual users who simply want to try their hand at animated storytelling. The researchers have developed two such tools - CANVAS, a computer-assisted tool for creating narratives, and Story World Builder, a graphical platform where people can create "story worlds" populated with characters and props. From a 2-D view comes a 3-D face model using deep neural networks. (Tech Xplore)—Whether it's for gaming, entertainment, or education purposes, you can expect to see researchers aiming for techniques to bring you high visual impact in the virtual space, now that we are becoming increasingly linked to living and learning online.

From a 2-D view comes a 3-D face model using deep neural networks

Recent news is that a detailed 3-D face can be created just from a single picture. You input a 2-D image and the output is a good, textured 3-D face model. Sidney Fussell in Gizmodo said the researchers' results were "remarkably accurate. " The team is from the University of Southern California and USC Institute for Creative Technologies. 15+ Satirical Evolution Cartoons To Celebrate Darwin Day. Today, on the birthday of Charles Darwin, we celebrate Darwin Day, to promote science and highlight his contributions to the field.

15+ Satirical Evolution Cartoons To Celebrate Darwin Day

Darwin is best known for his groundbreaking book, “On The Origin Of Species,” published in 1859, that convincingly argued the theory of species evolution. Untitled.

Central European Seminar on Computer Graphics

Eurographics. SIGGRAPH. Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization. Vol 36, Iss 5, Pgs 305-584, (August, 2012) (6) Ernst Kohlrausch: a forgotten pioneer of chronophotography. Associations, and he enthusiastically embraced the new games.

(6) Ernst Kohlrausch: a forgotten pioneer of chronophotography

Kohlrausch’s book onteam games, setting out rules and providing guidance on organizing competitions, Turnspiele nebst Anleitung zu Wettkämpfen und Turnfahrten...eine Sammlung vonSpielen , written with A. Narratology and Narration in Film and Transmedia Storytelling. Cebit 2012: 3D animations for everyone. March 06, 2012 3D movies like "Toy Story" or "Transformers" are based on everyday objects that are able to move like humans.

Cebit 2012: 3D animations for everyone

Such 3D characters are created by skilled experts in time-consuming manual work. Computer scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics have now developed two computer programs that can accomplish the same process in mere seconds and can easily be handled even by inexperienced users. The researchers present their unique software for the first time at F34 in Hall 26 at the Cebit from March 6 -10, 2012. Zoom Image. Lucasfilm shows off Star Wars 1313 concept video game with customisable assets. Computers & Graphics. Computer Graphics Conference and Special Issue 2010. GRAIL Publications. Publications by members of the GRAIL community, organized chronologically.

GRAIL Publications

The title of each publication links to more information about the publication - abstract, links to the publication itself, and auxiliary material. Illumination-Aware Age ProgressionIra Kemelmacher-Shlizerman and Supasorn Suwajanakorn and Steve M. Seitz CVPR 2014, June 2014. Offline Policy Evaluation Across Representations with Applications to Educational GamesTravis Mandel and Yun-En Liu and Sergey Levine and Emma Brunskill and Zoran Popović International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2014), May 2014.

Internet-based Morphable ModelIra Kemelmacher-Shlizerman International Conference on Computer Vision, December 2013. Computer animation research resources. Real-Time Rendering Resources. JCGT. CGI Research Paper - Creating an Emotional Response - Jonathan Joly. Introduction The subject I have chosen to investigate is an extremely broad one, which requires months of extensive research.

CGI Research Paper - Creating an Emotional Response - Jonathan Joly

Therefore I have decided to investigate the following sub topics: The Uncanny Valley, Character Design and Character Animation. What I am investigating is the constant question about the validity of 3d mesh objects replacing real world objects in the entertainment industry. The use of Silhouettes in Concept Design. Silhouette thumbnails are among the most helpful and productive methods of design when it's necessary to produce a large quantity of variations of concepts within a short period of time.

The use of Silhouettes in Concept Design

Welcome to The Computer Graphics Society. Walt Disney Animation Studios Research. Walt Disney Animation Research Library [us] Animation Notes Contents. Cut Outs - Straight Ahead Animation The projects below are not required submissions but the notes may be of interest to you.

Animation Notes Contents

(1) Anthropomorphic character design in animation and sequential art: The symbolic use of the animal to portray personality. 3 |Page character is.

(1) Anthropomorphic character design in animation and sequential art: The symbolic use of the animal to portray personality

On this scale I shall place inanimate objects on one end andhuman beings as the opposite extreme.Examples of inanimate objects include cars, clocks, candlesticks, mechanicalwindup teeth and many other examples that can be found in anythingbetween Saturday morning cartoons and Walt Disney blockbusters. Many ofthese objects may or may not have features that resemble the human face,but the items upon which they are based certainly are not sentient at anylevel. A new angle on parallel languages: the contribution of visual arts to a vocabulary of graphical projection in video games « G. It is fair to argue that in the short history of game studies, the concept of graphical projection has not been used in all its dimensions. In a way, we might even say that the idea has been systematically overlooked. Therefore, in order to fully express the potential of graphical projection in game studies, we have to properly define the vocabulary used to describe its various forms.

Indeed, while the press and gamers have only applied catch-all terms like top-down view and isometric graphics, researchers need a more robust and complex categorization of each type of projection. My opinion is that a proper use of the language of visual arts will provide a more robust analytical tool for game studies. The main idea is to use terms in keeping with the traditional perspectives from which they derive. Research Group. Animation Research Labs. Animation Research Centre. Animation Research Centre.