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Floral Design Earrings Collection at Orogem. Ear Climbers Dolphins Ear Pin Earrings Sterling Silver - OROGEM. Swirl Ear Cuff Earring in 10k Yellow Gold - OROGEM. Earclimber Earrings Sterling Silver Whisper Swirls Cubic Zirconias - OROGEM. Earspirals Earrings: 18k Gold Over Silver Convertible Interchangeable. Polished Beads Cioro Illusion Front to Back Silver Earrings. Sterling Silver Swarovski Birthstone Crystal Dangle Spinner Earrings - OROGEM. Beautiful Threader Earrings Collection at OROGEM. Gold and Silver Threader Earrings; U-Wire Threaders - OROGEM. Stylish Ear Climber Earrings Online at OROGEM. Find Beautiful Floral Earring Online at OROGEM. Birthstone and Cubic Zirconia Earcuff Earring Sterling Silver. Earspirals Earrings 18k Gold Over Silver Convertible Interchangeable. Ear Cuff Earring 14k Yellow Gold Crossover Braid - OROGEM. Gold Ear Spirals Earrings Design 3050 by Orogem Jose Jay. Ear Pin Earclimber Earrings Hearts with Cubic Zirconias Sterling Silver. Kissing Curves Sterling Silver Ear Pin Earrings.

Beautiful Ear Pin Earrings Collection at OROGEM. Ear Pin Earrings 14k Yellow Gold by OROGEM Jose Jay. Sterling Silver Polished Curves Earspirals Earrings. Ear Climber Earrings on SALE - OROGEM. Solid Birthstone Ear Cuff Earring Curve Sterling Silver - OROGEM. Earspirals Earrings Silver Design 5818 by Orogem Jose Jay. Earclimbers Ear Pin Earrings 14k Yellow Gold by OROGEM Jose Jay. Rhodium Finish Floral Earrings Collection at OROGEM. Front to Back Earrings Twisted Rope Gold Over Silver - OROGEM. Online Ear Climbers Earrings for Women - OROGEM.

Latest Ear Crawlers Collection at OROGEM. Faceted Beads Ear Pin Earclimbers Earrings in Sterling Silver - OROGEM. Jet Azabache Pendant 6mm Size 14k Yellow Gold. Ear Pin Earrings Orogem. Floral Earrings - OROGEM by sophie williams. The Original Creators of The Ear Pin. Earspirals Earring. Buy AZABACHE Bracelets For Evil Eye Protection - Unisex ADULT and other Bracelets at ! Birthstone solitaire earring - Free Shipping. Gold & Silver Azabache Jewelry. Cubita Linda… our island, our history.

Gold & Silver Azabache Jewelry

A home whose riches flow in our veins so close to the heart yet remains painfully distant. Rich in our heritage, a place our family had to flee from in order to find freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We remain grateful for the opportunities the United States of America has given us, leading to children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to keep the love and flame alive of our past. We will never forget what was lost but we still have love in our heart for our island country and for the traditions of the past.

Friends we lost and friends we mourn together with rekindling stories and memories from the past. Also incorporated in Cuban Heritage Jewelry are azabache jewelry items which ward of the evil eye. Designer Earrings Online. Earrings That Go Up, Sterling Silver Ear Pins for Women- OROGEM. The Original Creators of The Ear Pin - OROGEM. Sterling Silver Spinners Earrings for Women - OROGEM. Ear Pins Earrings - THE ORIGINAL by Jose Jay, For Pierced or Non-Pierced Ear. Jet Azabache Anklet or Bracelets 7mm Bead Sterling Silver - OROGEM. Ear Pins, Ear Climber and Ear Crawlers Earrings - OROGEM. Sterling Silver Ear Pin Earrings - OROGEM. Stylish Pin Earrings, Gold Over Silver Ear Pin Earrings - OROGEM. Threader Earrings: Sterling Silver or Gold over Silver - OROGEM. Designer Earrings for Women - OROGEM. Beautiful Ear Crawlers Earrings for Women - OROGEM.

Stylish Birthstone Earrings Collection. Beautiful Ear Crawlers for Women - OROGEM. Ear Pin Ear Climbers Earrings Collection at OROGEM. A Unique C Shaped Front and Back Earrings for Women. Silver Classic Swarovski Birthstone Earrings with Interchangeable Teardrop Enhancers - OROGEM. Threader Earrings Silver and Gold. Gold and Silver Cuff Earrings. Sterling Silver Swarovski Dangle Spinner Earrings - OROGEM. Stunning Ear Climbers for Women - OROGEM. Beautiful Ear Pin and Ear Cuffs Earrings for Women - OROGEM. Pin Earrings Collections at OROGEM. Ear Pin Jewelry for Pierced and Non-Pierced Ears - OROGEM.

Front to Back Earrings : 1.50 Carats Birthstone Gemstone Twisted Rope Silver. Designer Birthstone Earrings: Silver Teardrop Birthstone Cable Link Threader Earrings. Sterling Silver Earclimbers Ear Pin Earrings at OROGEM. Stylish Earcuffs or Cuff Earrings by Jose Jay - OROGEM. Floral Earrings: Cubic Zirconia Cluster Earspirals Earrings in Silver. Stylish Ear Climber Earrings by Jose Jay at OROGEM. Aqua Crystal Trumpet Threader Earrings For Women - OROGEM. Ear Crawlers Ear Pin Earrings For Women - OROGEM. Earclimbers Earrings Diamond Cut 14k Yellow Gold Ear Pin - Orogem. Cioro Illusion Earrings - OROGEM. The CIORO® COLLECTION by designer Jose Jay is an innovative design concept created back in 1996 and now, with imitation designs reaching the mass market more commonly called "front and back" earrings.

Curving forward from behind the ear, they present precious stones, pearls, and charms with drama and brilliance creating the illusion of floating below the ear. In fact they are so special and unique Jose Jay was awarded two US patents on the design. ●Unique ‘C’ shaped profile curves forward from behind the ear. ●Floats from behind the ear creating an illusion of suspended stones and design. A truly mysterious look that is eye catching and creates a sense of wonder. ●Stones face forward for extra brilliance and style. ●‘C’ shaped demi-hoop is articulated with movement and dangles freely with your body movement so the stones always look their best. ●Can dress up any stud earring already owned - just slide the Cioro® earring back on to the earring post to create a dramatic custom look. Floral Design Earrings - Orogem. Define Your Sense of Style With Ear Pins – Orogem. Style and fashion are two inseparable entities mingling to make one great persona.

Define Your Sense of Style With Ear Pins – Orogem

Stylish apparel is simply incomplete without proper accessories. Jewelry, for instance can make a huge impact in these regard. With the market flooded with various kinds of fashion accessories and stuff, the pin-up earrings are a standout feature. Modern, outstandingly unique and appealing, they can make you more beautiful and complement your attire. Looks That Kill The ear pins are in vogue because you can wear them both in the pierced or non-pierced ear. Options Galore. Sterling Silver Ear Wrap Earrings. In the spirit of earcuff earrings, the Wrap™ Earring takes it one step further by comfortably resting on the ear and gently whispering on to the earlobe with a spray of gemstones, pearls, or creative motifs. Easily adjustable, the Wrap™ Earring provides a great alternative in ear wear and gently "cuffs" on to the ear and is fully adjustable allowing you to find that perfect comfort fit. Available in gold as well as sterling silver, The Wrap™ earring was designed and created by Mark Ehrmann in Sebastapol, California, and working with Jose Jay® at Orogem®, numerous other designs and creative themes have inspired the appeal of this innovative design.

Whether you have a pierced ear or not, you can wear the Wrap™ Earring. In fact, maybe you have a pierced ear and want to wear your hoop or diamond stud in your pierced hole; with the Wrap™ Earring, you can do that. Or... maybe you don't have pierced ears and want to avoid those heavy weight uncomfortable clip-on earrings. Unique Earcuff Earrings for Women - Orogem. Express your mesmerizing divinity with unique ornaments.

Unique Earcuff Earrings for Women - Orogem

As you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see weary eyes and a tired mind? Do not let the nuances of a tough world pull you down! Gold Over SIlver Enhancers. Gold and Silver Wrap Earrings. Designer Front and Back Illusion Earrings - OROGEM. Beautiful Front and Back Cioro Illusion Earrings - Orogem. Orogem - Jewelry & Ear Pin® Earrings Store. Gold & Silver U-Wire Threaders. Front and Back Illusion Earrings – Orogem. Playing illusions is the very nature of true beauty.

Front and Back Illusion Earrings – Orogem

Without that touch of mystery, beauty is but a commonplace occasion. The deeper her mysteries are, the more attractive she is, for she plays by her illusions of light and dark! She is life, ornamented with the stars and the treasures man can find. Dream Girl Eluded of the depressing darkness, she accepts her purity, pure in light or darkness. As she enters the hall, eyes turn. Mysterious Charm The unique patented design of these earrings attach to the ears from the back, creating the illusion of a floating brilliance just beneath the ears. Those who understand her, greet by a silent smile, acknowledge her mysterious charm. Like this: Like Loading... Gold Over Silver Enhancers. Defining Your Style Matrix with Ear Pins - OROGEM. Gold Over Silver Studs Earrings for Women. Designer Earrings for Women - Orogem. Sterling Silver Threader Earrings for Women - OROGEM. Express Your Personal Style With Designer Earrings – Ear Climbers.

Earrings are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe whether they are going out for work or for an invitation.

Express Your Personal Style With Designer Earrings – Ear Climbers

It provides a subtle hint about the personality of the user. Now the major question that arises in the mind of most women is what earrings to have in their wardrobe collection. In spite of the ear cuffs being frequently worn by females the wrap goes one step further due to its versatile nature. It comfortably rests on the ear of the wearer and are studded with gemstones and pearls to suit different attires and moods.

Making a good selection of your earrings can completely change the way you look and add a glam look to our appearance. A perfect blend of fashion and comfort Although numerous styles and types of earrings are available in the market to satisfy different fashion needs of potential buyers the wrap earrings are a perfect combination of fashion and comfort. Buying the right product online. Designer Personalized Bracelets. Online Designer Women's Earrings : Embrace The Stylish Earring Trend In The Market. How to Wear Ear Pin® Earring by Orogem and Jose Jay.