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Community engagement that works. Citibrain. About the Connected Smart Cities Network. Who’s who?

About the Connected Smart Cities Network

The Connected Smart Cities Network website is currently undergoing an update following the new portfolio of projects and new initiatives, such as the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC). Please refer to the news and events posts for updated information. The website will be update as part of a complete overhaul. How to get in touch The Connected Smart Cities Network are coordinated by the Board. For general contact, use the secretariat email address Martin Brynskov, chair Associate Professor, Ph.D., Aarhus University, Denmark Martin is research director of AU Smart Cities, coordinator of the OrganiCity project and coordinator of the Danish Smart City Network.

Pieter Ballon, vice chair Director of Living Labs, iMinds, Brussels, Belgium. Pieter is also Professor in Communication Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Jarmo Eskelinen, vice chair CEO, Forum Virium Helsinki, Finland. Jarmo is also the chair of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL). Smart%20cities%20in%20Europe.pdf. Springville City. Welcome to the Springville City citizen survey page.

Springville City

Springville City values transparency. The following information is designed to give Springville citizens a view of how their city is doing from a high level perspective. Additional detail on departmental goals and strategies as well as metrics tracking progress towards these goals can be found within Springville City’s budget documents. These are also available on our website. For historical information or to get details on what each measure means click on Dashboard 2014 below. Dashboard 2014 Offical Citizen Survey 2011 Springville City Survey Results. Visualizing the city built of data. Urban Data visualizations of the city, making the city smarter with data. Birmingham Civic Dashboard. Citizen Dashboard. Citadel on the move > Innovate > Template Apps. Download the templates from the following list or pull the respective repositories from our github account Use the following 6-steps guide to download and deploy a template: Download the template zip file Unzip the contents in a file named <template-name>.

Citadel on the move > Innovate > Template Apps

Put the <template-name> folder inside the web directory of your local webserver. For instance, if you are using a wamp server, put it under the 'www' directory. Open the 'Config.php' file and fill in your root web directory. If you would like to use another dataset, you should make sure that it's Citadel compliant. You can also find detailed installation instructions in the installation guide included in all template packages. Topomapviewer. Metadata Portal. National spatial data infrastructures. Startpagina. Links - Belgium - OpenData. Open Knowledge Foundation Belgium. VO-maps. Winning with Big Data. In today’s highly competitive and dynamic business landscape, the marketing strategy is considered a key differentiator.

Winning with Big Data

From banks, telecommunications, retail to the public sector, senior management in organizations are realizing how marketing can truly enable business growth. Locally, the time is now for marketers to seize the vast opportunities while the Philippine economy is very bullish. The way we do marketing is changing mainly because of Big Data. The basic use of data to understand how marketing campaigns affect demand is old news. Today, marketing focus is on the customer. Currently, most organizations in the Philippines are challenged by the explosion of information being fueled by double-digit growth in Big Data, mobile, cloud and social technologies.

One of the massive challenges identified in IBM’s Chief Market Officer (CMO) Study is that marketers need to forge unique connections with customers, depending on each customer’s preferences and needs. Smarter Cities - Future cities. Smarter Cities Skip to main content Mobile navigation Smarter Cities Tab navigation Previous.

Smarter Cities - Future cities

OpenBelgium. As is a community website, the conference day has some social aspects we hold dear as well.


We hope that all data-wranglers, local policy makers and open data experts alike get to meet each other and exchange their Open Data experiences. But the conference venue isn’t the only place where can you meet up, even after the conference itself, there is lots to do. On February 17 after the conference our dear friends at Ghent Web Valley have prepared an After Drink at Caffè Caffee, just 650 metres from the conference venue. So feel free to fresh-up at your hotel or go out to eat and then join us during this After Drink. It start at 6PM local time. Vastgoed en facilitair management. Occam's Razor by Avinash Kaushik - Digital Marketing and Analytics Blog.