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Building Mobile Physics Games with GWT and Box2D. Android Application Development Tutorial - 1 - Download and Install the Java JDK. Android Development 101 – A tutorial Series. Introducing Android Scripting Environment. The Android Scripting Environment (ASE) brings scripting languages to Android by allowing you to edit and execute scripts and interactive interpreters directly on the Android device.

Introducing Android Scripting Environment

These scripts have access to many of the APIs available to full-fledged Android applications, but with a greatly simplified interface that makes it easy to:Handle intentsStart activitiesMake phone callsSend text messagesScan bar codesPoll location and sensor dataUse text-to-speech (TTS)And moreScripts can be run interactively in a terminal, started as a long running service, or started via Locale. Python, Lua and BeanShell are currently supported, and we're planning to add Ruby and JavaScript support, as well. Scripts can be edited directly on the phone. The script manager displays available scripts. Scripts can be launched interactively or as background services. Interactive terminals can be started for interpreters that support it.

Scripts can use the Android UI to get user input. 15+ Awesome Android Tasker Profiles & Tutorials. Tasker is one of the best applications ever built for android and is among the important reasons why I chose an android as my companion.

15+ Awesome Android Tasker Profiles & Tutorials

From automating phone profiles to acting as a location reminder tool, it does everything that I can think of and pushes the limit of the phone to a new height. I’m not really a tasker guru but I’ve played with it for long and have collected a bunch of profiles that make my (already awesome) phone even awesome. Basic Things to be known Adding a new Profile Click on New –> Give it a name –> Add a Context. New Task Tap on the + icon and then, select an action category. I suppose you’ve got the basic ideas. 1. How to Turn Your Android Phone into a Fully-Automated Superphone. @NovusWill: I, too, am beginning to prefer AutomateIt... specifically the "Pro" version (AutomateIt Pro).

How to Turn Your Android Phone into a Fully-Automated Superphone

I'm just curious why YOU do, though; and also what "[o]r partly, at least" means. Personally, I think Tasker is, overall, a bit more powerful and flexible than AutomateIt; but AutomateIt seems easier to use, and so powerful (at least the Pro version) in its own right that what it won't do which Tasker will do is typically not worth dealing with Tasker's complexity. Or am I looking at it wrong? Just curious about your thoughts... or anyone else's, on this matter.

Gregg L. Napa, California USA gregg at greggdeselms dot com I only think Tasker is far more organised than AutomateIt (even the Pro version); it's a lot snazzier too, if you're into that. Also, Tasker is a lot more detailed, and there seem to be far more events that you can set up with it. Lately though, I've switched to Llama, because it doesn't need my location services to be on to find my location. 9 Ways to Make Android automatic with Tasker.

Tasker is the ultimate Android app.

9 Ways to Make Android automatic with Tasker

It creates profiles to automatically change settings, delivers shortcuts, helps manage daily activities, and automates many of the mundane tasks that you attempt to perform each day. All without much effort (other than set-up process). Tasker uses “contexts” to trigger tasks or setting changes. A context could be something as simple as the day of the week, a headset being plugged in, having a certain battery percentage, or entering a certain location. Once a context takes place, it triggers an action like turning off auto-sync, loading Pandora, or sending a text message to your girlfriend to let her know you’re 5 minutes away. Locale was the first automated app that Android users embraced, but many turned sour once the app began charging money for add-ons and actually became less useful. Set Periodic AutoSyncs AutoSync is great for keeping you up to date, but not for conserving battery.

How to Roll Your Own "Find My iPhone" for Android.

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