Anarchism and Freedom

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Leading surveillance societies in the EU and the World 2007
It's over. There can be no hope for the state now. Its time has finally come to an end. The Praxeology and Ethics of Traffic Lights - Justin T.P. Quinn The Praxeology and Ethics of Traffic Lights - Justin T.P. Quinn
PLEASE READ!!!!!italic text This site is no longer being updated, and was once moved to as some may know but that site was shut down, this will just be the site to tell of what the new site now is in case the newest one gets shut down as seems to be happening. For anyone interested in going to the site that is still being updated and is ad-free, go to John Zerzan Twilight of the Machines bookRunning on Emptiness (a much cleaner version then the one previously uploaded) About - Green Anarchy About - Green Anarchy
SacredCow Steaks Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Such was one of the great calls to arms, a true raison d’être, of so many revolutionaries during the 18th century. Yet we now live in a vastly different world. Although the core struggle for revolutionaries is still resistance against tryanny and oppression, the terrible two are recognised as being explicit in almost every aspect of our lives. Primarily we see a great inequality in society, the sort of inequality which the slave-owning revolutionaries of the colonies too often seemed blind to. It was the chauvinism of the north-western hemisphere which allowed them to determine freedom as being their own right to make money and exploit the New World, rather than freedom for all of humanity. SacredCow Steaks
A Human Income sourced from the profits of natural resource exploitation should be distributed. I finished Pt.1 with this sentence. In the following piece I intend to discuss what form a Human Income could take, and what the implications would be. A universal flat rate payment has been floated before by a number of people. SacredCow Steaks SacredCow Steaks
Sweden Getting World's First Pirate-Friendly ISP The new pirate political party in Sweden, which takes a stern anti-copyright stance, and helps out torrent-sharer Pirate Bay, now plans to launch the world's first "pirate ISP." It'll be anonymized, safe, and feed funds to the party itself. The machinations of Sweden-based Pirate Bay have been fascinating to watch unfold--every step seems to challenge laws and accepted norms. Like the latest development, where the Piratpartiet (Sweden's Pirate Bay-inspired copyright-fighting political party) plans to offer the world's very first pirate ISP. The Piratepartiet has been careful to distance itself from the "operational" end of the famous file-sharing site Pirate Bay, which has been embroiled in one legal battle after another as different agencies attempt to shutter its torrent-sharing activities. Sweden Getting World's First Pirate-Friendly ISP

Everything you ever wanted to know about anarchism

This classic statement of anarchism was written by a diverse group of anarchists in Cardiff around 1980 and it is an interesting historical record of the optimism of mainstream anarchist thought at that time.Terry Phillips There is probably more rubbish talked about anarchism than any other political idea. Actually, it has nothing to do with a belief in chaos, death and destruction. Everything you ever wanted to know about anarchism
George Bush and his supporters like to point to the absence of major terrorist attacks since 9-11 as a vindication: “His policies kept us safe.” Lisa Simpson once parodied such arguments: “By your logic, I could say this rock keeps tigers away.” Homer: “Oh, how does it work.” Lisa: “It doesn’t work. Statism: An Unfalsifiable Religion Statism: An Unfalsifiable Religion