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♡ DIY Création boites à cadeaux en papier Saint Valentin. 15 Activités manuelles que tu peux faire avec ton enfant. Brico Sympa - Friandise de massage. Brico Sympa - Etui à lunettes. Brico Sympa - Aquarium. Brico Sympa - Carte origami coeur. Brico Sympa - Moulin à vent. Brico Sympa - Sac en T shirt. Brico Sympa - Lampe verre en plastique. Brico Sympa - Jolis papillons en papier. Brico Sympa - Pate à modeler multicolore. Brico Sympa - Pochettes pour tablette. Brico Sympa - Petites boites surprise. Brico Sympa - Idées légo. Brico Sympa - Ruban à cheveux. Brico Sympa - Guirlande lumineuse.

Brico Sympa - Thérapie de l'art. Brico Sympa - Boîte en forme de pyramide. Brico Sympa - Horloge domino. Brico Sympa - Corbeille en corde. Brico Sympa - Pense bête animaux. Brico Sympa - Des aimants. Brico Sympa - Pense bête tableau. Brico Sympa - Récipients serviette en papier. Brico Sympa - Cahier liquide. Brico Sympa - Cartes coeur. Brico Sympa - Sacs avec jeans. Brico Sympa - Marque-pages origami. Brico Sympa - Chargeur de batterie. Brico Sympa - Bracelet nœud marin. Brico Sympa - Boîte origami. Brico Sympa - Bracelet bâton de glace. Brico Sympa - Peinds avec tes doigts. Brico Sympa - Journal.

Brico Sympa - Nœud avec fourchette. Brico Sympa - Objets avec pompons. Brico Sympa - Lampe cordage. Brico Sympa - Couture marque-page. Brico Sympa - Mini babyfoot. Brico Sympa - Boîtes cadeaux. Brico Sympa - Puzzle. Brico Sympa - Récup vieille lampe. Brico Sympa - Petit panier en mousse. Brico Sympa - Fabrique tes propres petites peluches. Brico Sympa - Recycle tes crayons de couleur cassés. Brico Sympa - Fabrique tes étiquettes. Brico Sympa - Panier cadeaux. Чемодан из коробки для обуви в технике декупаж. 20 Clever Things You Can Do With a Shoebox. 11.

20 Clever Things You Can Do With a Shoebox

A Simple Shoebox Can be Transformed into a Really Cute Antique-looking Mini Suitcase Tutorial at: The Idea King. Upcycled Kleenex Box. I just LOVE making something cute and useful out of garbage!!

Upcycled Kleenex Box

I have’t had time to make anything for several weeks – I’ve been chomping at the bit to create. We’ve finally slowed down enough to start enjoying summer. A while back I bought some Natural Jute (a VERY large roll), for wrapping some upcycled bottles and jars. I’ve been trying to think of other projects to use my jute. How To Make A Light Up Shoebox Theater. Got an extra shoebox lying around?

How To Make A Light Up Shoebox Theater

Recycle it into an arctic-themed puppet theater with working lights! It’s a blast to make and perfect for impromptu imaginative play, even after the lights go out. DIY Mini Foosball Table...perfect for kids! My husband and I, along with our 11 year old son, love to play foosball.

DIY Mini Foosball Table...perfect for kids!

We will play until our hands hurt. My little girls want to play so bad, so we let them drop the ball on the table. That only satisfies them for a little while. They REALLY want to play. So we appease their desires by getting 10 gallon paint buckets for them to stand on. Build a Marble Run with Craft Sticks. Of all the many marble runs we’ve built over the years, this is our new favorite!

Build a Marble Run with Craft Sticks

Simple materials and sturdy construction make it a WIN for a wide variety of ages. It all started the other day when we needed a break from homeschooling. It has been too hot to get outside, and we were all going a little crazy! Owen and I decided to make a marble maze in a shoe box lid. Tea Party Behind The Scenes - Cardboard. And glue it on with a good strong glue (I use UHU).

Tea Party Behind The Scenes - Cardboard

Reinforce the side with clear packing tape, punch a hole on each side and twist half a pipe cleaner/chenille stem to make a loop. Plumpudding: Cereal box globes for Earth Day. Скрапбукинг для начинающих. Мастер-класс с фото. Smart n Snazzy: DIY ~ Upcycled Birchboxes Into Earring Organizer. How to Turn Your Phone Into a DIY Photo Projector for $1. Slide projectors are great but outdated.

How to Turn Your Phone Into a DIY Photo Projector for $1

And digital projectors cost a bundle. What’s a photographer to do when they’re looking for a bigger picture? We’ll show you how to turn your phone into a photo projector for just $1. Peachfizzz: DIY: Make Up Storage. Everybody and their dog use their old beauty boxes for storage of make up, nail polish, jewellery etc and that is exactly what i had been doing.

Peachfizzz: DIY: Make Up Storage

But let's face it, when you have a tonne of boxes piled up on top of each other it doesn't look that great so i did a bit of hard researching (or maybe i just googled...) of ways to re-use beauty boxes and came across this blog post. I needed to give it a go for myself. What you will need: Mini Notebook From A Cereal Box. I am still a little old-fashioned when it comes to taking notes and I usually have at least two pocket notebooks in my purse at all times (one for craft ideas and the other for making to do lists).

Mini Notebook From A Cereal Box

I realized that I am also very picky when it comes to choosing the perfect notebook, and for those of you who are like me, I've got a solution for you! Follow the directions below to make your own personalized, budget-friendly pocket journal out of cereal boxes inspired by my favorite Moleskine notebooks. Make a cute shoebox picnic basket - 100 Directions. Brico Sympa - Journal. Brico Sympa - Pendentif en coeur. 22 Façons de donner un coup de neuf aux vieux objets. 20 Idées pour donner une nouvelle vie à tes vieux jeans. Handmade by Meg K: Up-cycled Jeans to Toy Storage. My find of last week...

Handmade by Meg K: Up-cycled Jeans to Toy Storage

I've never sewn with vinyl before, but I've been wanting to since seeing an explosion of post-Christmas storage ideas in the blogosphere. FYI: I was perhaps a tad nervous about sewing with vinyl because it sticks to the sewing machine and to itself, but I found these great tips at Make It Love It. My first destination of the fabric store is almost always the remnant pile, and I was so excited to find vinyl there last week... but it wasn't nearly enough to make the aforementioned, so I had to come up with another alternative. How to make a child's apron from your old jeans -Happy Hooligans. Turn the leg of an old pair of jeans into an adorable, durable, stain-resistant denim craft apron for kids.

If you search the net, you’ll probably find 101 uses for old jeans floating around out there. I have a two favourite denim sewing projects of my own. Recycled Denim Coaster. Posted on May 16, 2010 Got some old jeans? Well how about recycling the hems into some cool coasters. I saw the idea over at Going Green Crafters where they used the hems from old jeans to create denim coasters. DIY recycled denim basket. Tutorial for a Great Denim Pocket Organiser - Pillar Box Blue. Upcycle old jeans into a great pocket organiser I keep all the family’s old jeans to upcycle into other things, such as a sunglasses case, magazine racks and quilts. I just love working with old denim, I love the different shades of indigo and the different styles. One of my upcycled jeans projects that really shows off the varieties of denim styling is this pocket organiser I made for my sons room. Drop-Dead Denim: One Tough Pouf - Michele Made Me.

And just like that… we’re here! At the end of our Drop-Dead Denim road… Wow! My heartfelt thanks to my amazing guest-blogger-friends, to the Flickr group contributors, to the generous giveaway sponsors, to all commenters and readers, to all those denim artists out there, and of course, to denim itself. You’ve made this month a real highlight for me! Ohoh Blog - diy and crafts. I wear denims everyday, it's like my uniform. As everything, after a while they become old and have holes. As I hate to throw away...even old clothes, I try to find ways to upcycle things. I already made a recycled denim basket, this time I give a try with a DIY rug. I love how it turns out. Refashioned Denim Easter Basket. Recycled Denim Kid's Chair Covers - Paging Fun Mums. Sweet Salvation: Upcycled Denim Placemat — Today's Nest. How To Make A Teddy Bear From Old Jeans.

Brico Sympa - Lampe en petites cuillères. Brico Sympa - Lampe en pince à linge. Brico Sympa - Roses à l'aide d'un CD. Brico Sympa - 3 expériences. Brico Sympa - Maths sympa. Brico Sympa - Carte cœur 3 en 1. Brico Sympa - Boîte en assiette carton.