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Tech & Learning Advisor Blog on iPlanLessons Award-Winning Educational AppsTop-Ranked Productivity AppsOver 40 apps in the iTunes App Store ~5 apps across 4 App Stores including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Barnes & Nobles Successful partnerships in app development Quiz Educational Learning Assessment and Cloud Collaboration Series - QuizCloudDesigned and developed in collaboration with credentialed teachers, students, homeschoolers, public, and charter schools worldwide. Quotes "Wow, this is a rich resource, I have installed a few on my iPad and would agree, they are HIGH QUALITY!! Worth a look absolutely!" Tech & Learning Advisor Blog on iPlanLessons
How to Do the 10 Things « The Cheeky Lit Teacher Andy Garcia of Educational Paradigns: Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century blog, wrote an article titled “10 Things All Teachers Should Know How to Do“ that was published on July 1, 2010. I bookmarked this article for future reference and it eventually inspired me to write an explanation of how to do these ten things to use in a professional development session. So, here, it goes…an explanation of the 10 things all teachers should know how to do! How to Do the 10 Things « The Cheeky Lit Teacher
What is Interactive Instruction? Interactive instruction relies heavily on discussion and sharing among participants. Students can learn from peers and teachers to develop social skills and abilities, to organize their thoughts, and to develop rational arguments. The interactive instruction strategy allows for a range of groupings and interactive methods. Interactive Instruction Interactive Instruction
The Interesting Ways series continues to be a great example of crowdsourcing good quality classroom ideas and it has been a privilege connecting with all of the people who have taken time to add an idea. It is remarkable what can be achieved and created together if you give people the right way to do it. Thanks for all the help so far. Interesting Ways to… Use Google Tools Use Google Forms in the Classroom Interesting Ways

Interesting Ways