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HCC Cosplay. Tinted Mason Jars in Rainbow. I love using mason jars for decorating and a seemingly endless supply of craft projects. But rainbow tinted mason jars, just like the vintage ones you can never find anymore? This one might be my favorite project with mason jars yet!

Mason Jars Mod Podge in Gloss (buy it here) Food coloring Ramekins to mix colors Newspaper or paper bag Mix food coloring with a T or so of water into individual ramekins. You can do any color combination you like. Tutorials. Pages Home contact tutorials. Borax Crystal Craft Idea inspired by Disney OZ the Great and Powerful. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to our mailing list.

Borax Crystal Craft Idea inspired by Disney OZ the Great and Powerful

Thanks for visiting! When previews for the Disney’s OZ The Great and Powerful movie came out months ago, it seems like my tween was counting down the days until we could see the movie. I have to admit, we saw it opening day in the theaters with friends, and then a couple weeks after with family. So, I was so excited to be a part of the campaign announcing the Blu-Ray Combo Pack release of this fun movie. Of course, we had to watch the movie again for more inspiration, but this time in the comfort of our own home.

Clay Tag Tutorial. I love to craft, and clay tags are one of my favorite things to make.

Clay Tag Tutorial

I made 100 for my son's wedding. We tied them onto pots of homemade jam for wedding favors. They make a great craft project for older children too. There are a few tutorials on the internet. Quick Gifts: Etched Glass Baking Dish. My sister's mother-in-law buys our children the most thoughtful gifts for Christmas every year.

Quick Gifts: Etched Glass Baking Dish

The only problem: I almost always forget to get her something! Well, this year was going to be different. I came to North Carolina armed with my Silhouette and some etching cream. Giant Cross-Stitch. DIY. How to "Ann Wood. Crafty Challenge 6: Twisted Disk Copper Mobile « thecraftysisters. Loryn: This copper challenge was intriguing for me, as the only metalworking I’ve done is twisted wire jewelry.

Crafty Challenge 6: Twisted Disk Copper Mobile « thecraftysisters

As soon as I saw the copper pieces, I immediately thought of doing a mobile in the style of Alexander Calder. I started out making cut pieces like the leaf-shapes in many of Calder’s mobiles. I had cut about ten, and my hands were starting to hurt, when I had an idea to try making three dimensional shapes out of the disks. Each shape is made from two disks cut to fit together. Two simple pieces can make a huge variety of shapes. Steps to make the mobile parts: Make a cut to the center of each disk. Slide the two disks together on the cuts that you just made. Then, start bending the cut pieces into interesting shapes.

Zinc Nameplates. I discovered nameplates a few years ago and use them everywhere.

Zinc Nameplates

They can be expensive, hard to find and limited in color and size. Homemade Mod Podge. Don't forget to vote for us daily!

Homemade Mod Podge

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Multiple Ideas. Stencil. FABRIC. Paint aging. PAPER. Punch Your Lights Out. Iconic Design: Digital Desktop Icons, Physical Applications. Across languages and cultures, few symbols are so broadly recognized as those everyday bits of computer iconography that sit on screens around the world.

Iconic Design: Digital Desktop Icons, Physical Applications

Still, the last thing we expect to see when someone pulls out a (paper) notebook or brings in the (physical) mail are those same familiar families of icons in ‘meatspace’ reality. Brigada Creativa plays on this theme in a variety of direct and indirect ways via various graphic design products, including the aforementioned office and shipping materials but also ranging to posters, prints, calenders, logos and brands with patterns adopted from (or at least inspired by) computerized equivalents. This mood poster is an excellent example, relying on our recognition of the ‘smiley face’ convention that is overdone, if anything, on the digital side of our lives … but using it to let you interactively report, track and display your daily state of mind offline.

Photos posters

Bored and Crafty. Martha Stewart Family Tree Knockoff. The Ultimate Handmade Holidays List 2011. Oh Happy Day! Crystal Valentine’s Day Decor Hearts! Linen Beehive and Birdcage Pillows. A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through a magazine and came across this pillow.

Linen Beehive and Birdcage Pillows

Little birdies in a cage = super sweet pillow. $100 price = not super sweet. So I set out to try and find a birdcage I could use for my version. I went to Graphics Fairy – she has a HUGE resource of vintage images and she lets you use them in any way you want. How nice is that? She has several sweet birdcages. Love all the scrolli-ness and the little number. But I also saw this image there this week: Turn Photos Into Beautiful Watercolor Portraits. Photography and stencil art go hand-in-hand quite merrily, but it’s not so great if you’re not chummy with the scissors. Well, Mr. Snippy Scissor, meet your match with the nifty masking liquid, or what we like to call liquid magic. What is it? Well, painters use it to prevent parts of their paper from getting stained with watercolor. Think of it as a stencil! DIY Door Clock and DIY Project Parade. I featured a clock on a stand alone vintage door being used as decor a while ago (see below).

DIY Door Clock and DIY Project Parade

Shadow/Light Box. S.Y.T.Y.C. - Again :) So You Think You're Crafty — 10 weeks. 10 crafters. 10 themes. YOU Decide. It's day 10 - and almost the end... - Tim Holtz. It's All About Creating. Bridal Hairpins. Wooden Bead Summer Wreath. Summer’s already half over and I still have my Spring Wreath on my front door!

Wooden Bead Summer Wreath

TUTORIALS. Copper Pipe Pendants. Inspired ideas. Making Memory Candles {A project from the Inspired Ideas Archives}


Holiday Decorating DIYs and Gifts. Make Your Own Confetti Party Ware. Don’t throw away or recycle all your glass bottles and jars. Instead turn some of them into these brightly colored party ware items. The Curious Blog » Handmade Flipbooks. 3D Cardboard Decor.