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Connecting Green and Infrastructure - GREENMAX. Perpetrating Pointlessly Pruning - Billy Goodnick - Santa Barbara Edhat. More articles like this Perpetrating Pointlessly Pruning updated: Nov 08, 2014, 1:00 PM By Billy Goodnick People Perpetrating Pointlessly Pitiful Pruning of Peaceful Plants It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Perpetrating Pointlessly Pruning - Billy Goodnick - Santa Barbara Edhat

But when someone pokes that same eye with a sharp stick, things can get very f’ugly very fast. It was 2007 when I posted my first Santa Barbara Not-So-Beautiful Awards at my personal blog. People (out of ignorance, not malice) put plants in places where they have no business growing. Plantons autrement by Terretous Saint-Joseph à Saint-Ghislain (Belgique) La taille des rosiers. El jard?n de las delicias, Hieronymus Bosch. Global Forest Watch. Gaza : Israël a déjà perdu. Les frappes militaires disproportionnées de Tsahal contre des civils ne font que renforcer la volonté des Palestiniens de défendre leurs droits, souligne ce journaliste palestinien.

Gaza : Israël a déjà perdu

Et le vent est en train de tourner, au détriment de l’Etat hébreu. 24 juillet 2014 | Partager : Après chaque opération militaire israélienne qui coûte la vie à des centaines de Palestiniens et détruit leurs infrastructures civiles, le Hamas, le Djihad islamique et autres groupes de résistance se regroupent, s’approvisionnent en matériel militaire, améliorent leurs compétences techniques et préparent leur prochain bras de fer avec Israël. Top 10 Documentaries For Landscape Architects. There is a certain persuasion in documentaries that is not often found in books.

Top 10 Documentaries For Landscape Architects

Sometimes actually seeing, visually dissecting, a narrative can be more inspiring and engaging than words on a page. The documentaries below can be quite different in their style and delivery – what is important however, is that they all seek to explore man’s relationship with his (natural or unnatural) environment. Westonbirt, The National Arboretum - visitor information, events and tree collection information.

An internationally renowned tree collection, heritage landscape and fantastic location for playing, walking, relaxing and learning about nature.

Westonbirt, The National Arboretum - visitor information, events and tree collection information

Camille Muller landscape-gardener. Gasworks Into Artworks – The Rebirth of Dublin’s Waterfront. Grand Canal Square, designed by Martha Schwartz Partners.

Gasworks Into Artworks – The Rebirth of Dublin’s Waterfront

The Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) was created in 1997, generating a whirlwind of fresh ideas to redeem the look of Dublin’s waterfront. Less than a year later, an old gasworks site was purchased that went on to become the site of the Grand Canal Square. Today, the square is characterized by influential architecture, teeming commerce, and one piece of unforgettable landscape design. Ironically, as this article sees publication, the DDDA exhales its final breath this May, at last dissolved – yet leaving behind a true legacy of growth and prosperity, with a tinge of red color. Interview: Nigel Dunnett on the Olympic Park. Just a week ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Professor Nigel Dunnett from University of Sheffield about his experience in working as one of the lead horticulture and planting design consultants for the 2012 London Olympic Park, along with fellow colleague James Hitchmough.

Interview: Nigel Dunnett on the Olympic Park

Whilst being in the landscape ecology profession for many years, carrying out the planting and designing for the Olympic Park has been the most memorable and challenging projects for Nigel. Dive into his insights on being part of a project of a tremendous scale… Could you describe your role in the design of the Olympic Park? James Hitchmough and I were taken on as the main planting design consultants of the park. 570d9fccae8f3131175ead274beb042c.jpg (JPEG Image, 598 × 2859 pixels) - Scaled (35%) Los mejores blogs de jardinería en español. Para buscar información en la red no hay nada mejor que contar con la opinión sincera y desinteresada que se ofrece en los blogs.

Los mejores blogs de jardinería en español

Este tipo de publicaciones cada día tienen más presencia y relevancia, y abarcan cualquier tipo de tema, disciplina o temática. Y no podían faltar los blogs dedicados a jardinería, al paisajismo o a los huertos urbanos, tan de moda últimamente. Hemos seleccionado una lista de los mejores blogs de jardinería en español.

Podemos encontrar desde el blog de un vivero de producción de plantas hasta el blog de un aficionado que muestra cómo evolucionan las flores de su balcón. La jardinería y el paisajismo están en nuestras vidas. Plantas y Flores Si buscas las características o cuidados de alguna planta éste es tu blog. Publicações - Plantas Invasoras em Portugal. Marchante H, Morais M, Freitas H, Marchante E (2014) Guia prático para a identificação de Plantas Invasoras em Portugal.

Publicações - Plantas Invasoras em Portugal

Coimbra. Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra. 207 pp. Nepeta × faassenii. Common Name: nepeta Type: Herbaceous perennial.

Nepeta × faassenii

Aster x frikartii. Anise Hyssop. Verbena of my favourite garden flowers. August 21, 2012 One of my very favourite garden flowers is Verbena bonariensis and today’s blog post features some images of it growing at RHS Wisley in Surrey.

Verbena of my favourite garden flowers

I’ve seen it appear in show gardens at RHS shows including the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this year. It was in Coastal Drift in the Summer Gardens category. And I captured it last year on a visit to Kew Gardens. First and foremost, I’m a big fan of all shades of purple, so I love its blooms of little lilac florets. And that’s why I’ve introduced it into our garden this year. Azorella trifurcata. Coreopsis verticillata. Plant Your Hardscape for Unexpected Green. Planting Designer - John Schoolmeesters. Galerie de Planting Designer - John Schoolmeesters.