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Gowers's Weblog Introduction to Cambridge IA Analysis I 2014 January 11, 2014 This term I shall be giving Cambridge’s course Analysis I, a standard first course in analysis, covering convergence, infinite sums, continuity, differentiation and integration. This post is aimed at people attending that course. I plan to write a few posts as I go along, in which I will attempt to provide further explanations of the new concepts that will be covered, as well as giving advice about how to solve routine problems in the area. (This advice will be heavily influenced by my experience in attempting to teach a computer, about which I have reported elsewhere on this blog.) Gowers's Weblog
El blog de Leo | Compartiendo vida y matemáticas Los TFC (Teoremas Fundamentales de los Cuadraditos) Esta entrada está motivada por una pregunta en el grupo de Matemáticos de Facebook. Palabras más, palabras menos, alguien preguntaba por qué “derivar es el inverso de integrar”, si uno tiene que ver con sacar un área y el otro tiene que ver con sacar una pendiente. La idea formal que está detrás de esto de que sean “inversas” son los teoremas fundamentales del cálculo (TFC). El blog de Leo | Compartiendo vida y matemáticas
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This article may as well be part of a series: 1 2(read this first) Additional notes: ‘Simple simple simple’ is referred to as this post as simple^3, Warning: This article contains original research! Random (Blog) Random (Blog)
Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog I started my life wanting to be a mathematician. At some point I had to quit academia in order to feed my children. And so I went to work in industry for ten years. Now that my children have grown, I am trying to get back to academia. So I am the right person to compare the experience of working in the two sectors.
Sometimes I start with a simple thought on Twitter, decide to take it to the next level, and before I know it things have gone entirely out of hand and I’ve gone from a simple tweet about missing NY bagels to a fully produced bagel love song posted on SoundCloud in a matter of hours. This time, it started with some simple microwave advice. I ended up live-tweeting while I made a video in 2 hours, and I figured I should get it all formatted in a post before it disappears into the unsearchable depths of twitter forever. Might as well add some further details on what went on too, if you’re interested in a thorough case-study of how one might go about making a weird video. Yes, let’s get way too in-depth! Vi Hart: Blog

Vi Hart: Blog