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Podcasting and Education. GuidesandTutorials: Podcasting in Education. Email to a Friend This podcasting tutorial will discuss the ways that podcasting is being used as a tool in K12 education.

GuidesandTutorials: Podcasting in Education

Below you'll find samples. Apple Education Solutions: Podcasting in Education—Apple Video Series Apple provides a free three part QuickTime video about Podcasting in Education Part 1: An Introduction to Podcasting, Podcasting in Education Part 2: Meeting Standards with Podcasting, Podcasting in Education Part 3: An Administrator’s View on Podcasting. The video explains creating a podcast using Garageband, podcasting and how it meets the standards, and administrator’s utilization of podcasting. You will need to register, but there is not a charge. Apple Education Solutions: Podcasting in Education—Educational Podcasting Web site provides an explanation about podcasting, sample podcasts, and links to education podcasts on iTunes. Examples of how Podcasts are Being Used in Schools Jamestown Elementary. Coley Cast - The Official Podcast of Room 34. Educational Resources: Educational Podcasting.

Not since the advent of the World Wide Web has such an easy and exciting communications medium been within reach of the masses.

Educational Podcasting

Podcasting offers educators and students remarkable opportunities for their voices to be heard in their local communities or the around world. One could think of podcasting as blogging without writing or as a way for every class to have its own radio station. You have the power to get in on the ground-floor of this new media phenomena and express yourself today! Gary S. Stager Educational consultant, author, teacher educator ... " Digital technology for iPod does for radio what blogs did for the Internet. Podcasting Resources on the web NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW! Learning in Hand. TechSmith Product Help, Tutorials and Training.

How to Build a Video Podcast in 3 Steps. How to Build a Video Podcast in 3 Steps Creating video podcasts is easier than you might think.

How to Build a Video Podcast in 3 Steps

Here’s a look at the basics, from production to posting to delivery.Tues., May 16, by Jose Castillo One would think that receiving Oxford English Dictionary’s "2005 Word of the Year" plus sharing a name with the hottest gadget in recent history would cause podcasting to rest on its laurels, but this delivery system continues to reinvent itself. The most recent reinvention involves a marked upswing in the use of video-based podcasting.

Video podcasting have been used by a cross-section of traditional and non-traditional media, from major TV networks, cable, and public television stations to software companies, movie studios, and intriguing upstarts like, Happy Tree Friends, and Channel Frederator. (Below: A video podcast in iTunes) Podcasting allows anyone to distribute free or paid media to the content hungry masses. (Below: Rendering video for iPod from iMovie) Video Podcasting - How to Make a Video Podcast - Although Apple had nothing to do with the podcasting technology, the iPod and podcasting quickly became linked.

Video Podcasting - How to Make a Video Podcast -

With the advent of the iPod Video, podcasting entered a whole new level. Now, more than the usual audio broadcasts, aspiring film makers can also share their work with the world. So how do you go about making your own video podcast? To make it easier on you, use a digital video camera. If you have an analog video camera, it is still possible to convert the footage to digital format but it adds another step to the process. First, take great footage. Now that you have your video, it's time to compress it. Describe or tag your movie. Now what? Audacity Wiki. By Jake Ludington 04/05/2005 In my previous article, I wrote about receiving podcasts.

This time around, I'm walking through the steps required to record and post your own podcast using tools virtually everyone has or can easily acquire on a tiny budget. Ultimately, if you decide to podcast on a regular basis, some equipment upgrades such as the podcast recording kit I recently detailed at will drastically improve the sound quality.

To learn the process, though, you don't need anything fancy. Depending on whether you already have one of those cheap microphones that the OEM dealers bundle with PCs, you can record a podcast without spending a dime. The other piece of hardware you need is a set of headphones. I recommend starting out with Audacity, an open source audio recording application. Before You Record. Reasons. Evaluat PodCast. Podcasting. ELI7003. Trends & Issues » in Instructional Design, Educational Technology, & Learning Sciences.