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InnovationM is a globally renowned <a href=" app development company in India</a> that caters a robust & secure Android app development, iOS app development, hybrid app development services. Our commitment & engagement towards our target gives us brighter in the world of technology and has led us to establish success stories consecutively. InnovationM is the top Android app development company in India.

Flutter: Boon or Bane!. Flutter is an open-source UI… Flutter is an open-source UI development kit created by Google.

Flutter: Boon or Bane!. Flutter is an open-source UI…

It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia and the Web from a single code database. Flutter’s first version was called the “Sky” code-name. The initial release of flutter was in May 2017. It is a Cross-platform development framework, defined as a system supporting all operating systems. These platforms are able to perform coding on different platforms without any complexities.

The feature which differentiates flutter from other frameworks is that it utilizes its own high- performing engine to draw widgets. Cross-platform development: This feature allows the developer to build apps for different operating systems( Android, iOS) or web from a single code-base hence taking lesser efforts and saving time. Hot reload or just in time execution: It is a helpful function that enables the developer to quickly detect and correct bugs. Widgets: I. II. Accessible Native Features and SDKs: Benefits of Machine Learning Solutions for Business. Introduction to the Internet of Things(IoT) – Telegraph. “With the IoT, we’re headed to a world where things aren’t liable to break catastrophically - or at least, we’ll have a hell of a heads up.

Introduction to the Internet of Things(IoT) – Telegraph

We’re headed to a world where our doors unlock when they sense us nearby” by Scott Weiss. The Internet of Things (IoT) comprises a system of interlinked, internet-connected objects that are capable of collecting and transferring data over a wireless network without human intervention which are provided with unique identifiers(UID). In simple words, it is a network of physical things that are implanted with sensors, processors or other devices for exchanging data with other devices over the internet. Healthcare in 2021. 5 Reasons to have e-learning apps. Best e-Learning app development company. Learning Management Solution We developed a Learning and Talent Development solution that allows the users to view training program and its schedules.

Best e-Learning app development company

The solution enables the user to create an action plan and set reminders for various action items related to their training program along with detailed analysis of the progress on the action plan. In case there are internet connectivity issues, the solution is designed to work offline as well. Augmented Reality Based Solution An Augmented Reality enabled mobile solution developed by InnovationM that allows the user to transform the real-world objects into a digitally enhanced rich media experience. The solution identifies the content using the device camera and displays related content in the form of videos, images & animations. Exam Prep Solution An interactive user oriented Exam Prep Solution that help users to prepare for the test sections of various Higher Education Exams conducted worldwide.

Technology Solutions Company. Media Coverage. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions. Client Showcase. Digital Training Solution We developed an end to end training solution which is used to conduct theory & practical training on heavy machineries used in airports.

Client Showcase

The training is delivered using an Android App and managed through web, with a complete server application on the back-end. Swachh Bharat Movement Technology partner of the Swachh Bharat Mission (the mass movement for cleanliness of India). We developed a web portal on solid waste management system for tracking and monitoring of vehicles engaged in collection and transportation of solid waste across the country. Food Ordering Platform An online food ordering platform that provides home cooked healthy food. Location Tracking Platform A real time location sharing and tracking platform. Ecommerce Platform We developed a web portal for an ecommerce platform where goods are sold to customers from their nearest store thereby reducing the shipping cost, delivery time & providing a cheaper price.

Business Process Management (BPM) Services. Healthcare App Development Company India. Top Finance App Development Company. Educational App Development Company. Top Technology Solutions Providers in Delhi. Mobile Application Development We specializes in developing end-to-end tailor-made mobile solutions for Android, iOS and Windows platforms using the latest SDKs and integrations.

Top Technology Solutions Providers in Delhi

Android iOS (Swift) Windows Web Application Development We have built various complex web applications using HTML, CSS and latest javascript frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS and many more. HTML 5 CSS3 Bootstrap Javascript AngularJS ReactJS jQuery Sencha PHP CakePHP Laravel Internet of Things (IoT) We have developed high-end IoT solutions for our clients that aimed at producing data-driven intelligence by connecting smart devices to the internet. iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Cloud We develop highly optimized and efficient mobile solutions leveraging Cloud-based development platforms like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

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