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Theodore Oben Skills & Experience at UNEP

Theodore Oben and the greening of the Olympic Games – Theodore Oben Theodore Oben was one of the pioneers of environmental considerations in the Olympic Games and other sports and mass spectator events. As Chief of Sport and the Environment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), he helped Organizing Committees of Olympic Games to design their environment and sustainability programmes and monitored the implementation of those programmes. From the Athens 2004 Games; to the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games; the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games; the London 2012 Olympic Games; and the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

The German Iron Cross, a listing of 2nd class Variation's With the war being declared in September of, it is believed that several medal manufacturers were in fact caught out with the re- institution of the Iron Cross and as such, many variations were manufactured until a standardisation came in about 1940/41. These variations are highly collected by the Iron Cross collector and much discussion has been raised on them. The Iron Cross is Germany's top Bravery award, like Great Britain's Victoria Cross. This award -namely the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross- went on to capture the imagination of the German People and later, the World. Unlike Great Britain though, who has different bravery awards for different ranks, such as the Military Cross or Distinguished Flying Cross for Officers or the Military Medals or Distinguished flying medal for Other Ranks or NCOs’. The first variant we shall discuss is the oversized Iron Cross.

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Joseph Parker home golfers courses equipment What Are the Benefits of Custom Essay Writing Service for the Students? Are you in need of custom essay writing service? Well, there are various benefits of considering essay writing service. Academic composition is the kind of task which every student in his academic career needs to undertake. Theodore Oben Chief at Outreach Unit of UNEP – Theodore Oben Theodore Oben has Successfully developed relationships and implemented collaborative activities on the integration of environmental considerations in the work of sports organizations. These organizations including: the International Olympic Committee; FIFA; The International Motorcycling Federation; The International Powerboating Federation; The International Association of Athletics Federations; The World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry. Developed, coordinated and monitored the implementation long-term strategies on engaging sports and children and youth organizations in environmental issues. Led and managed UNEP’s cooperation framework and advisory and technical support on the greening of mass/sport events.

Collection of Military Medals and Badges from the Era of Napoleonic War by Jamie Cross JAMIE CROSS COLLECTABLES From the moment Cain killed Abel, mankind entered into armed combat, brother against brother, family against family, tribe against tribe and nation against nation. History is littered with armed conflicts, from bible times "Mighty Men" and "Men of Fame" are recorded, as well as regiments and standards. In ancient Egyptian times, it is recorded that regiments of crack chariot troops were picked from the rank and file. Later in Roman times, standard bearers were chosen due to their bravery, and given the honour of taking care of and protecting the regimental emblem or standard. In medieval times, squires were rewarded with knighthood, and knights with lands for valour and courage.

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