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Polanoid. Hallo Noiders, member orezemit helped set this up with me. Numero tres of the long forgotten (but soontobe legendary) pola-retro series that you all (or at least me) have been waiting for. It's time to make the grooviest most far out 60's themed instant photo that your psychedelic mind can imagine. Can you dig it? Rock & roll, free loving chicks in mini-skirts, hippies protesting the man, groovy go-go girls, the race to the moon - so many choices - how far out can you go? The best of the best (new photos only for this project please) will receive the bestest prize ever offered. Terryworld: молодая Ольга Кириленко. TERRYWORLD. BEFORE I DIE I WANT TO... a polaroid project by nicole kenney an.