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Human Connectome Project |  Contact For more information on the Human Connectome Project, please contact one of the following Principal Investigators: Arthur W. Toga Director, Laboratory of Neuro Imaging Keck School of Medicine of USC University of Southern California 2001 N. Soto Street, SSB1-102 Los Angeles, CA 90032 Phone: 323-442-7246 Bruce Rosen Director, Athinoula A. Human Connectome Project |  Contact
Illustrating the Brain Illustrating the Brain The comedian and filmmaker has been the smartest and funniest person in the room since he was in high school (maybe even earlier). Here he's profiled just after making his first film. Albert Brooks’ second album, A Star is Bought, is the best comedy record most of you have probably never heart.
Untangling the brain - video | Science
Robert Lanza, M.D.: Five Reasons You Won't Die Robert Lanza, M.D.: Five Reasons You Won't Die We've been taught we're just a collection of cells, and that we die when our bodies wear out. End of story. I've written textbooks showing how cells can be engineered into virtually all the tissues and organs of the human body. But a long list of scientific experiments suggests our belief in death is based on a false premise, that the world exists independent of us − the great observer. Here are five reasons you won't die.
AAPM - The American Academy of Pain Management AAPM - The American Academy of Pain Management Welcome to the new website of the American Academy of Pain Management. Take a look around, check out all of the sections, and discover the many ways our organization is different from the rest. Through your exploration you’ll learn that: We are the only professional pain management organization that embraces an integrative model of care and welcomes all clinicians who care for people with pain as part of our Academy “team.”At the Academy’s Annual Clinical Meeting, you have the opportunity to explore the science and learn how to practice the art of Integrative Pain Management (IPM) in a joyful and collegial atmosphere that welcomes/values all clinicians who care for people with pain.We have a full-time policy and advocacy department working on the state and federal levels to ensure access to optimal care for people with pain, and you can be part of these efforts. If you are not a member yet, check out the many benefits you’ll receive by joining.
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