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Advocating for Global Women's Empowerment. Most of the women in the corporate world face experiences of sexual assault and gender based violence all the time.

Advocating for Global Women's Empowerment

But very few of such incidents are reported to authorities. With a mission of making women’s voices to be heard, Zoë Condliffe stepped into the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Zoe studied at The School for Social Entrepreneurs when she was 21, and that’s when she started her first organization. She has always been entrepreneurial, and when she started working for larger organizations she became quite intrapreneurial by starting programs and taking initiatives within the organization that were pushing for change. Fitting into the system has never worked for her as she has always been interested in solving problems by coming up with innovative solutions. Zoe believes that women still do not have an equal chance at leadership, and that starts well before they even get to the workplace. In the workplace itself, women face obstacles from unconscious bias to sexual assault. Share. Perfectly Blending Business into Child Support - Sheri Atwood.

Meet —the Sheri Atwood Founder & CEO SupportPay of, who exceptionally came forth all the obstacles achieving many milestones in her pathway.

Perfectly Blending Business into Child Support - Sheri Atwood

Her persistence and commitment drove her passion and sustained her entrepreneurial spirit. Under her guidance, the company has witnessed many accomplishments as it provides the transparency, compliance, reporting and communication for the child support. Insights Success admire such leaders and takes pride in featuring Sheri in its Women’s day special edition, “The 20 Female Tech Trailblazers”, celebrating her immense courage and dedication in taking her company to its current stature. The Lady behind Sheri was raised by a single mom and the youngest of three children her goal as a child was to escape the current economic struggles her mother faced.

An Ardent Entrepreneur. The technology has become a global phenomenon which is connecting people from all corners of the world.

An Ardent Entrepreneur

An ardent entrepreneur, Nina Tumanishvilli, the CEO and Founder of HelloHub, realized that people were becoming lonelier despite being online and connected all the time. She also saw and felt a great need for people living in large urban cities to meet likeminded individuals. She always aspired to have a positive impact on the world with whatever she went on to do. Hence, when she first had the idea of bringing people closer together in real life through technology, she was absolutely compelled to do it. This led the inception of HelloHub. Michelle O’Connor: An Expert, a Leader, an Inspiration. In the strife to be an inspirational leader, one needs to inculcate profound patience, absolute perseverance, steadfast drive and infinite empathy. When a woman, who possesses these virtues, is in a leadership position, no horizons are left uncrossed, no voyages cast adrift, and no doors are left shut.

Walking a mile in the shoes of a woman at a leadership position is sufficient for one to learn that the road is arduous and the destination, possibly unwelcoming. The Visionary and Pioneering CEO and Founder May Al-Karooni. An Innovative Marketplace May Al-Karooni is the CEO and Founder of Globechain, a reuse marketplace that connects enterprises to charities, small businesses and people to redistribute unneeded items, generating social impact data.

The Visionary and Pioneering CEO and Founder May Al-Karooni

She previously worked within the investment banking and asset management industry, fundraising companies for venture capital, property, and hedge funds for the last 10 years totalling over £120 million in funds raised and in 2015, May set up Globechain after seeing a demand for a new online circular economy within the waste management industry after her own bank employer expressed a need to reuse items more collaboratively.

Disposal of Assets When the bank May worked for moved offices across the road, they disposed of all the furniture which was still in great condition. When an Open Mind Opens Doors - Marne Martin. If you’re the kind of person who’s not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, life-changing possibilities can be found in each new chapter, in each new job, and with new people that come into our lives. ’s life took a Marne Martin different track when, rather than going back home to the West after college, she chose a career in international business—a choice she has not regretted for one second.

When an Open Mind Opens Doors - Marne Martin

“Life can work in wondrous ways if we allow ourselves to be open to change and put in the hard work,” Marne asserts. She adds, “My Grandfather used to tease Marne asserts. She adds me that the first words I said were “me can do it” and while my grammar has changed over the years, that drive is one that has remained.” Marne is President of the IFS Service Management Business Unit, which provides solutions to service organizations all over the world. A leader who Creates Great Work Environments - Mai ton. Organizations need to look to hire an HR leader who can translate business needs to sound HR solutions.

A leader who Creates Great Work Environments - Mai ton

This person is responsible for implementing talent initiatives to drive a high-performance culture. In this fast pace business environment, the HR leader serves as a trusted partner and advisor to the C suite so that leaders can collaboratively deliver great business results. Leaving a stable, in house job, Mai Ton, Founder and Owner of EMP HR Consulting, formed her own consultancy to share her knowledge to help other People Leaders to create great teams and great companies. Her ability to balance the needs of the business with the needs of employees has created strong teams and awesome business results for all the businesses she serves. Below are the highlights of the interview between Mai Ton and Insights Success.

Give a brief overview of your background and your role at EMP HR Consulting. How do you maintain balance between your professional & personal life? Be fearless. Share Tweet. Making CyberSecurity Simple, Quick and Affordable - Kiran Bhagotra. In an interview with insights success, Kiran Bhagotra, the CEO and Founder of ProtectBox Ltd shares her vital insights on heading a technology business and making cybersecurity simple, quick and affordable.

Making CyberSecurity Simple, Quick and Affordable - Kiran Bhagotra

Below are the highlights of interview between Kiran and Insights Success: Give a brief overview of your background as an entrepreneur. The Face behind Intelligent Process Automation company, Celaton. In an interview with Insights Success, Gina Gray—Commercial Director of Celaton Limited discusses her journey to becoming a leader both in her organization and industry.

The Face behind Intelligent Process Automation company, Celaton

Her unique approach to leadership and sheer determination have enabled her to achieve many milestones. Insights Success admires such leaders and takes pride in featuring such women leaders in its special edition, ’The 20 Female Tech Trailblazers’. Below are the highlights of the interview: Dr. Silvia Veronese: A Passionate Leader and Customer Advocate. In an interview with Insights Success, Dr. Silvia Veronese, Vice President of Global Customer Success at Guavus, a Thales company, shares her insights on leadership and how her organization has collaborated closely with customers to make successful digital business transformations using Guavus AI-driven big data analytics.

Silvia is the model for constantly exploring new horizons and unhesitantly stepping outside one’s comfort zone while always keeping the customer top-of-mind in every decision. Considering her outstanding accomplishments and influential traits, Insights Success recognizes Silvia as one of the most inspirational women of 2018. Below are highlights from our interview with Silvia: Dr. Nazli Azimi: Building the Paths to an Immune Future. The steady ascension in the number of women in STEM disciplines exhibits a promising picture of a gender neutral global development.

The women of today’s technological era are achieving this by inciting their intrinsic qualities of democratic leadership, unwavering grit and ardent commitment towards their passion, which results in unparalleled success and excellence in one’s field of expertise. Inspiring Business Leader Paving the Way for Women in Automotive. Learning is a process that has no end.

Inspiring Business Leader Paving the Way for Women in Automotive

It starts with a choice and continues through one’ s lifelong journey. For business leaders, it starts with the first day they choose to join the corporate world and grows with each new experience, challenge, and achievement. Learning through experience has been an essential trait for business leader Carla Bailo, a leader in engineering and vehicle program management with 35 years of experience in the automotive industry. As the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) President and CEO, Carla leads the overall mission, manages the day-to-day business, and is the face for CAR within the automotive industry. Transforming Society at the Cellular Level - Mary Pat Moyer.

Biomedical Research and new product development is one of the most sought-after industries, as it has the potential to change the future of mankind.

Transforming Society at the Cellular Level - Mary Pat Moyer

This field is expanding at a rapid pace, as entrepreneurs have seen its potential. Among the sub-fields of Life Sciences Research is ‘Microbiology’. The opportunities which this field has to offer are limitless. Driving Sustainability through Passion and Professionalism - Tamma Carel. There are currently over 200 pieces of environmental law in place in the UK – and that number is growing. This is due to increased public and governmental awareness of the environmental impacts associated with business, and industry, through visible climate changes and extreme weather events.

Therefore, there is a greater requirement for organizations to prevent the impacts associated with waste, energy, and pollution. Imvelo Ltd is an experienced environmental consultancy company which understands environmental law and its application to business. Striving for Perfection in Providing Unrivaled Experiences - Tami Louis. Climate change is one of the defining issues of today’s time. How governments, organizations, and individuals choose to respond to it will have the lasting effects for not only our life, but for the future generations as well.

Knowing this, Regent Seven Seas Cruises believes it is its obligation as leaders in the cruise industry to do its part and help mitigate actions that may influence changes to the climate on a large scale. The leadership team member – Tami Louis, is the Director of Sales, and Marketing – Southern & Central California at Regent Seven Seas Cruises. With headquarters in Miami, the company is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. and is committed to environmental conservation. Norwegian’s global environmental program, ‘Sail & Sustain’, reflects the Company’s mission of providing truly exceptional cruise vacation experiences, while minimizing its impact on the environment. Opportunity to move into the Travel Industry Career Cornerstones Best Work brings Best Results. Making a Difference for Health-Conscious Women - Stacia Guzzo. Have you ever heard a friend say “natural deodorant just doesn’t work for me,” or maybe even said it yourself?

Leading with Experience and SkillSo - Sophie Slavin. Empowering Women to Step-Up - Rachel Brownlow Lund. Advocating Greater Industry Collaboration & Increase Efficiency in the Global Energy Sector - Nicole Iseppi. The Next Generation Superintendent - Nicole Enders. The Unsung Cyber Security Leader - Nicola Whiting. Managing network security can be complex and time-consuming, especially when dealing with the monumentally large systems that often face responsibility for the safety of critical infrastructure systems. When it comes to information security, financial institutions harbor possibly the greatest responsibility of any commercial industry because of the highly sensitive data that they process, transfer, and store.

With the stakes so high, Titania’s customers within the telecommunication, energy & transport sectors use the company’s tools to understand the vulnerabilities on their network and prove assurance. A Well Organized and Pro-active Individual - Manuela Beil-Peter. An Influencer and Powerful Mortgage Professional - LAURA BRANDAO. Imagine being able to build a stronger book of business than ever before, simultaneously working more efficiently. A Leader with Compassion, Determination, and Persistence - Kelly Hall. A leader requires multiple qualities to lead others to success. A Trailblazer with Exceptional Leadership Qualities - Juggy Sihota. A Role Model Inspiring Passion & Innovation in Others -Jennifer Ladouceur. Making Disruptive Changes through Experiential Marketing - Fiona Bruder. An Outstanding Leader in Health Industry Development- Nadia Cheaib. An Entrepreneurial Leader covering all the Tasks - Carolyn Hogg. A Successful Entrepreneur in a Competitive Industry -Barbara Ann Bernard.

Encouraging Work Environment - Armida Kaloti. An Inspirational Health Entrepreneur - Anaida Deti. MAKING LEGAL EASY FOR ENTREPRENEURS - Kelly Bagla. Shiela Butch Roxas Dimaculangan: A Born Achiever. An Inspired Entrepreneur Driven by Innovation - Marina Tognetti. A ‘Jack of All Trades’ in the Family Business - Margaret Hirsch. Voyaging the New Horizons of Space-based Research and Travel.

Minimizing Food Wastage through Sustainable Innovation - Jenny Costa. Working With Nature for a Healthy Lifestyle - Jeanne Groenewald. Cultivating an Educated, Resilient, and Empowered World - Erna Grasz. Pursuing her Passion for Data with Perseverance - Dr. Celeste Fralick. An Authentic & Creative Thinker Driving a Holistic Wellness Experience.

An Ingenious Leader with a Vision of Delivering Novel Drugs to Patients. Building Spectacular Marketing Campaigns - Cara Scharf. A Bibliophile, Creating waves in the Patenting Vertical. Most Successful Business Woman Jenny Lin. A Calm and Stylish Business Leader - Yulia Rorstrom. Empowering Women to Step-Up - Rachel Brownlow Lund. Helping Startups Grow and Evolve - Evelina Lavrova.