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BCG Institute for Workforce Development BCG Institute for Workforce Development Welcome to BCGi! Our mission is to inform and equip human resource professionals with the HR EEO training necessary to enhance their productivity, amplify their competitive marketability, and escalate their technical capabilities in equal employment opportunity (EEO), OFCCP compliance, affirmative action planning, compensation analysis, employment law and discrimination statistics, test development, test validation, and a variety of human resource topics with a focus on EEO. As an HRCI Approved Provider, BCGi provides online HR EEO training created and presented by experts in the industry. BCGi is growing! Join BCGi today!


Demos Strength in numbers? After much speculation, Bitcoin is gradually making the transition from the margin to the mainstream. Our latest CASM project examines the rapid rise of crypto-currencies and reveals their increasing role in the online and offline world. Find out about the project.