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Smoked Duck Sausage. This is a recipe that we have used on and off again here at the Club for the past 5 years. Sometimes we sneak it into a cooked dish like the sweet potato hash or maybe a soup such as gumbo where it kind of takes a back seat and is used more to flavor a dish. but also it is featured on our lunch and dinner menu as a component on our Charcuterie plate. Yield: 5 pounds 3 ½ lbs. Duck meat, 1” cubes 1 ½ lbs. 1 ½ oz. ¼ oz. ½ tsp TCM ½ oz. 2 bu. ¼ bu. 1 bu. 6 oz.

As needed Duck fat; rendered 2 oz. 4 oz. 12 feet Hog casings Combine the duck meat and fatback; Mix with the salt,TCM, sugar, pepper and herbs. Sweat the garlic and shallots in the duck fat until tender, drain off excess fat and cool. Grind the meat through a medium plate(1/4”) of a meat grinder and place into a mixing bowl over ice. Mix the forcemeat in aHobartmixer with a paddle attachment on low speed for one minute, gradually adding the reserved stock.

Prepare a poach test and adjust seasonings as necessary. Pressure Cooker Eggs. Pressure cooked eggs.

Pressure Cooker Eggs

Photo by Laura Pazzaglia This guest post is thanks to twitter, when someone asked me about pressure cooking eggs. I had never done them, but Laura Pazzaglia had. Laura is a pressure-cooker maniac living in Italy and blogging at My friend Annie LaG took her up on how to cook easy-peel hard-cooked eggs and pronounced them amazing.

Pressure Cooking Eggs by Laura Pazzaglia Pressure cookers are famous for their cozy stocks, stews and beans, or infamous, thanks to a chef-testant not being able to open, close or operate a one. There are a few more tricks up your pressure cooker’s sleeve! Most cookbooks advise using your “oldest” eggs to make them easier to peel. HOW: With steamer basket, olive-oil cap egg stand, low pressure and exact cooking times. Soft, Medium & Hard Cooked Eggs 1 fresh egg, chilled (from the refrigerator) Equipment Steamer BasketHeat proof egg stand (optional)TimerFill the cold pressure cooker with one cup of water. Eggs en Cocotte. Kielbasa. The post holiday sausage wrap-up.


Recipes for Kielbasa and Venison Sausage. Nothing says Merry Christmas like sausage. About a week before the big day, me and Neighbor J, got together and stuffed thirty pounds of holiday cheer. In the previous Sausage Mania we made a few different kinds of sausage. The time we planned on making only Kielbasa, but again we also got some venison from Neighbor K, so we worked that into the schedule too. Kielbasa. Predika's book has ten different Polish recipes. One nice thing about winter is that you can put stuff outside to keep it cold. Sous Vide Cooking. Although cooking in a water bath has been a technique that’s been around since medieval times, it wasn’t until the 1970’s that sous vide, a method of cooking food under vacuum in precisely temperature-controlled water baths, was invented in France.

Sous Vide Cooking

It would not be adopted in the US until 2000, when Daniel Boulud learned this fascinating technique from French chef Gerard Bertholon. With the recent popularity of food shows and celebrity chefs, this method has taken the cooking world by a storm.


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