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PHOTOBLOG KU by Paulus Rusyanto. Welcome to Ballistic Publishing.


ImagineFX Issue 43. This month we’re featuring some of Asia’s new manga superstars, and who better to start things of than cover artist Stanley Lau with his much loved character Pepper.

ImagineFX Issue 43

We talk to Stanley about the Pepper Project and the rise of his Imaginary Friends Studio, then we turn our attention to Chester Ocampo and the art of creating a manga-inspired special effects-attired character. In two of our workshops we focus on colour and light - Trevor Claxton shows us how to take images from black and white to colour with minimum fuss, and Ioan Dumitrescu takes us through the lighting of a night-time sci-fi scene. We then take the plunge with Lucasfilm’s Jerome Moo as he creates an aquatic scene using special water effects. Funnyism - Art with baby.


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Freelance Artists - GCA: The Greeting Card Association

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Department of Fine Arts

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Tutorials. Artbooks. Character Designs - An Artist's Resource. Free-to-Play Online Game @ gamigo. KOF XII 2D DOT GRAPHICS GALLERY. How would a photographer submit work to an ad agency or magazine? - Yahoo!7 Answers. Victorian Photography Album - Graphic Arts. Rosa Bonheur William Hunt Duke of Argyll’s son Miss Marsh Charles Dickens This anonymous photography album of British carte-de-visite (cdv) comes with notes from, perhaps, a previous owner listing the names of each sitter.

Victorian Photography Album - Graphic Arts

Unknown photographer, Untitled Victorian photography album, ca.1880. Add Your Seeds. Colors by Names. Colour Theory: ct_1440.jpg (1440×900) Thousands of COLOUR (COLOR)  NAMES for your dog or pet from Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia - Chrome Experiments - Home. Catalogue. Intro.