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File:Undine Rising from the Waters, front.JPG. Exploring the Alphabetic Tarot. The Pasteboard Masquerade. Annunciations in Tarot Studies » A History of Egyptian Tarot Decks. Mark Filipas In 1781, the French author Court de Gébelin referred to the Tarot as a book preserving the pure wisdom of ancient Egypt.

Annunciations in Tarot Studies » A History of Egyptian Tarot Decks

The Secret Sun. Airesis: Recensioni. The Gnostic: A Journal of Gnosticism, Western Esotericism and Spirituality - Home. MICHEL MAIER Symbola Aureae Mensae (1617) Le Miroir Alchimique est une bibliothèque virtuelle de documents alchimiques, réalisée afin que point ne se perde la clarté luni-solaire qui unit nos coeurs au Grand Architecte de l'Univers.

MICHEL MAIER Symbola Aureae Mensae (1617)

De toutes les influences qui tombent ici bas, il n’y a que celles qui se font au temps que les Planètes ont des regards entr’eux, à chaque changement de quartier de la Lune, qui soient portées au centre, parce qu’elles tombent sur la Lune, qui a la propriété de les réfléchir, comme les rayons du Soleil sont réfléchis lorsqu’ils tombent sur un miroir, aux objets qui lui sont opposés, et leur communiquent leurs qualités... Camoin Tarot de Marseille. Accueil du site > Reconstitution du Tarot > Alexandre Jodorowsky et la Reconstitution du Tarot > Livret : "L’Art du Tarot" > Sommaire de "L’Art du Tarot"

Camoin Tarot de Marseille

Tarot University ArkLetters: Continental Tarot Closure (part3) In the centuries-long process of assembling the magical canon of correspondences, ancient lines of relationship were painstakingly drawn between the Heavenly, angelic, planetary, human, and demonic forces at work in this world.

Tarot University ArkLetters: Continental Tarot Closure (part3)

These connections had become quite well known by the time of Agrippa's encyclopedic compendium. Postmodern culture values individualism over conformity, innovation over tradition. Therefore we have a hard time reaching back to the attitudes governing the magi of the Renaissance and the Reformation. In those earlier times, value and relevancy were only assured by having recourse to ancient authority, be it the Bible, the Hermetica, or the prisca theologia. - Esoteric and Occult Tarot Community. Alchemy, a Free Online Course. Alchemy is one of the oldest sciences in human history, but access to its true purpose was given only to those who were deemed worthy to receive it.

Alchemy, a Free Online Course

Now, in these critical moments, the doors to the heart of Alchemy have been opened. This free online course is not an introduction to the history or theories of Alchemy, but is rather a exposure of the actual techniques and methodologies of the genuine science that creates the Philosophical Stone, the universal medicine, the fountain of youth, and all the powers of the Alchemist. Flower of life (first analysis) All of the images from The Red Book by Carl Jung by JAY See. Roth_e. Todd W. Upload Subscription preferences.

Todd W


McKenna. Participant Media. Participant Media (formerly known as Participant Productions) is an American film-and television-production company which finances and produces socially relevant films and documentaries.[1][2] The company is described as being politically active.[3] Its films are typically based on current events and topical subjects and presented in such a way to inspire viewers to advocate for social change.[1][4][5] The studio has produced or co-produced a number of award-winning fiction films and documentaries.

Participant Media

By the end of its second year in business, its films had been nominated for 11 Academy Awards.[6][7] By the end of the 2011 awards season, its films had been nominated for Oscars 22 times, and won seven statuettes. Its 2012 films received another 12 Oscar nominations.[8] Founding[edit] The corporate logo of Participant Media from 2004 to 2007, when it was still known as Participant Productions. Corporate history[edit] 2005[edit]

La Storia Delle Brigate Rosse ( 1^parte ) Blu Notte Misteri Italiani ( 1-4-2004 ) A distant book lifted. Esoteric Online - Document Library. UPDATE 2/24/14: The Digital E-book and MP3 Library is currently being moved to a new server using Cloud technology, and will be a much more solid platform to be able to provide some great improvements.

Esoteric Online - Document Library

Some of these include: Cloud Technology - This means our Library is very scalable, beiing able to support millions of books on-demand User Account based - Members will now log in using their Esoteric Online credentials Personal Storage - Members now have their own storage available to them, in addition to being able to contribute to the Library Location Mirrors - The Library is being mirrored in several locations world-wide, this will prevent any downtime associated Login Screen Archive Browse.

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DMT. Dystopian Lit : Core Texts. “Don’t Try”: Charles Bukowski’s Concise Philosophy of Art and Life. In 1994, Charles Bukowski was buried in a Los Angeles cemetery, beneath a simple gravestone.

“Don’t Try”: Charles Bukowski’s Concise Philosophy of Art and Life

Athanasius Kircher. Athanasius Kircher, S.J. (1601 or 1602 – 1680) (sometimes erroneously spelled Kirchner) was a 17th-century German Jesuit scholar and polymath who published around 40 major works, most notably in the fields of Oriental studies, geology, and medicine.

Athanasius Kircher

Buddhism Archive.


Ancient Texts. Plato. Home. Alchemy (Spiritual Forces) Esoteric Texts & Archives. Is the European Union changing into the Devil’s Union « Maltapress’s Weblog. The Occult Voice: Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences 1905-2007. Rc3spencer. Books. Astrobiology. Fortean. Art. Gnostic. Music. Articles. Video.