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Literature & Translation. Community Resources. This international conference is the first of its kind in its particular focus to examine the connection between translation and journal publication.

Community Resources

The conference will be held at Jinan University, Guangzhou, China on 28-29 June 2014. It invites both empirical and theoretical expositions. Innovative, new paradigms which situate translation and journal publication/publishing in the production of literary forms, intellectual history, modernity, language hegemony, cultural and national identity etc. are all welcome. The Language Realm - Your Free Resource for language and Translation Services. Portal:Main - Lexicon. Portal:Main From OTPedia Jump to: navigation, search.

Portal:Main - Lexicon

DotSUB - Online Crowdsourced Video Translation. The meanings and origins of sayings and phrases. Dictionary links. Specialised dictionaries are found under the appropriate heading in the "Tools" list.

Dictionary links

João Roque Dias Translation Links for Translators, Interpreters and Restless Minds - 5500 glossary and other links. 100 dictionaries and reference books, plus an Encyclopedia, in a single cross-searchable database. Costs 89$/year for a private person, but saves a lot of time. Free English idioms, idiomatic expressions, proverbs and sayings with their meaning. Lists updated every day.