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IJSRD is a leading e-journal, under which we are encouraging and exploring newer ideas of current trends in Engineering and Science by publishing papers containing pure knowledge. The Journal is started with noble effort to help the researchers in their work and also to share knowledge and research ideas.

IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. #IJSRD Journal Update : How Facebook is Trying to be the Next Google. After Facebook changed their news-feed algorithm to reduce organic reach to to 2% or 1%, the first thing that came to mind was Google.

#IJSRD Journal Update : How Facebook is Trying to be the Next Google

Remember when marketers preached SEO all day long, and how your Website should be on the first page of Google search results? Here’s why I never really paid attention to those so-called SEO gurus. Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times each year, so if your Website does make it to the top of Mount Everest one day, there’s a good chance it will come down the next. What Is the Difference Between a Thesis and a Dissertation? Learn some tips on how to write the best thesis or dissertation.

What Is the Difference Between a Thesis and a Dissertation?

So you are beginning your graduate program, reading over all the material and trying to prepare yourself as best as possible for the next two to three years. You’re already looking forward to graduation and figuring out exactly what will be required in order to receive your degree on time. What you’ve probably discovered is that whether you are pursuing a masters degree or a doctoral degree, the main goal in graduate school is to complete original research or projects, depending on your degree program. The words “thesis” and “dissertation” are often used interchangeably, leading to some confusion in academia about what each individual word actually means. “Final evolution” of original Raspberry Pi gains micro-SD and lower power consumption.

There’s a new iteration of the open-source Raspberry Pi computer kit: the Model B+.

“Final evolution” of original Raspberry Pi gains micro-SD and lower power consumption

According to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, it’s the “final evolution” of the original Raspberry Pi design, before a move to a future full version 2. The changes are mostly in the connector layout, meaning cases for the existing Model B may not be compatible. A couple parts and kits also won’t work anymore with the new design, such as the Wolfson audio card and the Adafruit Cobbler prototyping kit (at least, not out of the box). In a blog post on Monday, the U.K. -based Foundation detailed the new features of its maker-friendly kit – including the ability to power memory sticks and so on through the USB port: • More GPIO. The Model B+ costs $35, the same as its predecessor. IJSRD Technology That Allows Users to See Through Walls and Melt Objects. IJSRD new research in Sixth sens By Microsoft. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. # ijsrd – Intel releases rare details of its custom CPUs for Oracle – and there’s a lot more to come. We’ve known for quite some time that Intel was building special versions of certain cores for its large data center customers, but the chip giant has kept the details of the implementation secret — even when negotiating for contracts with companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

# ijsrd – Intel releases rare details of its custom CPUs for Oracle – and there’s a lot more to come

Now, some details on Intel’s deal with Oracle have come to light, and they shed light on the kinds of optimizations the company is baking in. Specifically, Intel’s new Xeon E7-8895 V2 is identical to the Xeon E7-8890 V2 released last winter — but the new 15-core chip (pictured above) has received some validation cycles that the other Xeon hasn’t had. The enhancements that Intel is discussing all relate to server version of Turbo Mode. When Intel sells a consumer chip — say, a Core i7-4960X — it verifies that the chip can run at certain increased frequencies with a given core count. Two cores might hit 4GHz, four cores top out at 3.9GHz, and all six cores could be limited to 3.7GHz at most. How Does Whatsapp Generate Revenue? #ijsrd. Whatsapp: The leading OTT messaging service.

How Does Whatsapp Generate Revenue? #ijsrd

There is always a prominent question baffling every user’s mind – How is Whatsapp able to make money when its services are free of cost? Whatsapp enables it’s user to send text messages, images, video and audio media to other whatsapp users. The said service is available on iOS, android, Symbian, blackberry OS and windows platforms.

On a different note, we know Facebook has recently bought Whatsapp. Joseph Parker. IJSRD Journal. Journal of Science. International Journal of Engineering - Call for Papers. IJSRD - Indian Journal Call for Research Papers 2016. IJSRD Journal. Microsoft Goes After The Ubiquitous MacBook To Boost Surface Brand Recognition. Microsoft billed the Surface Pro 3 as the device that can replace multiple pieces of Apple kit, including the MacBook and the iPad.

Microsoft Goes After The Ubiquitous MacBook To Boost Surface Brand Recognition

Its latest ad spots for its Windows 8 marquee device target the MacBook directly, invoking the classic Apple Mac vs. PC ads with their visual style but focusing more on specs. Two of them feature just two guys chatting with each other naturally (read: not at all naturally) about their respective computers, while the last is a head-to-head specs comparison montage set to EDM.

These ads, unfortunately, feel neither clever nor funny, unlike their Apple predecessors, and they really serve only to underline the problems Microsoft continues to have with positioning its new, unusual device to consumers. The fine print in one even notes that the physical keyboard is sold separately, which has been another common complaint about the tablet and its suitability to replace laptops, especially when you factor in the price. When Big Data Is Watching You. Is the answer to our feeble human minds needing to grapple with increasing quantities of big data to stand in a purpose built room immersed in complex data visualisations while wearing an array of sensors that track our physiological reactions?

When Big Data Is Watching You

A group of European Commission-backed scientists believe so. They’re attempting to quantify — and, they claim, enhance — cognition by building a sensor-based data visualisation system that dynamically changes the complexity level of the data on display in response to human triggers, such as gestures, eye movements and heart rate. The basic concept underpinning this research, which has attracted €6.5 million in European Union funding under the Future and Emerging Technologies Scheme, is that a data display system can be more effective if it is sensitive to the human interacting with it, enabling it to modify what’s on display based on tracking and reacting to human stress signifiers.

[Image: copyright] Nvidia powers Acer’s new Chromebook with 13-hour battery life. Step aside, Samsung, there’s another ARM chip ready to power Chromebooks, and Nvidia(s nada) has it.

Nvidia powers Acer’s new Chromebook with 13-hour battery life

The chip-maker’s silicon is powering new 13-inch Acer Chromebooks(s goog) with a starting price of $279. The product is almost a double jab at Samsung which, up to now, has supplied most of the processors in ARM-powered Chromebooks: Recent data suggests Acer has taken the overall Chromebook sales crown away from Samsung.

For $279, you’ll get a configuration akin to what Acer’s Intel-powered(s intc) Chromebooks offer today: a 1366 x 768 display, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal flash storage, along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a trio of USB ports and one HDMI out port. Bump your budget up to $299 and that 720p display is replaced with a 1920 x 1080 panel. For $379, the full HD model gets double the memory and storage: 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage capacity. IJSRD Journal - About. IJSRD - Call for Papers August 2016. Call for Papers August 2016 - International Journal.

International Journal Call for Papers 2016. #ijsrd journal update : HP Labs is working on a glass 3D printer. HP isn’t content to just 3D print in plastic.

#ijsrd journal update : HP Labs is working on a glass 3D printer

A job ad for a “robotics scientist for 3D printing” sounds normal enough until you dive into the text and read this: “HP Labs’ research into printing of inorganic materials is working towards hybrid printing of glass (and other inorganic materials) onto items that are already mass produced,” the ad reads. 3D printing is generally reserved for working with plastic and metal. Glass is unusual. But HP has its reasons. NOBEL PRIZE AWARDED TO SCIENTISTS FOR DISCOVERING THE BRAIN’S ‘INNER GPS’ SYSTEM.

Robotic solutions inspired by plants. EU-funded researchers are demonstrating revolutionary robotic techniques inspired by plants, featuring a 3D-printed ‘trunk’, ‘leaves’ that sense the environment and ‘roots’ that grow and change direction.

Robotic solutions inspired by plants

Humans naturally understand problems and solutions from an animal’s perspective, tending to see plants as passive organisms that don’t ‘do’ much of anything, but plants do move, and they sense, and they do so in extremely efficient ways. Barbara Mazzolai of the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) coordinates the FP7 — PLANTOID project, funded via the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) scheme.

She says humans can learn a lot from plants. ‘Our aim is to design, prototype and validate a new generation of ICT hardware and software technologies inspired by plants.’ IJSRD - International Journal Call for Papers 2016. IJSRD - Call for Papers in Journals. IJSRD - Call for Papers in Journals. IJSRD - Call for Research Paper 2016. Call for Research Paper & Journals May 2016. Invention Awards 2014: A Personal Electric Airplane That Won’t Need A Runway.

More than half of all personal aircraft accidents occur during takeoffs or landings. That’s why inventor and entrepreneur JoeBen Bevirt—known for designing airplane-like wind energy turbines—is intent on making runways obsolete. Bevirt, 40, has mobilized his wind energy team to create a personal electric airplane called S2 that takes off vertically, like a helicopter, and flies aerodynamically, like an airplane. to view main article click here Research lets Do it. . . Wireless Phone Charger: the uniqueness and the features. IJSRD & TechFest 2014-15 (IIT-Bombay) presents TISC(Conference) IJSRD is pleased to inform you that IIT Bombay presents Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival. TISC(Conference) event is supported by IJSRD. Techfest International Student Conference is an initiative to bring together the student community and professors with a common research background.

TISC marks a step further in our endeavor to promote science and technology among the students by facilitating the exchange of knowledge between academia and industry. For more details, please visit the following link: Call for Paper 2016. IJSRD Journal. Embed this Item Keyboard Shortcuts Timeline SShuffle JNext KPrevious FFancy AAdd to List CComment HShare EnterView Thing Slideshow JNext KPrevious FFancy CComment PPlay / Pause LLoop Share This Thing Share This List Share This Gift Campaign Share {{name}}'s Profile About Fancy Anywhere Fancy Anywhere enables your visitors to buy things on Fancy directly from your own blogs and websites. IJSRD Journal. Call for Research Papers in Journals 2016. IJSRD - International Journal Call for Papers. IJSRD - International Journal for Scientific Research. Apple Making a Car Isn’t as Ridiculous as You Think. It’s primetime for Apple to get into cars.

Nowadays, automobiles aren’t, at their core, vehicles that simply move you around. They are devices in and of themselves. At least that’s how Sam Jaffe, an analyst with Navigant Research, sees the bigger picture in light of today’s news that Apple’s putting major resources into making an electric car. “Who better to figure out how to make this work than a device company?” He says. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal today, Apple has put hundreds of employees on the project, which is codenamed “Titan,” and being led by Steve Zadesky, a former Ford engineer who helped develop the iPod and iPhone. It’s unclear what Apple’s longterm intentions are, but entering the car manufacturing business would be a big leap, even for a company that has already moved from computers to music to phones.

Special Issue For Image Processing #ijsrd. Best 25 papers will be published online.Participate in this special issue and get a chance to win the Best Paper Award for Image Processing. Also other authors will have special prizes to be won. Submit Special Issue Manuscript Online Last Date For Paper Submission of Special Issue : 25th August 2015 What is Image Processing? Image processing is a method to convert an image into digital form and perform some operations on it, in order to get an enhanced image or to extract some useful information from it. It is a type of signal dispensation in which input is image, like video frame or photograph and output may be image or characteristics associated with that image. Image processing basically includes the following three steps.

Importing the image with optical scanner or by digital photography.The acquisition of images (producing the input image in the first place) is referred to as imaging. Purpose of Image processing. IJSRD focus Ionospheric Study using Image Processing of All-Sky Imager. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. Joseph Parker. Home golfers courses. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD - Call for Papers. Look up... Posts Posts Blogs Directory » Science. IJSRD - Call for Papers in Journals. IJSRD - Call for Research Paper. International Journal Call for Papers. Call for Research Paper & Journals July 2016. Call for Research Paper & Journals May 2016...

IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD identifies Evolution of Textile with Image Processing in Production. Now, a dedicated lifetime online space for science research scholars to share their work globally #ijsrd. IJSRD LEADING E-JOURNAL CALL FOR PAPER IN DATA MINING.

How To Publish Research Paper #IJSRD. National Conference on "Student-driven Research for Inspired Learning" in Science and Technology : NCIL 2015 : Publication Partner High Impact Factor Journal IJSRD. IMPACT FACTOR : 2.39: NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ICT Transforming ICT to IoT. SAL Institute of Technology & Engineering Research, affiliated to the Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad., is organizing 1-day event named “National Conference on ICT” on 20th January 2016 in association with IJSRD.

The conference aims to provide an opportunity to teachers/mentors/ educators and students to acknowledge, celebrate and showcase research being carried out by students by enabling them to engage with the wider communities to exchange ideas and share intellectual activity through paper presentations sessions. The event shall feature research papers presentations by eminent educators and students from all over India in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) & IoT (Internet of Things). Researchers working on IoT and ICT can submit their papers under following themes of conference. Pedagogy for effective use of ICT in Engineering Education.IoT for everyday life.IoT for smart house. IMPACT FACTOR : 2.39: Real Time Weather Monitoring System #NCIL #IJSRD.

Paper Title : Real Time Weather Monitoring System Author(s): Sarthak Kala, Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi; Pranav Negi, Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi Keywords: DHT11 , BMP 180, Tipping Bucket, Reed Switch, Arduino Abstract : Weather reflects the short term change in our atmosphere, the volatile variable in our environment. IMPACT FACTOR : 2.39: Study of Effect of Climatological Variables on Crop Yeild Estimation Using Multiple Linear Regression #IJSRD. Study of Effect of Climatological Variables on Crop Yeild Estimation Using Multiple Linear Regression Author(s): Dr. IJSRD Journal - IJSRD Journal - IJSRD Journal -

IJSRD Journal - IJSRD Journal - IJSRD Call for Papers and Journal of Engineering. IJSRD Call for Papers - 2016. IJSRD Call for Papers & International Journal of Science. IJSRD - Call For Papers - July 2016. IJSRD Journal. IJSRD Journal - Joseph Parker - IJSRD Journal - IJSRD Journal - Call For Paper : July 2016 #IJSRD Vol. 4 Issue 5. Thursday, June 23, 2016. National Conference on Technological Advancement Automatization in Engineering (NCTAA 2016) IJSRD. Atharva College of Engineering, MumbaiPresents in association with. IIT(BHU), Varanasi Mechanical Engineering Society presents COMET 2016 (Conference On Mechanical Engineering & Technology) in association with IJSRD – International Journal for Scientific Research & Development.

Problems in Getting Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring using Infrared PPG. Ijsrd Journal Profiles. Habitat Conclave 2016 #ijsrd journal.