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Information architecture

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The Otherland Group. There should be relevant data available at your fingertips, which allows you … to be more productive and focusedto get all the insights you need/find interestingto better understand the world around youto make smarter and more sustainable decisionsto have a more convenient lifeand to get entertained and inspired … without explicitly search for information you need or might find useful, interesting and inspriring!

The Otherland Group

Connecting the dots to create more value for all of us. Microformats. hCard Creator. This user interface, and the code behind it, is provided as an example for the benefit of microformat open standards developers, and to demonstrate the clear one to one correspondence between microformat fields and microformat code.

hCard Creator

The code generated by this interface may be used for semantic web pages, structured blogging, or any other application that requires markup that is simultaneously human presentable and machine readable. Based on the hCard creator by Tantek Çelik (later updated by Ryan King), which is based on the XFN Creator (v1.0 by Matt Mullenweg, v1.1 update by Tantek Çelik). To report any problems or make any suggestions, please send feedback to the #microformats IRC channel on Freenode. Der Podcast über offene Standards im Internet. Resource Description Framework. Tag Ranking - WWW2009 EPrints.