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2 Easter Paper Crafts. 1.

2 Easter Paper Crafts

Big paper eggs - easy to cut off and assemble, suitable for Easter decoration. We cut 4-5 green printer sheets into thin strips to make the grass on the photos. After that we crumpled it well and it turned into fresh spring grass. We used paper in different colors and it turned out well. You can also decorate the eggs with pencils or felt-tip pens before assembling them. 67983_209205135883171_2051788185_n.jpg (JPEG Image, 677×515 pixels) 60873_204447356358949_2117532145_n.jpg (793×544) Interview with Paper Artist Fideli Sundqvist. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Interview with Paper Artist Fideli Sundqvist

I’m sure you all have been waiting to see our latest interview, at least I am more than pleased to share it. This young lady is from Stockholm, Sweden and currently resides there as a graphic designer and illustrator both in the form of print, product designs and of course, paper! I’m pleased to introduce the talented Fideli Sundqvist. I hope you enjoy our interview with her. Happy Wednesday! When I was 14-15 years old, I became very interested in music, I played in bands and gathered vinyl records. This is where my interest in “cutting” began. The linoleum technique reminded me a lot of paper cuts, both in craft and graphic expression. So the last five years I have been consumed by this technique. Last spring I took my bachelor’s degree from the Art Academy in Stockholm, Konstfack, Graphic Design & Illustration. What have been some favorite recent projects/clients/collaborations?

How would you describe your creative process? Paper ribbon L.O.V.E. snail. A LOVE snail easy to make snails with hearts In order to make this snail you will need just two ribbons, cut lengthwise out of an A4 sheet of paper, and some glue.

Paper ribbon L.O.V.E. snail

For the body: Fold one of the ribbons by the middle and stuck it.Cut a small rectangle from the one end and shape the eyes.Fold once again to shape the body. How to make the heart: Make small cuts at each end of the ribbon, but make sure they are opposite each other (see how at the picture).Insert one of the cuts into the other to close the shape and then break it.Use your fingers to shape the heart. Now you have to stuck the heart onto the body. a butterfly from hearts In order to make this butterfly you will need two couples of hearts. The L.O.V.E snail - well, it is not that difficult, as it seems. Start with the О, V, E letters. See more Valentine’s Day craft ideas in KROKOTAK: Mobile #001 Balloon « PaperMatrix.

Anna has designed and made the pattern for these cute small hot air balloons.

Mobile #001 Balloon « PaperMatrix

Make a mobile and watch them fly and turn perpetually. For each balloon cut two sheets in the colours you prefer. All strips are joined already and you only need to weave as described for Sphere #001. Use the glue stick to fix the strips at the edge when finished. Choose the basket pieces from the same colour as the top centre of the balloon. For the mobile on the pictures we used five balloons and 4 slim wooden sticks (12, 12, 16 and 24 cm). This is a file for cutting: balloon mobile. How to Make 3D Paper Diamonds. Well, this is really something that all crafty hands would like to do!

How to Make 3D Paper Diamonds

3D Paper Diamonds we have discovered on this creative, British website called “”. Kate, the designer of all those cool, paper stuff, provides a printable template for this geometric jewel shape. It can be used either as a garland, toy, or as a wonderful gift box for jewellery. Since I have got Minecraft fans at home, I am pretty sure, Simon and Dorian will take up this project soon. They say blue diamonds are the most precious to dig out while playing. I assume, this particular paper craft will suit your taste, and you would want to start as soon as possible. For the full tutorial and template of 3D Paper Diamonds, click the link. Tools: ScissorsNeedleRuler Supplies / ingredients: A4 sheet of paperGlue-stickPrintable template. MAL TIL SOMMERFUGLER. Flere lurte på malene jeg hadde brukt til sommerfugl-fargelappene mine, og her kommer en link til malen min som dere kan laste ned gratis.


Klikk på "File" øverst til venstre og velg "Download original". Printes ut på A4, da er lappene like store som en fargeprøvelapp, og det grå feltet er der teksten på lappen er. Super dekor på barnerom eller andre steder der du vil ha inn noen små, skjønne detaljer! Fargene velger du jo selv ut i fra hvilke fargeprøver du stjeler med deg hjem fra malerforretningen.. :)