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Assistive Tech

10 ways to realise the potential of e-learning. Efair14: E Learning Tools for Functional English and Maths. Jisc RSC Northwest: Resources for Vocational courses and Apprenticeships. Let's Moodle. ILT Strategy. Effective use of virtual learning environments (VLEs) This infoKit was first published in 2004 and is currently being updated.

Effective use of virtual learning environments (VLEs)

Back in 2004 when we wrote this infoKit, we defined a VLE as – ‘A Virtual Learning Environment is a collection of integrated tools enabling the management of online learning, providing a delivery mechanism, student tracking, assessment and access to resources’. These integrated tools may be one product (eg BlackBoard, Moodle) or an integrated set of individual, perhaps open-source, tools. This definition still holds true with most education providers using a ‘product’ for example Blackboard or Moodle with Web2.0 tools being used to supplement the functionality offered by these systems, but these are often not truly integrated.

Although written a few years ago, most of the advice and guidance remains sound. Watch the Online Video Course Moodle 2.6 Essential Training. OU Innovating Pedagogy 2014. Open University Innovations Report #3. Skills2Learn - E-learning, 3D Virtual Reality Game Simulation & Assessments. Jisc Digital Student. The FE and Skills Study will conduct desk research and consultation with students and other stakeholders, in order to extend the previous HE investigations to further education.

Jisc Digital Student

The project will build on the findings and methods of the HE study in order to assess the extent to which those findings are relevant and applicable to the FE and skills sector. The two main investigation questions are: What do learners WANT (expectations)? What do learners NEED to succeed (experiences)? The project will run from 1 June 2014 to 31 March 2015. Flipped Classroom Online Workshop, Affordable Professional Development. Flipped Classroom Professional Development: This 4 Week Online Workshop will get you up and running with your flipped teaching plan.

Flipped Classroom Online Workshop, Affordable Professional Development

REGISTRATION is Open(clicking registration link will take you to our registration page on! EmergingEdTech author/founder Kelly Walsh offers Online Flipped Classroom Workshops throughout the year. Join other inspired educators for an interactive workshop and develop your own flipped teaching plan! In this workshop, you will … Each week will start with a video and reading assignments, followed by specific exercises to undertake and write about. Everyone who completes their assignments and participates in the discussions will be provided a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the workshop.

All participants will receive a free copy of the new “Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book” eBook if PDF format , which we will use throughout the course. A review of Flipped Learning. Online Forums 2014 - Making Learning Memorable with Graphics and Visual Design: November 13 & 14. November 13 & 14, 2014 To be appealing, effective, and truly memorable, most learning deliverables require more than just text and a few random graphics.

Online Forums 2014 - Making Learning Memorable with Graphics and Visual Design: November 13 & 14

If your students are spending half of their learning time figuring out what a specific graphic means or wondering why you changed the visual design halfway through a course, they aren’t likely to remember what they were supposed to have learned. But if good graphics and visual design make the learning easy to understand and enjoyable to look at, students are likely to remember the learning and maybe even return to it for review. This Online Forum will explore how we can make learning memorable by making it look good. Institute of Educational Technology. iPad Be Nimble, iPad Be Quick. One of the most challenging lessons for schools to learn in implementing iPads is that the iPad is not a laptop.

iPad Be Nimble, iPad Be Quick

The conversation can sometimes get bogged down around the device, trapping schools in these definitions as they lose sight of the central reasons to use technology: To enhance teaching and learningTo differentiate instructionTo personalize the learning experienceTo solve authentic problems where technology must be used to solve those problems This is not an easy lesson. It requires a paradigm shift in teaching and learning. iPads vs. It's worth noting the different features of laptops and iPads and to see the benefit of both devices. While the laptop is heavy, takes a long time to boot up, and is often used as a word processing tool with typing and keyboarding being paramount, it's also a powerful device for computer programming and accessing Adobe Flash-based simulations, particularly in the sciences.

Discover Jisc - Teaching Techniques. Blogging about education, technology and Politics. Microsoft Educator Network. Moodle Grades @ Bedford College. Ofsted annual report Q&A with Matthew Coffey. The Ofsted director of FE and skills spoke with FE Week deputy editor at the launch of the education watchdog’s 2012/13 annual report.

Ofsted annual report Q&A with Matthew Coffey

Chris Henwood: The report mentions an initial evaluation of 16 to 19 programmes. Will that come as part of inspections, or will you be doing something separate? Matthew Coffey: I am always looking for good value for public money in terms of my inspections, so my inspectors will be clear when they carry out the inspections that we are carrying out a survey to evaluate early on the study programme.


eLearning Industry - At eLearning Industry you will find the best collection of eLearning articles, eLearning concepts, eLearning software, and eLearning resources. Post your eLearning article. Education Technology Action Group. Our mission The ETAG Challenge – by ETAG member Bryan Mathers The Education Technology Action Group (ETAG) was set up in February 2014 by three ministers: Michael Gove, Matthew Hancock and David Willetts.

Education Technology Action Group

Jisc. VLE design and OfSted. This collection supports a presentation made in the RSC Eastern Region in December 2013.

VLE design and OfSted

The documents cover all the points being made, including the presentation slides. It includes links to the technologies being used for reference purposes. OfSTED HandbookHandbook for the inspection of further education and skills from September 2012Ofsted | Information about further education and skillsHow colleges improve report summaryA document from OfSTED providing further guidance on the characteristics of what good colleges are doing.

Improving student assessment. The issue Effective assessment has greater bearing on successful learning than almost any other factor.