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Drug Testing for Mushrooms. Dear Dr.

Drug Testing for Mushrooms

Shulgin: Dear Mack: Most of the "magic mushrooms" are various species of the Genus Psilocybe. The Great Big Narcotics Cookbook.

Drugs (the funny stuff)

How Drugs Work. How Drugs Work: Cannabis This series uses visual effects and CGI and, for the first time ever, takes the viewer on an entire trip from start to finish inside the human body.

How Drugs Work

With testimony from people who enjoy Read More » How Drugs Work: Cocaine. Documentary combining compelling real-life stories and stunning computer graphics to explore how cocaine creates its highs and its lows How drugs work: Ecstasy. As part of the Dangerous Pleasures season, this three-part series looks at the biological process behind three of the most commonly used recreational drugs – cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy. Patients for Medical Cannabis. SMOKING POT THROUGH THE AGES by Matt Houghton - Artist: Hillary White.

Cannabis Culture Magazine. 1272491862333.jpg (960×1284) TakePart - News, Culture, Videos and Photos That Make the World Better. Breathe easy, tokers.

TakePart - News, Culture, Videos and Photos That Make the World Better

Smoking marijuana in moderate amounts may not be so bad for your lungs, after all. A new study, published in this month's Journal of the American Medical Association, tested the lung function of over 5,000 young adults between 18 and 30 to determine marijuana's effect on lungs. After 20 years of testing, researchers found some buzzworthy results: regular marijuana smokers (defined by up to a joint a day for seven years) had no discernable impairment in lung activity from non-smokers. In fact, researchers were surprised to find marijuana smokers performed slightly better than both smokers and non-smokers on the lung performance test. Why? MORE: 5 Reasons Not to Smoke Synthetic Weed For most of human existence, cannabis has been considered a medicine. Attitudes are changing, however. As marijuana enters the mainstream, studies like the one published in JAMA might dispel false assertions about the plant's deleterious health hazards and promote its medicinal benefits.

If There Were Ever A Pro-Marijuana Video To Go Viral, This Is It. A Brief History of Drugs: From the Stone Age to the Stoned Age' by Antonio Escohotado. Religion and Psychoactive Sacraments: An Entheogen Chrestomathy Thomas B.

A Brief History of Drugs: From the Stone Age to the Stoned Age' by Antonio Escohotado

Roberts, Ph.D. and Paula Jo Hruby, Ed.D.Author Index | Title Index A Brief History of Drugs: From the Stone Age to the Stoned Age Escohotado, Antonio. (1999). Rochester, VT: Park Street Press. Description: paperback, viii + 168 pages. Contents: Preface, introduction, 18 chapters, index. Note: Translated by Kenneth A. Excerpt(s): In 1989 as I was finishing a long investigation on this sub-ject-which in the end filled three volumes in small print with narrow margins-it seemed that the probable future of that book was to rest in the bookcases of different university libraries, a summary of suggestions to students as to how to consider the effect of this or that drug in the evolution of medicine, morals, religion, economics, and the mechanisms of political control.

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