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Frequency Manual Revised. The Toltec Secret. Scrying. Day of the Fish. The Web of Destiny. Occult Music Correspondence Tables. I.

Occult Music Correspondence Tables

Celestial, Planetary and Astrological correspondences. Planetary Notes: C - Mars D - Sol E - Mercury F# - Venus G# - Moon A - Saturn A# - Jupiter Astrological Notes: C - Aries C# - Taurus D - Gemini D# - Cancer E - Leo F - Virgo F# - Libra G - Scorpio G# - Sagittarius A - Capricorn A# - Aquarius B - Pisces Planetary Tempos: Saturn 69.3 BPM Moon 98.6 BPM Mercury 66.2 BPM Venus 103.7 BPM Sun 118.3 BPM Mars 67.8 BPM Jupiter 86.1 BPM Nepturne 99.1 BPM Pluto 65.7 BPM Uranus 97.2 BPM II.

Hebrew Letters: Aleph E Air Beth E Mercury Gimel G# Moon Daleth F# Venus Heh C Aries Vav C# Taurus Zayin D Gemini Cheth D# Cancer Teth E Leo Yod F Virgo Kaph A# Jupiter Lamed F# Libra Mem G# Water Nun G Scoprio Samekh G# Sagittarius Ayin A Capricorn Peh C Mars Tzaddi A# Aquarius Qoph B Pisces Resh D Sun Shin C Fire Tav A Saturn Elemental Notes: C - Fire E - Air G# - Water A - Earth.

ZFL2014. 86419456 The Esoteric Alphabet Resistance 2010. AlienDictionary. DarkRoom. Chakra Yoga w Images. Ingo Swann Penetration. Moonotheismv1andv2. ChristianityisEgyptian. Christian Deprogramming Alvin Boyd Kuhn All Works Resistanc2010. AwakeningtheThirdEye. 56169450 Earth and Moon Jakob Lorber. 65322117 The Universal Mother.

Waddell aryan origin of alphabet. [Janice Boddy] Wombs and Alien Spirits Women, Men(BookZZ org) Qi gong kuji in en book. Dandapati Mahajrya official. Dai Kongou In EN. Chant Tree of Life. Body Energy System EN. Avatar Process EN. Atma Yoga EN. Angeology EN. 22 Creative Forces. 21 Masks Ego EN. EndofallEvil1. Think and grow rich. The Web of Destiny. THE CODE TO THE MATRIX SILVER EDITION. Ralph Ellison Invisible Man v3 0. QuestersArticle. Itzhak Bentov Stalking The Wild Pendulum On the Mechanics of Consciousness. IN THE EYE OF YHVH. Evil Doer. Heinlein Stranger In A Strange Land.

Cymatics Hans Jenny. Vladimir Megre Ringing Cedars 01 Anastasia. Overdurf & Silverthorn Dreaming Realities. Musick Me Nutrit - The Book Of 432, page 1. First find Middle C, Middle C on the guitar is either 8th fret E string, or 3rd fret A string.

Musick Me Nutrit - The Book Of 432, page 1

That doesn't give you much room for playing more bassy stuff. Guitar is a treble clef based instrument and as such you don;t really need to use a bass clef. Even low E can be written on treble clef with 3 ledger lines. Borrow a crappy old casiotone or something. One of ur older relatives will have one gathering dust. Source AH HA! Actually, it's more accurate to say that middle C on the guitar is the fifth fret G string, or 1st fret B string. 10TH FRET of 'B' STRING, how was this figured?

Well if MIDDLE C is located at 1ST FRET on the B STRING, And CONCERT PITCH "A' is the 'A' immediately 'above' MIDDLE C, Then the notes ascend as following: Db - 2 D - 3 Eb - 4 E - 5 F - 6 Gb - 7 G - 8 Ab - 9 A - 10.... simply as that, Concert Pitch A is located on the B string @ the 10th Fret. To tune you guitar to A=432Hz simply.... Configure it so it is playing 1 singular tone of 432Hz. THE ROOT CHAKRA HANDBOOK. The Master Mineral of the Third Millennium. Lucid dreaming. TheOriginsOfSacredGeometry. Water structuring. Physics of waves. The Deceivers Exposed. From Pythagorus to Doreal Spiritual Programming.

105303284 The Foundation of Myth Pellar. RabbiYitzchakGinsburghBodyMindSoul. MurphyJosephThePowerofyourSubconsciousMind. NagelMichaelGettingGrounded. SolarPlexusorAbdominalBrainbyTheronDumont. Exploring the world of lucid dreaming. Consumo de águas minerais naturais e de nascente. Geometry of the Body - TheSacredGeometryReview.pdf.

Sacred_Geometry_Light_Source - TheSacredGeometryLightsourceExperienceManual.pdf. THE ORIGINS OF SACRED GEOMETRY - TheOriginsOfSacredGeometry.pdf. The Talisman - The_Book_of_Talismans_Thomas_Pavitt_Resistance2010. Davidson_-_A_Dictionary_of_Angels by The Resistance. Surfing Through Hyperspace - Understanding Higher Universes in Six Easy Lessons by The Resistance. Horn-Thomas-Stargates-Ancient-Rituals-and-Those-Invited-Through-the-Portal by The Resistance.