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Insights Success is The Best Business Magazine in the world for enterprises. Being a platform, it focuses distinctively on emerging as well as leading fastest growing companies, their confrontational style of doing businesses and the way of delivering effective and collaborative solutions to strengthen market share. Here, we talk about the leader’s viewpoints & ideas, latest products/services, etc. Insights Success magazine reaches out to all the ‘C’ Level Professionals, VPs, Consultants, VCs, Managers, and HRs of various industries.

Best Business Magazine - Insights Success

A Comprehensive Unified Communications Solutions Provider. The 10 Companies with Most Innovative Nanotechnology Solutions 2019 March2019. Role of Laboratory Information Management System in Manufacturing Sectors. The Pharmaceutical Industry. The pharmaceutical industry is passing through hopeful and turbulent times at the same time today. On one hand, the industry is facing rising opposition from customers who wish to pay as a single payer. On the other hand, great innovations are helping pharmaceutical industry meet new customers to grow revenues. An example of the later development is the digital mobile technology which helps the industry collect large amount of data to form an unparalleled understanding of healthcare. Nanotechnology Solution Providers. Innovative Material Solution Providers. The pioneers of anti-reflective coatings. Magazines.insightssuccess. The Best Leadership Qualities. Another Perspective on Women and Leadership.

Seedpitch Innovation Consultancy. Creating the alternative to smartphones for children. Leading the Global Fintech Revolution. Exemplifying Strategic Leadership. Making smartphone screen time smart. Loral Langemeier - Say Yes to Wealth Then Figure Out How! An Inspiring Leader in Technology. Construction Industry with 3D Drone Mapping. Tenacious and Exemplary Entrepreneurial Voyage. A Determined Believer Beyond Prejudices. A Face of Persistence and Adaptability. Revolution in Healthcare Industry with Involvement of Trending Technology. Small Businesses Establishing New Records through Digital Marketing. Michelle O’Connor: An Expert, a Leader, an Inspiration.

In the strife to be an inspirational leader, one needs to inculcate profound patience, absolute perseverance, steadfast drive and infinite empathy. When a woman, who possesses these virtues, is in a leadership position, no horizons are left uncrossed, no voyages cast adrift, and no doors are left shut. Walking a mile in the shoes of a woman at a leadership position is sufficient for one to learn that the road is arduous and the destination, possibly unwelcoming. Yet, we have witnessed that women have built and bore the very foundation of empires, from scratch to remarkable glory.

One such prominent woman, leading the frontiers of the fintech revolution, is Michelle O’Connor, the VP of Communications and Community at Uphold Inc. Pertaining to her position, she caters to all the organization’s aspects of public relations, internal and external communications, content marketing, community management, event and speaking participation along with social media strategy. Kiran Bhagotra: Making CyberSecurity Simple, Quick and Affordable.

Dr. Silvia Veronese: A Passionate Leader and Customer Advocate. In an interview with Insights Success, Dr. Silvia Veronese, Vice President of Global Customer Success at Guavus, a Thales company, shares her insights on leadership and how her organization has collaborated closely with customers to make successful digital business transformations using Guavus AI-driven big data analytics. Silvia is the model for constantly exploring new horizons and unhesitantly stepping outside one’s comfort zone while always keeping the customer top-of-mind in every decision. Considering her outstanding accomplishments and influential traits, Insights Success recognizes Silvia as one of the most inspirational women of 2018. Dr. Nazli Azimi: Building the Paths to an Immune Future. The steady ascension in the number of women in STEM disciplines exhibits a promising picture of a gender neutral global development.

The women of today’s technological era are achieving this by inciting their intrinsic qualities of democratic leadership, unwavering grit and ardent commitment towards their passion, which results in unparalleled success and excellence in one’s field of expertise. With the motto of promoting women empowerment and a gender just work environment, Insights Success identifies those women who’ve marked their presence in the world of science, technology, and a myriad of other disciplines. Neelima Parasker: Redefining the Parameters of Technology and Entrepreneurship. Most Inspirational Women in Tech 2019 January2019 - Insights success. SaaS Can Create Business Developments with Different Revenue Streams. Connecting Games and Virtual Worlds via the blockchain. A New Era of Cognitive Technology. Taking the API Industry by Storm. The Integration Solution Provider for SaaS. In today’s mobile-first, cloud first world, APIs are opening the doors for innovative business scenarios across industry verticals.

The Integration Solution Provider for SaaS

APIs make the exchange of information easy by paving the way for applications to communicate and move information between programs. APIs help successful integration and interoperability between various SaaS applications. Cyclr is one such, constantly up-to-date, the integration solution provider for SaaS companies. Cyclr’s low-code developer platform allows SaaS companies to seamlessly create, manage and deliver more rapid integrations directly from within their SaaS app. Multi-Cloud Management Service Provider. One prominent report published in recent times has revealed many interesting insights concerning the growth of multi-cloud management services. According to that report, the multi-cloud management market has a huge potential to flourish and discovered that its market size is expected to grow from USD 1,169.5 million in 2017 to USD 4,492.7 million by 2022 that too with an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 30.9% during the said period.

Experts are citing various reasons behind this quantum rise famously includes its ability to increase agility, delivering better performance, data sovereignty, avoid vendor-lock in among others. Reliable and Unmatched Communication Solution. Veteran Information and communications technology. CRM Solutions Provider. Peloton Consulting Group. The 10 Fastest Growing Oracle Service Providers 2018 December2018 - Insights success. 7 Angel Investors who can Give Wings to your Start-up. 7 Tips to Attract Angel Investors towards Your Start-up.

When it comes to funding a start-up, many knock the doors of banks, and venture capitalist while others look towards angel investors with hope. Getting angel investors on board has its own significance and advantages as compared to venture capitalist and banks. Angel investors have high risk taking capacity and can turn the fortune of your company to a whole 360 degree. But to convince an angel investor is not an easy task. 4 Things that Every Investor Must Know about the Angel Investing. Warren buffet, George Soros, Carl Icahn, Ronald Perelman, and many others are not just the names of some people instead these names have become synonymous to success due to their smart and perceptive ‘investment skills’. Many people across the world got inspiration from these giants and enter into the fascinating and lucrative world of investment, and invest their money in various financial instruments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

Countless people have made million through these investment channels. Why Angel Investors Are Better for Small Businesses? We are living in a start-up age where every single day someone is starting something with an aim to establish their brand and authority in the market. But how many really make a difference. Barely, few! Many start-ups fail not because of their idea, expertise or enthusiasm but due to the out dated ecosystem surround a start-up. One important part of that eco-system is the ‘funding’ which every start-up needs in its early years.

Although, venture capitalist, and bank loan provides vital funds to a start-up but these days many entrepreneurs find more attraction towards ‘Angel Investors.’ Multi-Cloud Management Service Provider. Reliable and Unmatched Communication Solution. CRM Solutions Provider. Peloton Consulting Group. The 10 Fastest Growing Oracle Service Providers 2018 December2018 - Insights success. Optimize Web Sites by Adding Analytical Tools. 7 Tips to Attract Angel Investors towards Your Start-up. The 10 Most Popular GPS Tracking Companies 2018. Takayoshi Oshima Chairman CEO Allied Telesis. Nelson Cicchitto Chairman CEO President Avatier. The 10 Best Performing API Solution Providers 2019. The 30 Most Innovative CEOs to Watch in 2018. 5G Technology Is Arriving Soon! Upcoming Endeavor in Data Processing. 5 Fascinating Cryptocurrencies for Entrepreneurs. 8 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Fund their Start-Ups. Five Industries Dominated By Women.

Insights Success Is The Best Business Magazine In The World For Enterprises Blog. Best Business Magazine in the World. Identity Management Software Provider. The 10 Most Trusted Identity and Access Management Solution Providers 2018 December2018. How protect from phishing attacks- Insights Success  Phishing attacks are not what they used to be.

How protect from phishing attacks- Insights Success 

Back in the old days, spammers and scammers used to send mass email campaigns leading people to a false website. Now the techniques have been evolved. Nowadays targeted attack tactics are more popular. Phishing has become far more sophisticated than a suspicious mail or a message tempting a random individual to click on a link or provide their personal details. Tech giants innovating with AI- Insights Success  Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been creating buzz for the past decade.

Tech giants innovating with AI- Insights Success 

Many questioned about how it will make human life easier and what its dark side is. However, the capabilities of AI kept astonishing us and paving the way for innovations in the present technology. Elements of Digital Marketing. ‘Internet is the new big thing.’

Elements of Digital Marketing

-Bill Gates In the current scenario, when we come across the word advertising the first thing that emerges in our mind is digital marketing. If may we explain, it can be simply termed as marketing done on digital platforms search engines, websites, e-mails and mobile applications. Strategies to Promote Positive Customer Reviews. Have you ever wondered why some sites have loaded comment section and others don’t?

Strategies to Promote Positive Customer Reviews

Well, the relation with customers is super volatile until your brand name has set concrete foot in the market. To get customers to leave reviews, there is pattern that should be followed to promote a business idea so that it reaches the public and transforms them into value adding customers. Here are a few strategies which will help you encourage customers to write reviews on your website. Public Review Platforms Most of the time, people read about your product on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other review pages before landing on the idea of actually buying the product.

Mouth publicity is yet another thing but today people rely more on the comments left by people who actually bought the products. Cross Train On AI & Machine Learning to Earn $1 Million Per Year. Data Mining in Business Applications. The companies with clusters of customer database require a tool to refine that data and highlight only the one that is relevant to them.

Data Mining in Business Applications

Let Words Build Your New Marketing Strategy. The strength of the influential marketers is in their choice of words along with their ideas of marketing strategy.

Let Words Build Your New Marketing Strategy

The different platforms of global interaction demand different styles of usage of a language. 5G Technology - The New Driver of Connected Cars. 5G Technology is set to transform the way we work, live and travel, with faster and more reliable networks promising a wide range of breakthroughs. 5G networks are a part of the ‘smart city’ development, autonomous vehicles, and connected driverless cars for seamless travel.

5G Technology - The New Driver of Connected Cars

Who will win the 5G race? Mobility ecosystem for connected transportation- Insights Success. Latest digital marketing trends- Insights Success  The year 2016 disclosed immense possibilities in digital marketing, and the US presidential election greatly aided in this discovery.

Latest digital marketing trends- Insights Success 

Google search algorithm update you must know- Insights Success. Technology trend to watch in 2017- Insights Success  Wireless Charging With Skiva’ Energyskin For iPhone 6. Internet of Things - Connecting Motion with Business. Internet of Things - Connecting Motion with Business. NBCUniversal invests USD 500 million in Snap IPO. AT&T, Vodafone, NTT DOCOMO, Nokia, and Huawei come together to promote unified 5G ecosystem. Spotify acquires an audio detection startup Sonalytic. A magical night, as the Catalans scripted a miraculous history. Instacart raises USD 400 million at a USD 3.4 billion valuation. DoT Introduces TEN Square to Incubate Startups.

 Rental startup raised £7.2 million from Silicon Valley- Insights Success  Stretchable electronics compatible with human brain -Insights Success. John Deere dealership in High Point City. American Airlines Breaks Another Heathrow Cargo Record. LendUp closed USD 100 million Credit Facility with VPC. IoT to fix crumbling water infrastructure- Insights Success  Keystone XL can be made from non-US steel- Insights Success 

Amper raises USD 4 million to use AI to compose music. Now you can rent out your spare hard drive- Insights Success  Alberta bank proposes new SMS banking service- Insights Success. Yahoo Signs Content Distribution Deals with UK’s Premium Publishing Partners. Global Supply Chain disrupted over Border Tax.