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Imlizzfriend. If you’re feeling blue about writing out a check to Uncle Sam, perk right up thanks to these discounts being offered at stores and restaurants around the country.


Your wallet might be a little lighter, but in this case, the private sector is willing to work with that fact. - Arby’s For the fourth year in a row, customers can get a free snack-sized order of curly fries today only by visiting for a coupon. - Boston Market Today only, get two Boston Market Tax Meal Chicken Deals for $10.40, no coupon needed. Guests receive two individual meals, each… How Lady Gaga Created a Web Marketing Spectacle for Born This Way [PICS] "The web is what you make of it," reads the parting text in Google Chrome's latest commercial featuring Lady Gaga.

How Lady Gaga Created a Web Marketing Spectacle for Born This Way [PICS]

It's a simple eight-word slogan for Google's web browser but it represents so much more when you connect it to Gaga, who took to the web this year to create an inescapable marketing spectacle for her Born This Way album. In the months leading up to the May 23 album release — and even now — Gaga has paved a path for stars and brands to get inventive with the ways they use digital and social media to promote themselves and connect with fans. The 25-year-old is no stranger to success on the web. She remains a heavyweight on major social networks: In the past year, Lady Gaga was the first artist to reach 1 billion views on YouTube; she beat President Barack Obama to 10 million Facebook fans (she's now closing in on 35 million); and most recently, she was first Twitter user to acquire 10 million followers.

"She's mastered the art of [the] launch," Scordato said. The takeaways are: Profile. Tips and hints on refining your alert Your E-mail Alerts only returns stories that contain all the words you used in setting up the alert.


Refining or narrowing your alert is as simple as adding more words to the keywords you have already entered. The more words you type in, the more specific the results will be Put double-quotes around phrases that you want to find. For example, if you want to be alerted on the specific phrase George W. Filter out keywords by using the "excluding" field Refine your alert by entering keywords that you want filtered out.

Capitalization Alert topics are NOT case sensitive. Select words or phrases that are descriptive Think about how you would describe the perfect story or resource for your alert. site details. Imlizzfriend. Reddit: the voice of the internet. My Profile. Technorati Blogs/Posts Join / Sign In / Help Home / Account / Login Member Login Forgot password?

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