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Maps StreetView. Alright everyone.

Maps StreetView

Despite my complete melt-down further up in this comments thread, I need to put something out there. Disclosure first: although I have access to certain sources, I (and my business) am independent of Google but have direct dealings with Google. I have NDAs that prohibit me from disclosing certain things. I will mind my manners and my NDAs in writing this. These are my words and should be taken as only that. Google Maps API Official Blog. Google Maps Extensions - GISWiki. Map Maker: Create Google map. Google Maps Mania. Let's describe the whole Earth! Google Maps API Version 2: 05/18/2006.

Maps API Version 2 Reference. Version 2 of the JavaScript API has been turned down Warning: Version 2 of the Google Maps JavaScript API is no longer available.

Maps API Version 2 Reference

Please follow the guide to migrate your code to version 3 of the Google Maps JavaScript API. As of November 19, 2013, all applications requesting v2 are served a special, wrapped version of the v3 API instead. We expect this wrapped version of the API to work for most simple maps, but we strongly encourage you to migrate to the v3 API immediately.

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